Weekly Roundup 7/28: Daniel Johnson Returns to CMNM!

Here’s some fresh new gay fetish porn to make your weekend smooth sailing — Daniel Johnson makes a menacing comeback at CMNM; Rock’n’Roll construction worker Marku shoots his spunk for the Casting Room, and Strip Search Hell features another terrified young lad facing the cruelty of the prison guards. Stroke it hard and proud this weekend my perverted friends!

CMNM.net — Daniel Johnson returns to CMNM to intimidate and degrade poor pretty boy Simon. Simon is an undercover spy out to discredit and expose Headmaster Swallows, but he’s failed his first mission. Daniel Johnson takes his position as handler quite seriously, ordering his foiled operative to strip and allow himself to be groped. Daniel stares at Simon menacingly as hi tugs and twists his dick and pinches his balls, getting the expected involuntary arousal from his young agent.
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The Casting Room — Marku is a Romanian construction worker on holiday in the UK. On a whim, he decided to apply for a porn audition to make some easy cash, but showing off all of his tender bits makes him nervous. Settling in with a straight porn mag, he feels more comfortable and sprouts a respectable woody, and he’s climaxing in minutes, shooting his gooey load all over the chair and floor. I sure hope he’s able to stick around for a while!
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CFNMtv — Joel sees school as a total waste of time. He knows that as soon as he leaves he’ll be given a highly paid job at his dad’s company. Used to a life with servants to attend to his every need, he feels the other students are beneath him. But his mother seems to place great importance on education and demands a return for the expensive school fees she pays. She wants her son to be a grade A student – but Joel really can’t be bothered.
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CFNM — Mr Taylor stands in shock as the girls handle his exposed genitals and take a measurement of his weighty cock. Under Miss West’s firm direction the girls get familiar with his cock and the circumference of his balls. He’s terrified by how aroused he’s becoming by this close attention and must restrain himself while they freely handle him.
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Sneaky Peek — This footballer doesn’t know there’s been a hidden camera in his lockerroom for months! He’s completely unaware and he strips out of his street clothes and puts on his jockstrap and uniform that he’s being secretly filmed for thousands of horny perverts jacking off around the globe.
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Strip Search Hell — Not only is this guy bang to rights he also has to be stripped totally naked and inspected by the officers. He stands there nude and awkward, riddled with shame and humiliation as the men take a close look at his cock and plums. They make him pull his dick skyward so they can have a really good look at his large gonads. A full bush of pubes is on display so the guards make sure nothing is hiding there with a torch.
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