Weekly Roundup 7/8: Daddy Nick is ready to Impress!

This Week’s roundup features handsome older Nick making his Casting Room debut. He’s got the muscles, the tattoos and the cock to impress! At CMNM, Connor the footballer makes his debut and he’s getting stripped and probed by the club managers. And Master Dave is pounding his pathetic slave with his glorious fat cock at Brutal Tops. Enjoy the Weekend, and get some goddamn sunshine!

The Casting Room — Nick is handsome, fit and tattooed — a perfect specimen for the Casting Room! He’s a huge porn aficionado, and his fantasy is to become a part of the fantasy he’s been wanking off to for so many years! I hope we seem him soon on CMNM or BreederFuckers…Yum!
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CMNM.net — Connor’s meteoric rise to football stardom comes with the caveat of extra scrutiny. The iron-willed jock is stripped naked and measured, probed examined by the team’s physician and head of marketing to see how best to advertise their burgeoning star!
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Brutal Tops — Dave is in his full naked glory, mounting and fucking his pathetic slave in a hard driving scene filmed in the locker room.
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CFNM — Yuris is in big trouble at the Immigration office. He’s had two arrests for assault and a citation for solicitation. He’s got to do his best to charm the ladies in charge that he’s no threat to British society. Too bad for Yuris! These flinty bitches have seen every category of dirtbag and they’re eager to string this douchebag along and force him to humiliate himself in the futile hope of staying in the UK.
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Sneaky Peek — Another pud with a “Dad Bod” caught getting naked on camera in the locker room. Click here for unending voyeur videos of regular dudes getting naked in the shower.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has caught more naughty naked men in the shower room. This sexy naked guy plays a prank on his buddy pissing in his shower while he’s washing up.
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