Weekly Roundup 8/10: Deviant Mall Cop’s Dirty Tricks Exposed!

I hope you packed an extra-large bottle of lube for this weekend, because the filth is going to get your loins throbbing. CMNM has a dirty twist for the perverted mall cop, while Master Aaron and Master Sub-Zero fuck their sub hard at Brutal Tops. Over at Helpless Boys, Tyler gets duped and fucked hard by a psycho redneck in the middle of nowhere. You got that dick hard, make it worth it!

CMNM.net — The perverted mall cop’s shenanigans have been exposed — his latest victim was an undercover cop! Now he’s going to get a taste of his own bitter medicine. The deviant is ordered to strip naked and put on a show for the arresting officers — they are going to go over every inch of his beat-up and inked flesh until he’s dying of embarrassment.
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Brutal Tops — Master Aaron has teamed up with the legendary Sub-Zero in this nasty toilet fuck series. Sub-Zero has fucked the dirty slave up the ass and spewed his cum all over the ass. Now it’s time for the slave to have a good long lunch on whatever comes out of Master Sub-Zero’s shitter. Filthy, perverted and so nasty!
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Helpless Boys — On a hot and rainy day sexy boy Tyler McDaniels finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. When stocky southerner Austin happens by in his white van and agrees to give him a ride, Tyler is elated. Unfortunately, he quickly learns that this ride isn’t free and the fine is sexual submission. In a flash he’s tied up, taken to a ranch and intensely fucked and humiliated by his new master.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Brawny big brother Andy is fed up with the lazy ways of his little brother Connor. It’s a real treat to watch the hulking, tattooed stud take the younger dude over his knee like he was nothering and give him a hard bare hand swatting and a fat dose of condescending lecture.
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Sneaky Peek — Another weekend jock is oblivious to the hidden camera in the locker room. He would be so pissed knowing that illicit video of his cock is being shared all over the internet!
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CFNMtv — The locker room ladies are having so much fun with the muscle stud’s they’ve cornered. After wanking Ashley’s boner dry, they turn their attention to their next target of abuse and get his hole greased up for a good fucking.
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CFNM — Jack’s humiliation is complete when the nurses jam a cold speculum up his ass and play with his swollen cock. One of the assistants think this would be a great time to snap a picture, and Jack is immortalized with his ass in the air and two nurses probing his hole. Everyone at school will be sharing this!
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Strip Search Hell — There is a strict procedure which must be followed when a new inmate is power cleaned with water jet. Any deviation from that will land the prisoner and the screws in hot water – leading to a verbal dressing down which compounds upon the physical embarrassment of having to be washed when naked before these cruel strangers. Really these officers are just acclimatizing this youthful straight criminal to what he’s going to have to face daily – he will have no privacy and be subject to these type of regimental mistreatments whenever the pervy guards feel like inspecting his butthole. By the end he is looking suitably humbled.
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