Weekly Roundup 8/3: Dads and Lads Get Along Very Well at CMNM

It’s finally Friday, and thank God for the filthy gay porn we’ve been stockpiling for the weekend. CMNM is getting very taboo with their Dad and Lad series and I love it; Master Ian continues to dish out punishment at Brutal Tops in a messy and humiliating fashion. And the backroads of Florida prove dangerous for sexual newbies at Helpless Boys. Keep it lubed and stroke it strong this weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — Young Johnny has dreamed of joining his father’s rugby club for ages, and now that he’s come of age he’s giving it his best shot. But being the manager’s son does not preclude him from the hazing rituals, it just makes them more intense! Watch as this innocent lad gets taken over the knee for a spanking and a test of sphincter muscle tightness.
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Brutal Tops — Ian is truly enjoying flexing his muscles at Brutal Tops and using his pent up rage to take revenge for his BreederFuckers abuse. With this pathetic cunt groveling at his feet, Ian orders him to suck cock, then he fills a dog dish with piss so the slave can drink his rancid juices.
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Helpless Boys — Slim black boy Blue Cole has just learned this the hard way and is now stranded in the woods. Fortunately country boy Dustin arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a ride, for a fee. Desperate and broke, Cole reluctantly sexually submits to the bearded brute. Dustin ties him up, slaps him around, brutally pounds his tight ass then hoses him with a big facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Long haired Simon has been nothing but trouble since he moved back in with his parent. Not months pate with the promised rent, his frustrated Dad takes his useless man-child over the knee for a humiliating spanking he secretly hopes will drive him out of the house so he can get back his normal life.
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Sneaky Peek — This very cuddly jock has no idea his naked body is being secretly recorded in the locker room and posted on the internet for thousands of perverted jock sniffers to drool over.
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CFNMtv — Totally deprived of the ability to see what’s happening or voice any objection, John’s face is buried between the nurse’s warm thighs. This has gone way beyond what he would normally allow to happen to him in an exam. But the demanding manner of the female doctor and nurse make him feel like he must follow their orders.
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CFNM — When Cheryl suggested he help her with the sex toys, he presumed he’d be the one using them on her. However, it seems the clever businesswoman and her colleagues have other ideas. With Luke restrained and on all fours on the floor, they have just introduced him to the unwelcome sensation of having a large dildo shoved up his arse!
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Strip Search Hell — This guy isn’t as dumb as your run-of-the-mill crim. He had to be a bouncer on the outside and in the bin he’s no different. As such, despite his obvious arrogance he has managed to control himself and at the same time gained privileges. He is too thick to put himself in a situation where he is overpowered by the guards and stripped against his will but here he’s fully exposed as the guards harshly spray water blasts all over his exposed body.
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