Weekly Roundup 8/11: Hard Boy Mickey Taylor Just Wants to be Loved

Another week has flown by again, and the summer’s nearly gone! We’ve got hours of hot porn ready for you to make your weekend kinky, intense and explosive! The Casting Room features tattooed bay-boy Mickey Taylor showing off his throbbing cock, and Brutal Tops features armpit-fetish enthusiast Master Jack ordering his slave to fall in line. Straight Lads Spanked features a brand new model — 18 year old Ashley getting a firm OTK spanking as a warm up to hotter punishment ahead! Stay hard and keep it wet and juicy my friends!

The Casting Room — Dominant top Mickey Taylor has quite an impressive body of work at other British fetish sites like BoyNapped, but he’s concerned that no one ever sees his more sensitive side. He’s growing up, and there’s more to him than aggressive sexual dominance. He would like to be the one who is controlled form time to time. I’m really looking forward to seeing that happen if he sticks around and does a stint on BreederFuckers in the near future!
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Brutal Tops — Master Jack is hot and sweaty and shimmering with perspiration. He demands his slave use his tongue to clean and refresh him, starting with his stinky armpits. If you love aggressive armpit worship fetish videos, this one is going to be a real treat for you!
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CFNM — Mr Taylor is nearly breathless as he kneels totally naked on the desk with the girls and Miss West inspecting his arse! He’s never felt so exposed and vulnerable in his whole life. Nor has he ever thought of his anus as an erogenous zone, but now the girls are freely running their fingers around his sphincter and pushing their way inside.
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CFNMtv — For spoiled rich kid Joel, used to being pandered to all his life, being roughly manhandled comes as a complete shock. When he walked into the cavernous assembly hall he had no idea that he would end up stripped naked. Now he’s totally at the mercy of his strict form teacher Miss Holten who is determined to find the cause of his apathy. Egged on by his mother she proceeds to demonstrate her methods for controlling Joel’s wayward erections.[click here to see more perverted CFNM video…]

Sneaky Peek — This fit young man has no idea he’s being illicitly filmed in the shower room. He leisurely soaps himself, massages his cock and balls and has a long, drawn out piss. How do his friends feel about him taking a pee in the communal shower? I guess everyone’s really comfortable with each other — who knows what they’d do if they found out they were being illegally filmed for the internet?
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Strip Search Hell — The carnival is in town and it attracts loads of young people and families who are easy prey to opportunitic thieves after your phone. Luckily there are plenty of jail cells waiting to house the miscreants and loads of police and prison officers who like nothing more than stripping the bastards naked for their own opportunistic fun at their expense.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Straight Lads Spanked features a new 18 year old black lad with a beautiful bubble butt. Ashley has just been caught by his step dad planning a rager while they’re out of town for the weekend. That earns Ashley a spanking session over his step-dad’s knee that turns his ass hot and throbbing, plus a humiliating lecture!
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