Weekly Roundup 8/25: Cruel Thug Master Mark Debuts on Brutal Tops

I can’t believe it’s time for another roundup! grab your cock and a lot of lube, this week’s gay fetish porn roundup is going to have you throbbing and shooting all weekend! Thuggish bully Master Mark is indeed brutal in his treatment of his thick slave at Brutal Tops; Sweet young student Aiden gets his hole filled and his cock manhandled at the Casting Room and ripped stud Nick gets his clothes ripped off at CFNMtv! Stay horny and keep it nasty my friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Mark is every inch a domineering thug, and he proves it when he mercilessly chokes his slave with a massive dildo in his first scene at Brutal Tops. The ginger menace forces the flabby oaf to lick his feet, eat his spit and drink his piss before he gives him a rough, deep skullfucking. Master Mark is the real deal at Brutal Tops!
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The Casting Room — Slender Aiden gets his hole filled and his thick cock groped in this throwback to his Groping Hands appearance. His hole is slick with lube, but its still very tight and the massive dildo doesn’t go in without some effort! Aiden’s face is full of conflicting emotions as his ass gets fucked but his cock is stroked until he cums.
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CFNMtv — Rugged and handsome Nick is back as a clueless male model in this CFNM version of “No Safe Word”. Get a second look at his gorgeous body when he’s stripped naked and humiliated by a gang of laughing and jeering domineering bitches.
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CFNM — Daniel Johnson’s subjugation reaches a new low. Not only has he had to humiliate himself and bow to the ladies but now they seize hold of his genitals. He feels himself becoming aroused. Bryan isn’t a man who can control his sex drive and these women have seized control of it. Having to yield all his power to his wife is a lesson in ultimate humility.
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Sneaky Peek — He’s more stolen locker room video of another unsuspecting straight daddy, fresh from football practice and getting naked for the group shower. He’s very handsome and all laughs as he strips down to give the hidden camera a long, lingering look at his strong and a little pudgy dad-bod.
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Strip Search Hell — Older blokes have to be watched more closely than the younger ones. Why have they not learnt that crime does not pay? These are career criminals who will break laws without thought if they think it will give them a monetary advantage. If anything their punishment should be more severe. They are the ones who lead the younger ones astray and they haven’t changed their ways despite being given every opportunity.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Straight Lads Spanked features doltish Rob, a petty thief caught in the act of breaking into his neighbour’s house. For the sake of his parents’ reputation, his punishment is kept private: he’s sent to Mr. X for an agonizing OTK spanking and a humiliating lecture.
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