Weekly Roundup 9/30: Mean Master Mark Dumps Cum in His Slave’s Mouth

Another week come and gone, but it feels so good to bask in the weekend once more. Plenty of kinky gay porn to sustain you through the weekend, my friends. Newcomer Billy (aka Steve from BreederFuckers) is getting very perverted in his impromptu toilet strip show at CMNM; Master Mark is savage and merciless to his craven slave at Brutal Tops, and everybody’s favourite male model Nick Wren is embarrassed yet again CFNM.net. Have a great weekend and wank it long and strong my friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Mark is getting bored with pummeling this wimpy faggot. He’s going to drill his ass as hard as he can and then choke him with spunk and then throw his ass out on the corner, naked, sticky and shivering!
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CMNM.net — Horny bender Billy has a secret obsession with exposing himself in filthy, seedy public toilets. He’s found the grungiest hole possible for his latest frolic, but when he’s stripped and recording himself on his phone, he realizes someone else has been watching him from inside the bathroom stall!
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CFNMtv — Nicola and Kimberly are thrilled with the power they have over their dumb male classmate and are determined to see just how far they can push him. So far they have ordered him to strip completely naked – which he has done. But they are just getting started and have plenty of ideas as to how to take advantage of their new plaything.
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CFNM — Nick Wren has just been pushed into a vulnerable position he never wanted to be in! He has very strict standards about what he will and won’t reveal on his body. Certainly, he never will allow any nude shots to be taken. But here the client has immediately ordered him to strip completely – and in front of the other models! He’s grudgingly gone along because he needs this job desperately!
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Strip Search Hell — Almost 90% of lags go into prison with the full intention of keeping their heads down and doing their bird. They hope they’ll get early parole and can then, at leisure, plan their next crime. The screws have to identify who is likely to be reformed and who is just faking it for an easy life. One thing a lag cannot fake is his age. Older lads who still wind up in jail on financial charges are very unlikely to change their ways. Both inside and outside the jail.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Eliot is pissed at his friend Fraser for talking too much in the locker room and getting him in trouble with the coach. Since Eliot got spanked, he figures he owes Fraser that and worse. Fraser is humiliated by his schoolfriend yanking down his underwear and swatting his bare bottom until he’s whimpering!
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