Weekly Roundup: Master Jack is Looking for Payback at BrutalTops

Welcome back to the weekly Roundup for another fresh helping of the kinkiest gay porn coming out of the UK. Brutal Tops features Nasty Master Jack laying a hard whipping on a slimy cunt and then forcing to have a drink of hot piss; CMNM features the sadistic staff of Wormworth Prison violating and debasing a cowering inmate, and the Casting Room features sinewy young stud Bobby, ordered to ejaculate on a plate and then lick it up! Kinky, crude and taboo. Have a great weekend!

Brutal Tops — Master Jack has his worthless slave strapped into a bondage bench with his ass pointed straight up in the air. The handsome young sadist is eager to dish out some payback after his time on the bottom at BreederFuckers, and he lays out a cruel whipping on the slave’s exposed ass, followed by a forced piss chugging. Master Jack is learning the tricks of the trade!
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CMNM.net — The Wormworth prison staff have recruited hard man Kirk in their efforts to shame and humiliate prison snitch Smith before he’s released as a free man. The guards and Kirk bend Smith over and try to ruin his asshole with a hard and deep finger-fucking before he’s sent home to his unsuspecting wife.
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The Casting Room — Blond Bobby is an utter dream — lean, athletic body in the full glow of youth, just bursting with vitality. That’s why it was so fun to watch him defile himself over several sessions in the Casting Room. Watch him masturbate and shoot a juicy load of boy-cum all over the plate, and then watch him gag and heave when he’s ordered to eat his own load!
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CFNMtv — Ms Charlesworth is keen that girls and boys alike get to learn the importance of physical fitness. She believes that the best way to keep the students interested is with a practical demonstration. With the stern woman breathing down his neck, poor Mr Derek feels under intense pressure to do what he is told – even if it means humiliating himself in front of the schoolgirls!
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CFNM — Handsome Nick is seething with anger that he’s going to be dropped from Matteo’s model agency. He’s at his physical peak and he knows it! But he is short on cash so why not slyly take one more job before he sets out on his own? He’s confident he can get bookings himself and, after a few magazine covers, he’s sure Hollywood will be calling! Nick is confident he’s going to be a super star.
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Strip Search Hell — On paper strip searches are carried out at prison reception to stop the smuggling of contraband. What isn’t widely known is that the officers need to check out the physical characteristics of the man before assigning a cell to him. For instance their isn’t much point putting a tight little lad in with a big dicked monster. None are going to be sexually satisfied and may kick off when the officers least expect it. So cock, balls, mouth and particularly arsehole are given the once-over so the officers know what sort of cunt they are dealing with.
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