Weekly Roundup: Rugby Hazing Gets Lurid at CMNM

This week’s load of kink and raunch is guaranteed to get your dick hard and aching to pop. CMNM features filthy rugby club hazing videos with muscle stud Ian, while Austin takes his turn dishing out punishment in his first Brutal Tops scene. Fan Fave Mickey Taylor has a super erotic shower fuck scene at UKNM and another dumb lad get in the wrong van and ends up full of a stranger’s cock at Helpless Boys. You got the whole weekend to pump that cock, so keep it lubed my friends!

CMNM.net — Every time you go to a rugby club, there’s a very good chance you’re going to see a gang of thuggish brutes teaming up to sexually humiliate one of their best mates. They can’t help it. Their latent homosexual tendencies force them to pick out one of their own to embarrass and shame. This time it’s muscle man Leo (aka BreederFuckers slave Ian) who is duped into stripping to his underwear in front of the club in order to give a fitness demo. These dumb jocks can’t wait to get their meaty hands all over his thighs, ass and crotch.
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Brutal Tops — Austin like the feeling of having power again after being brutally humiliated in the BReederFuckers dungeon. Now he’s going to make this pathetic cunt feel more pain and degradation than he ever has in his life! Austin orders him to impale himself on a giant dildo, and seeing the slave struggle gets Austin tingling. He’s ordering the slave to swallow his cock down to the hilt, and it feels amazing that the slag actually obeys his commands. What cruelty is awakening in Austin?
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Helpless Boys — Lorenzo Ferraz has gotten himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. When buff black stud Kenny happens by in his white van and agrees to help, the frantic little cutie is relieved. Unfortunately, nothing in this world is free and little Lorenzo quickly discovers the price for Kenny’s help; sexual submission.
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UK Naked Men — Tattooed bad boy Mickey Taylor can’t keep his hands to himself. He’s decided to do a hush-hush boyfriend swap with his best friend’s long time lover Gabriel. Using his plush ass as bait, Mickey lures the blond stud into the bathroom for a hot shower fuck. Gabriel can’t get enough of Mickey’s bubble butt, and he fucks him deep and hard, giving him a hot shower of cum in the end.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jake has earned a very stern punishment from Mr. X: 36 lashes with a stiff leather belt. The scruffy lad leans up against the wall and bites his lip as the leather whips his smooth flesh, turning his butt as red as a beet.
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Sneaky Peek — Another soft and pudgy working man with an uncut cock is caught to the hidden camera in the locker room. He would be so pissed knowing that illicit video of his cock is being shared all over the internet!
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CFNMtv — Miguel has never been treated like this in his life! He’s used to the women staying at the CFNM Hotel lusting after him. Yet here is a fully-clothed female guest telling him off and fucking his arse with her finger. And it doesn’t end there. Her confidence strengthened by her experience with Ashley, Sarah grabs hold of Miguel’s dick and starts tugging on it.
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CFNM — The nurse has conducted her exam and taken measurements of Jack’s developing manly body, but what is teacher Miss Heathershot to do with a boy who spends all his time in class thinking about sex? There’s only one thing that can be done with pervy sex mad boys like this and that’s to milk them so they are compliant and submissive.
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Strip Search Hell — You know the sort of man that steals sweets and toys because he “wants the best for my kids”. This is that guy. He trots out the same excuse every time he gets caught as if “wanting nothing but the best for my kids” is a pass to do anything. After being spared jail time and time again this time he’s found himself banged up and being thoroughly inspected by intrusive hands.
By the look on his face he is resigned to his fate and this strip search is just the start of his humiliating journey.
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