Weekly Update 10/5: Master Austin Forces Slave to Drink His Ass Juice

Have you ever had a week that felt like 1000 days? Holy crap what a time to be alive. Here’s a prescription for your weekly blues: Take a full dose of kinky gay porn, repeatedly, for an entire weekend. We’ve got what’s going to fix you here. At Brutal Tops, Master Austin is going full raunch, forcing his filthy slave to drink his enema juice like a dog, while those fans of dark meat are going to love slim, shy and thrill-seeking Mani making his audition tape at the Casting Room. Finally, dumb Southern college boy Alen gets picked up off the side of the road and fucked hard up his pale, skinny ass at Helpless Boys. Grab on to something you love with two hands this weekend, and use plenty of lube, my friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Austin is building up to his filthy crescendo. He’s filled his own asshole with warm water and he orders his slave to get in close so he can get a mouthful when he shoots it out of his ass like a water cannon. After his ass is drained, Austin climbs on top of his feckless bottom and slams his cock deep in his worthless hole. Fucking this disgusting wretch hard and deep and cruel is enough to get Austin to shoot his load all over his slave boy’s face.
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The Casting Room — Mani’s boyish looks make him look very sweet and innocent even if he’s really a dirty horn dog. Here he learns how to tease us and turn us on by rolling back his foreskin and parting his arse cheeks for a full inspection. When it comes to fully displaying his sphincter he’s got a look of shock on his face like he can’t believe he’s doing this. There’s no turning back now!
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Helpless Boys — Skinny white-boy Alen Jackson is stranded somewhere in the woods. He manages to flag down a plain white van and persuades sexy Latino driver, Tim, to give him a lift to the nearest payphone. When he reveals that he’s got no money to pay gas, Tim gives him an ultimatum; sexually submit or get out and walk. Alen relents and soon has a his wrsist bound with rope and a mouthful of latin cock. Tim brutally fucks poor little Alen’s ass red then blasts him with a facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Alex disrespects Dad in his own house and earns a humiliating spanking on his bare ass with a slipper. Hopefully, this will just be the beginning. Telling one’s Dad to piss off should earn him a lesson with the cane — here’s hoping there will be more of Alex’s taut buttocks getting more hot corporal punishment.
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Strip Search Hell — Some chaps are happy when they’re sent down. They are so used to being pampered inside that the punishment is 10 times better than it should be. Add in a middle class background and prison wardens treat them even better. But not all the prison officers are happy about this and dish out their own kind of societal revenge! Of course the very best way of doing that is with a mandatory ice cold hosing down.
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CFNMtv — While the women pounce on young Ed, Dennis stands cowering with shame at the sides. The tall sporty lad is to be used to illustrate the correct procedure for a prostate exam – the thought of which fills him with fear. But having been caught exposing themselves on the sports field, the two lads must accept their punishment no matter how bad it makes them feel.
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CFNM — The girls are bursting with excitement as Ms Langdon instructs them to penetrate this bright young man’s anus. The feeling of power and control they have over his masculine fit body is overwhelming. It’s excruciatingly embarrassing for him but he must bend over and take it or he’ll never pass this training course!
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Sneaky Peek — This young builder is covered with grime from a hard day’s work, and when he strips down to reveal his cute, soft body and his chubby little cock, he’s got no idea that a world full of horny perverts is rating him, judging him and trading his stolen snapshots back and forth.
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