#CMNM: Factory Boss at the Mercy of His Horny Workers


Joe has been a miserly prick ever since he took over management at the factory. His years of cost cutting and wage cuts have left the employees miserable and on the verge of revolt.

So what happens when Joe needs some paperwork from the factory floor? He’s cut all of the office staff hours back to the bone and he’s got nobody to fetch what he needs. He’s all put out about having to go down to the factory floor and interact with the plebes, and he eventually gets lost and winds up in the locker room, trying to find his way to the foreman’s office.

He’s confronted by Dave and Aaron, two of the handful of workers who have just received layoff notices last week and they can’t believe the shit boss they’ve hated for years has shown his face down here. There’s no security down here (laid off ages ago) so they figure why not have some fun with the boss since they’re done here soon.

They strip the boss naked and mock his skinny pecker. They wrestle with him, bend him over and start fingering his asshole. Joe’s protests are weak, but he doesn’t stop bucking and flailing like a pathetic rag.

After Dave and Aaron have each had a chance to poke his ass, they push Joe to the floor. Dave shucks his coveralls and reveals his thick cock, menacing as a snake, on e the verge of becoming fully erect. Joe is right at eye-level with this working man’s tool and he’s terrified of Dave’s intentions. Dave grabs Joe by the hair and pulls him close enough so that his lips are touching the smooth flesh of that dick. Dave has all kinds of jobs planned for his boss. Click here to watch the full worker revenge fantasy video at CMNM.

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Weekly Roundup 2/14: Sexy model punishes perverted older man at #CMNM

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? IF you don’t, there’s no need for despair. We’ve got all the smut and raunchy gay fetish sex you’ll need to have an amazing weekend. Guy returns to CMNM and he’s an absolute vision as he abuses a naked and trembling Adrian. Pig Boy Ruben is strutting like a king, manhandling boys and spanking their asses hard at Bad Lads, while clueless English cunt Oliver gats a stiff spanking from Dad for stealing from his mother at Straight Lads Spanked. Dim the lights and open a bottle of your favourite refreshment as you settle in for a sexy weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — When Adrian, the pervy producer, takes his prank too far, Guy flies into an absolute rage! This tough masculine idol is hell bent on getting his revenge on this man and traps him in the recording studio to ruthlessly humiliate him. He may not be able to sing, but Guy is a brilliant fiend when it comes to cruelly dominating Adrian. The trapped, stark naked man is shamelessly sporting a huge erection while he awaits his fate from the macho master.
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Bad Lads — Pig Boy Ruben has another lad with a bad attitude and a plushy ass to discipline. This skater boi has been caught and fined too many times for skateboarding in forbidden public areas, and now his parents want Ruben to give him a spanking he won’t forget. Ruben loves punishing these young lads and turning their asses crimson red.
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Straight Lads Spanked — This update is one of the all-time best rated on Straight Lads SPanked. Oliver took his mother’s engagement ring to the pawn shop for beer money and his father is devastated. He commands Oliver to get over his knee for the most painful spanking he can conjure, and after the bare hand spanking, he orders Oliver to walk down the hallway to retrieve the bath brush for an even more intense round of fatherly corporal punishment.
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Helpless Boys — Frustrated and abandoned by his friends, hunky Derek Reed is wandering around out in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly a white appears a little ways off. He waves down the driver, Todd, and convinces him to give him a ride. A few minutes into the ride he reveals that he’s got no way to pay for gas. Todd isn’t the charitable type so he gives him a choice, sexually submit or walk home. Derek submits and is deep-throating Todd’s big whit cock in no time. Later Todd ties hum up and takes him to his dungeon for some intense BDSM-action. Poor naive Derek gets humiliated and has his tight ass pounded hard in several positions until Todd blasts him with a massive facial cumshot.
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Strip Search Hell — It’s well known in prison circles that the warders will take time to humiliate and degrade specific prisoners who they believe are in need of “correction”. Normally this would be the hard cases and especially the younger lads who need a “short sharp shock” to stop them going off the rails and reoffending. They make it known to the lads that they will be stripped and this will be recorded on film. If the lads comply then all well and good. If not then strength is required.
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CFNMtv — In Carl’s imagination it’s simple: the girls will all be too busy preening and stroking each other to notice him marching boldly through their changing room. Once out all he has to do is sneak past the receptionist and into the safety of the men’s changing room – where his clothes await. What could possibly go wrong?
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CFNM –- It’s challenging being a woman in the business world. Men are constantly objectifying them and promote their male colleagues first. But here Tarana and Alyssa have seniority over this horny bit of rough. It’ll be a great way to relieve some tension toying with sexy Konrad and exploiting the power they hold over him.
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Sneaky Peek — It’s quite a turn on hearing all the banter between these lads as they make their plans to go out and get fucked now that their match is over. It’s the start of the weekend and fresh from the shower they are revved up for an epic night out. But in their excitement they don’t notice the tiny hidden camera recording every second of them toweling off and suiting up!
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Dale Returns to the Spotlight: His Punishment will Make you Cringe!


This week’s Breeder Fuckers update shines the spotlight back on Dale, the mouthy delivery man who made the mistake of rebuffing Dave’s advances. He’s five sessions deep now, and he’s praying that Daniel Johnson will have mercy on him. Dumb Dale! Mercy was one of the many things Daniel did not learn about in school. Daniel taunts Dale and shows him the leather strap before beating his ass to a raw pulp. Dale is screaming and panting heavily through his duct tape gag, but his pleas only amuse Daniel. Finally Dave arrives to bust up Daniel’s extreme corporal punishment jag, and Dave pretends to play good cop. He oils down Dale’s throbbing ass, and then takes the opportunity to shove his fingers deep into the anguished slave’s asshole. Dave and Daniel take turns riding on Dale’s face, ordering the whimpering straight slave to lick out their assholes, which he does ever so reluctantly. Click here to watch the full video with even more extreme ass play at BreederFuckers!


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Lucas part one: Ambushed, punished and humiliated


Lucas is another dynamo lad that was a total fan fave when he debuted a few years ago. Just 18 years old with a top athlete’s body, a surprising amount of body hair for a teenager, and a cock that wouldn’t quit. His ambush in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon was legendary.

It starts off with Lucas casually strolling through the neighbourhood after a training session at the gym. He’s captain of his football team, and he voraciously works out all year long to keep his competitive edge on the pitch. He approached Dave, who has his arm in a sling and appears to be trying to pick up a large box and take it into his building. He asks Lucas for help carrying the box to the basement, and Lucas, having a shred of human decency, obliges.

After several flights down, they get to the basement, and when Lucas turns his back on Dave, Dave grabs him from behind and puts him in a choke hold. As he’s wrestling Lucas into submission, Adrian appears to tape the lad’s mouth and restrain his arms with handcuffs. Now the lad is theirs to abuse and debase as much as their darkest perversions allow.

Lucas’s clothing is stripped off and his cock is groped with Adrian’s lingering fingers. He’s flogged, both across his tight abdomen and his hairy ass. His hole is fingered by both Dave and Adrian. The digital penetration causes Lucas to cry out form behind his tape gag, but his protests are like encouragements to the perverted duo.

Finally, Dave and Adrian rig Lucas up to really suffer. They use Japanese clamps to pinch his nipples. They bind his cock with a long cord. The cord goes over the nipple clamp chain and then is affixed to bucket, which dangles just below cock height. The trick Dave explains, is that as the bucket is filled it will drag down on the nipple clamps and tighten the cord around the genitals, causing agonizing pain in the lad’s most sensitive areas. Quite a twofer.

Lucas watches in horror as Dave unzips his fly and starts pissing in the bucket. The weight begins to tear his nipples as promised, and the pain of the cord strangling his cock is excruciating. His knees buckle, but he can’t fall to the ground. Dave and Adrian laugh and leave him twisting, with the bucket of hot piss tearing his flesh and fouling his nose. Click here to watch every episode of Lucas’ humiliating ambush, submission and punishment at Breeder Fuckers.

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#CMNM: Young Pervert Wanked by Thuggish Mall Cop


It seems the life of an English rent-a-cop are never boring. After meting out punishment to a pair of delinquent shoplifters, the security officer has apprehended a perverted young man wanking in the public toilet. Not only was the young miscreant engaged in flagrant self-abuse, he was using his smartphone to record video of other men pissing in the neighbouring stalls.

Now the skinny young degenerate has been brought into the office and the mall cop doesn’t even bother with the pretext of rules, regulations or legal consequences. This quaking deviant is his plaything, and he’s going to get his rocks off probing, wanking and humiliating the young lad. He has the young man bent over the desk and he inserts a thick finger up the lad’s asshole while he tugs his cock like a cow’s teat. The lad is mortified and begging to be let loose, but the mall cop wants to send this hoodlum into a spiral of shame and humiliation.

The mall cop removes his finger from the lad’s hole and stands him up straight so he can get a good view of the deviant’s thick young cock while he strokes it. The lad begs to be let go, but his cock keeps getting stiffer and his breathing is ragged. He’s going to cum because of the skilled manipulations of this older bender and he’s can’t do anything to stop it. Finally, he erupts with a sticky mess of cum in the older man’s hand, and he’s mortified. He’s about to collect his things and slink off into a dark hole when the door opens and a real cop comes in. The mall cop thinks he’s been caught and starts to make an excuse, but the naked lad’s shame deepens and he just wants to roll into a ball. Watch this incredibly erotic clothed male/naked male coerced ejaculation at CMNM.net.

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#Classic: Can Macho Dimitri Handle Public Ridicule and Rough Sex?


Back in 2010, Dave and Maurice took a trip to Germany to hunt for fresh new ass, and they found their mark at a raunchy Gay Pride parade. Dimitri was watching the spectacle with open disdain, and he was easy prey for the horny perverts when they lured him into the park, pretending to be as disgusted as he was. Once they got him alone, he was easy prey and they not only fucked him, but they brought him back to the festival and stripped him down and humiliated him in front of the crowd. Strangers are taking photos of his asshole and torturing his nipples, all to Dimitri’s deep shame.

After the round of shaming, Dimitri is taken to a highway underpass, easily in view of the passing cars, and Maurice roughly stuffs his throbbing cock deep into Dimitri’s ass, fucking him hard and deep while cars speed by and honk at the spectacle. Dave is game to get in on the production and he forces Dimitri to suck his cock. Dimitri’s ultimate humiliation comes when he’s forced to his knees and ordered to give Maurice a rimjob. his tongue flickers over the sexy Scottsman’s asshole as passersby jeer and honk at Dimitri’s shame. Click here to watch this Classic display of humiliating public sex from Straight Hell at BreederFuckers.com.

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#CMNM: Sexy, Hairy Pete Bottoms for his Boss


Pete has had a stellar quarter as the top salesman at Shifty Motors, but his boss has harsh words for him. There are complaints about how Pete insults customers, and his boss (Dave) is about to tell him to hit the bricks.

Naturally, Pete is super defensive about getting called out for his shitty behaviour. His defense is the classic “I’m good at my job so my bad acts shouldn’t matter.” Dave doesn’t care – he’d be happy not to have to put up with this arrogant bullshitter anymore, but deep in his heart, he knows that it’s going to hurt the numbers.

Dave makes a bluff; physical intimidation. He spanks Pete over his knee like a wee child, then pulls down Pete’s pants to reveal his hairy bum. He fingers Pete’s hole and orders him to bend over the desk. The gamble is working, Pete is scared of Dave and following orders.

Dave goes for broke, ramming his throbbing cock into Pete’s furry hole. Pete protests and wails in despair, but Dave, growing more aggressive, tells him to shut the hell up and take it. Pete continues to cry and whimper while Dave fucks his hairy ass. Soon Dave is climaxing, and he orders Pete to his knees. Towing over his subordinate salesman, Dave shoots his cum into Pete’s mouth and across his mustache. Pete follows orders and swallows, cowed into submission and with a new fear of his boss. Watch Dave dominate and sexually humiliate his straight co-worker at CMNM.

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