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#CMNM: Beefy Stooge Gets His Butthole Probed


Adrian has succeeded in getting his latest man crush naked and humiliated. After Patrick showed up to fix the wi-fi in his hotel room, Adrian used a super dodgy app to sleuth out any dirty pictures of the beefy tech, and he found a treasure trove of dick pics. It seems Patrick can’t help himself when he gets a little drunk, he just loves getting naked and showing off his hard-on.

Adrian instantly seizes the opportunity to create a power play. Instead of propositioning Patrick and making a blackmail threat, he calls the shift supervisor to make a complaint about Patrick’s work. He shows the shift manager Patrick’s dick pics and demands an investigation and punishment. The supervisor is instantly on the same page as Adrian and demands that Patrick strip so they can compare his cock to the dick pics found by Adrian.

The dicks are indeed quite similar so Adrian suggests they look at Patrick’s ass and compare that to the photos of the ass that appear on his accounts. They bend Patrick over and spread his cheeks. Adrian inserts a finger, then two, really probing deeply. Patrick moans softly; he’s feeling pleasure at being expertly manipulated by such an experienced man. The manager gets in on the fun, plunging his thumb into Patrick’s hole and pushing it deep. Patrick’s cock is getting stiff at all of the anal massage he getting…surely Adrian is going to be freely sampling some of that soon enough! Click here to watch this brawny dimwit getting expertly probed by two horny perverts at CMNM.

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Dumb Jock Sucks Cock (During Electro CBT)


Dumb Jock Mark has the look of a ragged dish rag, all tatty and limp and practically begging to be discarded. After his last brutal session in the BreederFuckers Dungeon, where he was fisted and brutally caned, it’s a wonder he’s still upright. But here he is, naked, on his knees and helpless, a broken beast to be teased and abused for fun.

Adrian twists his balls and Dave marvels at his lengthy foreskin. It’s time to rope that cock one last time and torture those balls until they’re shriveled little raisins. Adrian pulls out the cattle prod and starts shocking Mark’s cock head, his foreskin and his balls, sending the brawny jock in paroxysms of pain and crying, and Adrian devilishly offers him a way out. Just suck the cock and the shocks will stop says the fiend.

Mark accepts and takes Adrian’s now-familiar cock in his mouth, working the knob and the piss slit until it’s fully engorged. Adrian is tough on his slave today, every time the cock pops out of his mouth, Mark gets a shock with the cattle prod. Soon Adrian is gripping the back of Mark’s neck and forcing him to deepthroat the entire staff, holding for ten counts like Adrian was the world’s cruelest personal trainer.

Dave joins in the action too. While Mark is trying his best to pleasure Adrian’s cock, Dave unties Mark’s dick and starts stroking the circulation back into ti. Before long, the straight man is getting hard too. So while Adrian starts cumming in Mark’s mouth, he’s on the verge of cumming as well. Dave has found a photo of Mark’s wife, and when Mark climaxes, he’s shooting his spunk all over his wife’s image, creating a lasting image in Mark’s brain of defiling his wife while he himself was getting abused and violated. Click here to watch this rough oral and electro-shock CBT torment at

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Weekly Roundup 11/15: CMNM Creeper Prank Video

We’ve made it through another crazy week, and it’s time for some intense self care. Indulge your deepest, darkest kinks and voyeuristic fantasies…we’ve got your gateway drug in the weekly roundup. Check out arch-pervert Adrian creeping around Logan at CMNM, who’s sacked out in his bed, naked with his big solid cock hanging out. Or if you want it rough and rustic, check out the new scene from Helpless Boys, where Chris Colt gets picked up hitch hiking and ends up getting bound and fucked hard in the woods by an aggressive redneck predator. If you want it more stiff and traditional, check out the British spanking scene on Straight Lads Spanked – two misbehaving ruffians are taken over the knee by their supervisor for a humiliating bare bum spanking. Make sure you keep that stiff thing well lubed, my friends, this weekend is all about looking after yourself!

cmnm-update — The pervy guys are getting off using this sporty hot fucker’s naked body! They team up to daringly push things further stretching open his pink arsehole and stroke his excitable silky smooth prick. It’s all illicit naughty good fun and wait till the lads on the team hear about what happened in this hotel room. It will go down in the athletic club’s history as the most legendarily epic prank ever!
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Helpless Boys — Skinny young Chris Colt’s car has broken down and now he’s stranded somewhere in the woods. Lucky for this College cutie, Jason Collins arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a lift. Before they get far Chris reveals that he’s broke. Not the charitable type, Jason gives the broke boy a choice; sexual submission or get to walking. Chris agrees to do whatever Jason wants and is soon tied up and gagging on Jason’s thick cock. He takes Chris on a ride through BDSM Hell, spanking, flogging, zapping and brutally fucking him in the woods then blasting him with a huge facial cumshot.
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Bad Lads — Pig Boy Ruben has another young man with a great plushy ass over his knee for some discipline. Watch the anguish spread across that cutie’s face as the unhinged pervert relentlessly spanks that tight little ass of his.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Mr. Stevens is incredibly disappointed with his construction crew. Sebastian and Spencer are lazy and sloppy, and their bad attitudes deserve corrective punishment. Stevens takes Spencer over his knee and swats his meaty bum until it’s bright pink, and then turns his attention to Sebastian. This pair of slacker youths might need much more punishment to teach them to care about properly doing their jobs.
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CFNMtv — The girls are having a whale of a time with the former policeman. Now he’s their plaything and they are determined to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. They won’t stop until his arse is red-raw and throbbing and they’ve shown him once and for all what a mistake it was to pick on these cunning women.
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CFNM –- Presenter Davina declares it’s time to bring in the next competitors. Many men applied to enter the competition, but only a select few were accepted. Now it’s time to step up and show the female judges what they’re made of. Strong man Paddy has already set a very high bar in CFNM Wars. Can anyone match him?
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Sneaky Peek — This college stud is the victim of a cruel prank. His housemates set up a hidden camera in the shower to film him all wet and naked. Now images of his thick, uncut cock have been circulating on campus, and many of the queer old professors have been giving him more than a passing glimpse. Will he ever discover why he’s the object of so many lecherous leers?
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Deepthroat Training and Anal Fingerblasting for James


James’ journey through the gauntlet of Breeder Fuckers punishments and humiliations is drawing to a close in this episode, but not before arch-sadist Adrian Swallows gets a last dance with the smooth, hung scally boy, so to speak.

James starts the video naked and squatting in the corner of the dungeon; mouth gagged with tape and wrists roped above his head. His pendulous cock dangles between his thighs and he looks utterly bereft of hope. He waits silently for his tormentor to return to twist his body into new and painful contortions.

Adrian does return in short order. He has been fascinated by this specimen of a slave boy since he was snatched while loitering on the office stairs. Adrian firmly believes these scally lads, despite all of their machismo and ridiculous performative masculinity, are all closet cases aching for a cock to fuck them like a freight train up their shithole.

Adrian unwinds the tape and inserts a nose hook, tying it off at the back of James’ dog collar. James is going to get blowjob training, Adrian informs him, and just to make sure he’s properly incentivized to use his mouth for good and not for ill, Adrian wraps a choke chain around James’ balls and pulls it tight. Any time he wishes, Adrian can yank to chain and make James feel like he’s about to have his precious testes ripped off.

James takes as much of Adrian’s cock as he can, swallowing the shaft and working it with his tongue. Adrian keeps push deeper, pinning James against the wall, impaling him with his erection until the slave boy is gagging and spilling gobs of drool for his mouth. Now that James has properly primed Adrian’s arousal, the real fun can begin.

The scene shifts, James crawls into view and Adrian commands him to climb up on a crude bench. James has been retied: elbows to thighs, forcing him to spread his legs open and unable to defend against any advance. James is on his back, stuck like a turtle. Adrian hovers over him, still twisting the chain wrapped around his balls. The perverted kinkster inserts a finger into James’ hole, then a second and begins manually fucking him furiously.

James moans through a fresh tape gag, but Adrian’s rough fingering is relentless. James’ hole is getting loosened up and spread open. His deepthroating got Adrian hard and the bald maniac wants to get balls deep in that shaved boy-cunt. He pulls down his jeans and his boner stands erect. He pushes deep into James’ guts and starts pumping. He pulls on the leather collar around the slave’s neck to keep the thrusting hard and deep and James moans in pain. Adrian goes hard on his ass for several minutes then pushes to the point of climax. He pulls out of James’ ass and shoots shoots great jets of cum all over his gaping asshole, taint and balls. There’s not much left for James to do in the BreederFuckers dungeon except to be thrown out with the trash. Click here to watch the rough deepthroat training and hard anal fingering video at Breeder Fuckers.

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Whore Training Completed; Ross is Prepped to Fuck his Customers


Ross has been undergoing quite the ordeal in Adrian’s Dungeon the past few weeks — he’s gone from obnoxious skater punk to broken and compliant rentboy-in-training. Adrian is ready to start reaping the rewards of his investment and start pimping out Ross for cash, but before putting him out on the corner, Adrian gives Ross one more examination. Fitting him with a head harness and ball gag, Adrian ropes Ross’s arms and head, spanks him, fiddles with his cock and probes his ass. Ross’s ass looks plush and muscular in the tight Diesel underwear, and his cheeks are still bearing the marks of his earlier caning. Adrian flops the lad on his belly and gives him one last dildo fucking to make sure his ass is warmed up (but not too loose!) and it appears Ross is good to go and start earning Adrian a tidy fortune.

While Ross’s story appears to be drawing to a close, this last episode in his saga falls flat and seems superfluous. Unlike previous episodes, Adrian is working alone and not at all the chatty bastard I love to see work. He seems very business-like and unengaged, and Ross seems broken and exhausted. Everything is familiar to Adrian, and he’s not pushing Ross’s pain limits or boundaries at all. Ross has been great on BreederFuckers, but I think it’s time to move on to a new lad. Looking forward to fresh meat next week! Click here to see Ross’s full catalog of whore training and cruel BDSM punishment, plus hundreds of other great videos of Adrian legendary sadistic streak!


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