#BoyCreeper: Creepy Gardener Sneaks Up on Cute Jock


College soccer star Derek Reed is practicing in his backyard, working up a sweat under the hot Florida sun. Unbeknownst to him, his beefy gardener is checking him out on the sly the whole time. After Derek’s gone inside to cool off and re-hydrate in the air-conditioning, he gets a lewd call from some creep. The caller confesses to all kinds of graphic fantasies he’d like to share with Derek and the jock is not at all pleased. But feeling cocky, and pissed off that some old school perverted has wasted his time, Derek does something very stupid.

Derek challenges his secret admirer to get inside the house and offers to fuck him if he does. Wrong move slut! The Creeper, his gardener Jason Collins in a dark mask, suddenly appears behind him and ties him up. First Jason teases Derek by spanking his ass andwrapping his meaty fist around his balls and twisting. The sexual torment ratchets up when he starts zapping Derek’s soft privates with a UV electro wand. This gets big daddy Jason really aroused and he pulls down his pants to let Derek get a close up view of his thick, tree trunk like cock. Has this college boy ever sucked a cock like this before? Guess he’s going to learn how to give a blowjob the hard way. Derek keeps Jason hard and happy and Jason really wants to feel Derek’s tight asshole. The virgin cries as the monster cock penetrates his tight hole. He goes hard and deep, like a piston while Derek cries for mercy, then he pulls out and aims his pecker right at Derek’s face and shoots, covering his mouth and lips with stick cum. Click here to watch the entire cat-and-mouse stalker fantasy video from Boy Creeper.

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