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#BoyCreeper: Creepy Gardener Sneaks Up on Cute Jock


College soccer star Derek Reed is practicing in his backyard, working up a sweat under the hot Florida sun. Unbeknownst to him, his beefy gardener is checking him out on the sly the whole time. After Derek’s gone inside to cool off and re-hydrate in the air-conditioning, he gets a lewd call from some creep. The caller confesses to all kinds of graphic fantasies he’d like to share with Derek and the jock is not at all pleased. But feeling cocky, and pissed off that some old school perverted has wasted his time, Derek does something very stupid.

Derek challenges his secret admirer to get inside the house and offers to fuck him if he does. Wrong move slut! The Creeper, his gardener Jason Collins in a dark mask, suddenly appears behind him and ties him up. First Jason teases Derek by spanking his ass andwrapping his meaty fist around his balls and twisting. The sexual torment ratchets up when he starts zapping Derek’s soft privates with a UV electro wand. This gets big daddy Jason really aroused and he pulls down his pants to let Derek get a close up view of his thick, tree trunk like cock. Has this college boy ever sucked a cock like this before? Guess he’s going to learn how to give a blowjob the hard way. Derek keeps Jason hard and happy and Jason really wants to feel Derek’s tight asshole. The virgin cries as the monster cock penetrates his tight hole. He goes hard and deep, like a piston while Derek cries for mercy, then he pulls out and aims his pecker right at Derek’s face and shoots, covering his mouth and lips with stick cum. Click here to watch the entire cat-and-mouse stalker fantasy video from Boy Creeper.

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#BoyCreeper: Connor’s Crush on Alex Gets Physical


Sexy young blond boy Alex Meyer is mad at the shoddy job his plumber does fixing the shower. He’s had to call him in repeatedly to fix the hot water over and over again, and it never fails to run out of hot water when he’s naked and under the water. Connor the plumber returns and tries out a pick-up line on the cute twink, but Alex is having none of it. He fires Connor and tells him to beat it. Connor protests, but the door is shut in his face.

Later Alex gets a raunchy call from a creeper, chiding him about how they were meant to be together. Alex doesn’t put two and two together, and he figures it’s some scammer from somewhere on the other side of the world. Before he hangs up, Alex challenges the caller to try and break in – “If you can find me, you can do whatever you want to me”.

Boom! The plumber, now masked, sneaks in the back door and grabs him from behind. He promises to fuck Alex senseless, and decides that Alex really needs to learn to fear and respect his partners. Connor starts with some waterboarding, laying Alex out on the bathroom floor and covering his face with a rag before hosing him down. He binds Alex’s wrists and tosses him on the couch. Connor wraps a plastic bag over his head and wraps a belt around the twink’s neck. Is Alex feeling like such a boss now that he can’t breathe? Connor takes the bag off, but he’s got a mind to keep choking Alex, just this time with his cock. Connor’s XL cock is almost too big for Alex to swallow, but the twink takes it in his mouth and manages to tame the ire of his captor. Connor rams his throbbing cock into Alex’s tight asshole and spreads his legs. He’s going to keep coming back for more of this hot ass, because he’s sure they were truly meant for each other. He finishes Alex off with a face full of spunk and a promise that there will be more, soon. Click here to watch flippant Alex take Connor Maguire’s big cock at BoyCreeper.

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#BoyCreeper: Dante Drackis Creeped on By Gym Rat


Scruffy college Dante Drackis is in his kitchen having a drink and looking sexy after a tough workout when he gets a call from some creep who’s been keeping an eye on him him at the gym. The guy growls that he’ll be fucking him soon and in response, Dante dares him to try, even offering to sexually submit if he can somehow get inside his house. Dante is hot but dumb, and he doesn’t even realize the stalker is peeping in his kitchen window!

Like a ninja the masked gym creeper quickly surprises and subdues Dante. He takes him through an intense ride full of gagging, spanking, electro-shock, edging, waterboarding and of course brutal fucking. Afterward he treats his new plaything Dante to a mouthful of cum. Click here to watch this masked predator fucking his obsession and treating him like a cum sponge at Boy Creeper.

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#BoyCreeper: Joey Sexually Disciplined by Hulking Neighbor


Bitchy blond twink Joey J is too busy gossiping on his to phone to move his car when his neighbor kindly ask him to. He’s a spoiled brat who lives like a princess because his daddy is making bucks and he thinks that everyone on the block can eat his dick.

After the confrontation with the neighbor, he gets a lewd call from a stranger who promises to do all kinds of kinky things to him if he ever got the chance. Eternally cocky and without a shred of survival instinct, Joey dares the creep on the phone to try to get into his house. The Creeper has been waiting by the back door and lets himself in easily (he made himself a key when Joey’s parents asked him to feed the cat last summer vacation) and he’s there to discipline this bratty boy. The Creeper ties Joey up and subjects him to head dunking, plastic bag suffocation and cruel orgasm denial. The Creeper then brutally fucks his mouth and ass and unloads a hot jet of cum all over the queer teen’s face. Joey may or may not have learned a lesson, but he knows for sure who to call for more hardcore discipline. Click here to watch this masked hulk sexually dominate a hung twink with a foul mouth at

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#BOYCREEPER: Book Loving Nerd Accosted, Fucked and Sprayed with Cum


Serious college student Aaron Perez is lying in bed reading his textbooks when he gets a call from a mysterious creep. The panting voice on the other line sounds older, and the voice says he’s watching Aaron and he vows to fuck him.

Aaron brushes him off, thinking this is just harassment from one of his older brother’s friends who are always giving him grief about being so wrapped up in school. Aaron knows he’s safe in his parent’s suburban home, so he dares the caller to try to to get into his house.

Little does he know, the Creeper has been lurking just outside his window the whole time, watching Aaron roll around on the bed in his tiny shorts. Creeper has a master key and quickly pops the lock. He grabs Aaron and ropes his wrists behind his back. Creeper takes his time tormenting secret slut Aaron, putting a chastity cage on his cock and stretching out his ass with various toys.

While Aaron is roped, Creeper pulls out his own massive cock and fucks his throat. It’s all Aaron can do to try and swallow the enormous dick and try not to choke on it. Once the Creeper’s dong is good and slicked up with Aaron’s spit. he flips the college boy over and rams his pole into the bookworm’s tight hole. He brutally fucks Aaron’s little brown ass like a savage then sprays him with a massive facial. Click here to watch this sexual stalker fantasy video at Boy Creeper.

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