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#CMNM: Beefy Stud Swallows His Pride To Get His Job


Richard came into his job interview with a debt collection agency acting like a total hard man. But after 15 minutes with the boss, he’s bending over like a bitch and repeating “Whatever it takes” to every filthy and sexually degrading situation suggested by his new boss.

Bent over and naked, Dave asks, what if someone wants to play with your ass? Would you let them to collect a debt? Richard winces and answers yes. What if they wanted to wank your cock and watch you shoot your cum? Would you let them to collect a debt? Again, Richard swallows his pride and answers yes.

Dave is clearly enjoying this job interview. He has Richard naked and bent over, he’s cupping his balls while he sniffs his hairy asscrack. He then has Richard stand up straight and he gets uncomfortably close to his face. He wanks Richard’s uncut cock and stares him in the eye. Richard can’t bare the embarrassment of the situation and has to look at the floor.

Dave keeps up the humiliating questions. Would you sit on someone’s face? Would you let someone stick toys in your ass? Richard’s pain is obvious, and even though he’s clearly feeling the enormous indignity of the situation, he keeps answering yes. Finally Dave relents and walks back to his desk. He’s got a hard case, an overdue debt that he’s bestowing on his newest officer. Richard takes the order with apprehension…what the hell has he gotten himself into? Click here to watch the hairy muscle man fight through his squeamishness while he’s horribly humiliated at CMNM.

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CMNM Bonus: Coach Bullock Roughly Wanked and Forced to Eat his Cum


Mr. West is thoroughly enjoying getting one over on Coach Bullock in a savage act of petty revenge. After getting humiliated in his physical exam and then being forced to do a bunch of menial tasks around the locker room, Mr. West flipped his shit on Coach Bullock, stripped the little twerp naked and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. With sneering thug Daniel Johnson by his side, Mr. West is determined to humiliate Coach Bullock and reduce him to piece of trash by the time he’s through.

Humiliating Forced Ejaculation

The video opens with Daniel savagely fucking Bullock’s asshole with his fingers. Mr. West strong-arms the tattooed coach against the bathroom sink while Daniel rams his digits into the coach’s twitchy, hairy anus. West then flips Bullock over onto his bum next to the sink and starts roughly jerking off his cock, just like Bullock wanked him off against his will a few weeks ago.

While Mr. West pumps his big fist around Bullock’s fleshy cock, Daniel stands at the ready to make sure the coach stay still and takes his punishment. He holds his fingers under Bullock’s nose and orders him to take a whiff of his own asshole, and then he spits in Coach’s face for another good measure of humiliation.

Despite the revolting harassment, the rough stroking of his cock is beginning to have an effect. Coach Bullock’s cock is getting hard, and jeering Mr. West continues to jack him relentlessly until he sprays cum all over. Taking a glob of jizz on his finger, Mr. West smears it all over Coach Bullock’s lips and orders him to lick it up. Mr. West and Daniel hoot like maniacs as they toss the naked coach into the toilet stall to hide until school’s out and it’s safe to slink away when no one can see him. Click here to watch Coach Bullock’s humiliating wanking and forced ejaculation video at

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#YesFather: A Priest Fills a Student with Impure Lust


Young Carter can’t seem to avoid trouble since enrolling at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Every turn he makes, there is some hungry set of eyes scanning his body from head to toe, waiting for the chance to sample his skin and his sexuality. Carter has never had this kind of attention before, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Should he take every opportunity and make up for his lack of experience, or should he be more discerning? He isn’t even sure what picking his spots would look like. Carter’s head is spinning, and nothing can calm him down except an orgasm. So, when Father Romeo summons the lad to his chambers for a talk, Carter is sure that there is a disciplinary measure in store for him.

Romeo informs the young student that his roommate has revealed Carter’s nocturnal masturbating while the other lad was trying to sleep. Carter admits his guilt and looks down at the floor, embarrassed to bare his sins in front of the holy man. But Romeo wants to help the boy maintain his sense of self, and the only way to do it is to help him repent for his transgressions through corporal punishment.

He pulls on the boy’s cock, wrapping his fingers around gently until it’s rock hard. Then, he lays Carter across his lap and looks over his bare ass. He brings his hand down on the boy’s cheeks, spanking him mercilessly. Then, he fills the Carter’s hole with a long toy, stretching his sphincter until the lad is ready for the priest to fill him with his light and grace. Romeo penetrates Carter, making his eyes roll back in his head as he punishes his tight hole. Penance is the sweetest release, and as Carter jerks himself to an incredible climax, he feels salvation wash over him. Watch this dirty priest fuck this Catholic altarboy with his enormous cock at

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#CMNM: Hairy-Ass Russian Gets Caned and Wanked


Headmaster Swallows and Mr. Walker are having a grand time introducing Russian educator Mr. Yofistin to the administration of strict discipline inside a proper English boarding school. Yofistin has been threatening to report St. Dunstan’s for the mistreatment of his Russian exchange students, and the Headmaster can’t stand another scandal. Hoping to nip the controversy in the bud, Swallows and Walker have stripped the Russian and bent him over the desk for a caning, and unfortunately for him, his complaints and protests are undercut by the enormous fucking boner he’s sprouted during the punishment.

Walker and Swallows lay down their canes and start groping the slav’s meaty buttocks, spreading the cheeks open so they can get a good look at his tight hole. While Dave works his thick middle finger into the Russian’s pucker, Adrian gets a good grip around Yofistin’s bulging shaft and starts teasing his sensitive cock-head. Despite his protests, the Russian’s cock is leaking pre-cum like a faucet and before long, Headmaster Swallows has him cumming all over the floor. Perhaps Mr. Yofistin will change his tune about the state of student discipline at English boarding schools after all? Click here to watch this sexy Russian getting caned and wanked against his will at CMNM.

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#YesFather: Domineering Priest Uses Penetration to Punish


Father Gallo is not happy that young Dakota Lovell has divulged the secrets of their latest physical rendezvous in Confession. After his confession, young Dakota is filled with self doubt. He’s unsure of his standing at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. At one moment, he thinks he is a priest favorite, a good student who does his duty and cares about his righteousness and chastity. In the next, he is a no-good, rotten liar, a sinner who is bringing down the boys and men around him.

So, when he is asked into Father Gallo’s office for a private meeting, he is unsure of what the man wants. Will he praise him or will he reprimand him? Either way, Dakota is filled with a constant fear that he will be expelled and sent home to his family once and for all.

As Father Gallo looks the boy over, he can sense his uncertainty. He uses it to his advantage, drawing out the proceedings as much as he can as the boy trembles inside. He wants Dakota to suffer for revealing the secrets of their intimate affairs. Even if it was in the Confession booth, where honesty is not only expected but required, Dakota is not supposed to open his mouth about what goes on between them. However, Gallo is not interested in a verbal warning. He wants to punish the boy physically.

Dakota climbs on the man’s desk and spreads his cheeks to accept what he deserves. The priest pulls out several large dildos and shoves them inside the lad’s asshole, stretching his sphincter until Dakota moans in pain and pleasure. He plunges them deep inside as Dakota strokes himself for the priest’s own sexual arousal. As he brings himself to an orgasmic climax, Father Gallo is sure that the boy will never open his mouth about them again. The system at St. Patrick’s Catholic School never fails. Click here to watch the priest extracting punishment and pleasure from his secret boy-toy at Yes Father.

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