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#CMNM — Mickey Taylor Forcibly Stripped and Fondled


The party just ended for the pervy biker boys and the lecherous vicar. The swaggering Park Keeper has just interrupted their masochistic game of bootlicking, finger-fucking and spanking a naked flasher in the public toilets, and the vicar is quick to throw the bikers under the bus, claiming they are responsible for the assault on the naked lad and the offensive graffiti. Despite their protests, the thick-as-a-brick Park Keeper believes the priest as a mater of course, and now he’s going to get his pound of flesh from these two lads.

He flips a coin and orders tattooed Mickey Taylor to strip. Under the threat of a beating, Dave is ordered to give him a hand, and Dave reluctantly starts unbuttoning his friend’s jeans and pulling off his shirt. Mickey continues to protest, but now Billy is up on his feet and caressing his inked body. The pervy exhibitionist is completely aroused by Mickey’s naked body, and the vicar is still hovering behind him, pawing Mickey’s ass and stroking his thick cock despite Mickey’s protests.

Now the Park Keeper orders Mickey to bend over and Dave must spread his cheeks and kiss his mate’s ass. Again, Dave issues a meek protest, but the Keeper’s baton is looming over his head, and a bit of shame and embarrassment doesn’t compare to a cracked skull. Humiliated, Dave puckers up and starts kissing his friend’s sweaty asshole as billy and the vicar continue to creep on helpless Mickey. Click here to watch tattooed bad boy Mickey Taylor get stripped and groped in the public toilet at CMNM!

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#CMNM: Buff Rugger Tries to Please Sleazy Rich Bastards


I’ve not often dabbled in classic CMNM posts, but this series from May 2011 just couldn’t be ignored any longer. It still gets so many comments in the members area that I just had to cut a quick trailer and share it with everyone so you could have a taste of you’re missing out on.

First off, this scene features our all-time crush Nicholas (aka Marshal Arkley if you are looking for him on twitter). He’s got quite the fresh face in this episode, but his younger years don’t hide his true nature as a raging horndog and budding pervert.

He’s lounging with Adrian when their colleague brings in Ben, a tall and lanky rugby player looking for rich sponsors to help him turn professional. Adrian and Nicholas are all smiles when the see the handsome young stud, and the atmosphere goes from collegial to something out of a locker room hazing ritual very quickly.

Adrian and co are quick to get Ben’s coat off and they’re not shy about groping his thighs are rubbing his dick through his trousers. Ben is being a very good sport about the hijinx as he knows these men quite literally have his future in their hands. His suit is peeled off, and every step of the way the flirting, groping men are getting more intoxicated by his manly scent and his rippling muscles.

When they get him naked, the raunchy trio are awed by his thick cock and have a good laugh when they see how responsive it is to stimuli. More on that later to be sure. Nicholas reminds them that Ben’s ass is nothing to sneeze at either, so they have him bend over for a closer look and they like what they see. Adrian has fun crashing his face into Ben’s plush bum cheeks and Nicholas takes his time getting a heady whiff of his hole close up. This is one of CMNM’s all time most popular videos, and I couldn’t resist sharing just a tiny taste. Click here to watch the full series of Ben getting stripped, groped, wanked and hazed into submission at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Adrian Outs Secret Perv and Makes Him Cum in front of Boss


Adrian has been relentlessly hounding beefy young Patrick ever since the maintenance man set foot in his hotel room. While he was trying to get the wi-fi back online for Adrian, the smitten lecher started snooping around Patrick’s social profiles and found a few nude selfies.

Adrian quickly enlisted the help of Patrick’s boss and demanded confirmation whether or not Patrick’s cock matched the cock in the photos that Adrian found online. After a deep anal probing, Adrian and the hotel manager are astonished to find that Patrick is semi hard, and they decide to settle everything once and for all.

They sit Patrick on the sofa and Adrian wraps his fist around the hapless tech’s meat. Adrian jacks the shaft and before long, Patrick is showing off his fully engorged and erect penis. Adrian chides him for being such a closet perv, skulking around people’s hotel rooms and then secretly uploading dirty photos of himself. Patrick doesn’t seem to care about the ramifications anymore, he’s so close to cumming. Adrian allows him to climax and then clucks his tongue at the mess that’s been made. “I expect more when I stay at this hotel,” he says, no doubt angling for a free upgrade to a much nicer suite. Click here to watch this beefy stud’s forced arousal and involuntary ejaculation at the hands of two suited perverts at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Beefy Stooge Gets His Butthole Probed


Adrian has succeeded in getting his latest man crush naked and humiliated. After Patrick showed up to fix the wi-fi in his hotel room, Adrian used a super dodgy app to sleuth out any dirty pictures of the beefy tech, and he found a treasure trove of dick pics. It seems Patrick can’t help himself when he gets a little drunk, he just loves getting naked and showing off his hard-on.

Adrian instantly seizes the opportunity to create a power play. Instead of propositioning Patrick and making a blackmail threat, he calls the shift supervisor to make a complaint about Patrick’s work. He shows the shift manager Patrick’s dick pics and demands an investigation and punishment. The supervisor is instantly on the same page as Adrian and demands that Patrick strip so they can compare his cock to the dick pics found by Adrian.

The dicks are indeed quite similar so Adrian suggests they look at Patrick’s ass and compare that to the photos of the ass that appear on his accounts. They bend Patrick over and spread his cheeks. Adrian inserts a finger, then two, really probing deeply. Patrick moans softly; he’s feeling pleasure at being expertly manipulated by such an experienced man. The manager gets in on the fun, plunging his thumb into Patrick’s hole and pushing it deep. Patrick’s cock is getting stiff at all of the anal massage he getting…surely Adrian is going to be freely sampling some of that soon enough! Click here to watch this brawny dimwit getting expertly probed by two horny perverts at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Pervy Adrian Cyber Stalks His Latest Crush


Casual Friday is a different look for Adrian, but the busy business traveller can’t waste his precious recreation time in the hotel. Adrian has his fave site queued up on his tablet but the battery goes flat and his charger doesn’t seem to work in any outlet.

Perturbed, he calls reception and they send IT support right away. Adrian is surprised and instantly aroused when he greets Patrick at his door. The tech specialist looks more like a rugby player, with broad shoulders and powerful arms. Adrian can’t stop staring at his muscular bum flexing in his tight trousers as he bends over to fix the troublesome electrics.

As soon as power is restored on one socket, Patrick moves on to the next and Adrian hangs back to start recharging his tablet. The first thing he does is start searching for this hunky nerd. He finds him on Facebook and Patrick’s profile is full of saucy selfies and sexy pics of the young stud in the shower. Digging a little deeper, Adrian even finds a few nudes where Patrick is showing off a huge stinking boner for the camera.

Adrian’s brain is working feverishly to devise a way to keep this sexy beast in his hotel room. He’s already fantasizing about what he would do to him naked, and he makes another call to the front desk, this time to make a complaint about the service. Surely creating confusion will be something he can turn to his advantage. Watch this slow burning sexual drama play out at CMNM.

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