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#CMNM: James Quickly Learns the Meaning of “Working Stiff”


After his exhausting and demoralizing job interview with factory owner Mr. Swallows, James has been hired on the lowest rung of the organization. He’s sweeping up on the factory floor, and his first day ends with him hot, sweaty and quite dejected. In the company shower facilities, he washes off and looking forward to heading home. But after he gets out of the shower, he discovers that towels are not provided by management and there’s nothing for him to dry off with.

As luck would have it, shop foreman Dave is in the locker room looking to change after his shift. He has his own towel from home, and he offers it to James. James is grateful, but a little taken aback when Dave offers to towel him off instead of just handing over the towel. Dave wipes down James’ sweaty armpits, his back, and the moist crack of his ass.

All the while, Dave is asking James about his aspirations, and how he hoped to just waltz into a management position without any experience. James is starting to realize how delusional he was, and how that gave Mr. Swallows an advantage over him. But here in the locker room, the foreman is chiding him about how naive it was to expect to come in at the top without learning the organization hierarchy.

As soon as Dave has taken the liberty of drying off James’ naked body with his towel, and playing in his ass crevice and fondling his stout, semi-hard dick, Dave announces that getting ahead in the factory means pleasing him as well. James won’t advance into the executive suite unless he can advance on the factory side. To whit, that means obeying Dave’s commands. And Dave is commanding James to get on his knees and suck his cock with the same enthusiasm as he sucked Mr. Swallows (word does get around).

James acts reluctant, but his hard cock belies his great desire to perform fellatio. He’s eager, and he sucks Dave’s meat with deep, sloppy head bobs. He’s deepthroating his new supervisor unprompted, and seems to be winning his approval. Dave tucks away his boner and directs James to bend over. He’s keen on inspecting the young lad’s back entrance; like the big boss, Dave is eager to see how James feels from the inside. To start, he just uses his thick fingers, but soon enough, he’ll be bumming this college lad with his throbbing erection. Click here to watch devious Dave grooming his new underling for a hard locker room fuck at CMNM.

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#CMNM: “My name is Marc, and I lick cum off shoes.”


Marc’s workmates are like sharks in a feeding frenzy, now that their cowed colleague has become a more active participant in his own debasement. After getting a hard spanking with a leather belt, Marc is more compliant with Adrian’s orders, and trying hard to avoid the searing pain again.

With that, Adrian orders Marc to get his cock in his hand and start tugging. Marc doesn’t question or protest, he just gets busy jerking his cock. Even though the two Daves are relentlessly mocking him, he gets himself stiff and can feel his climax approaching.

Young David, the Scot from marketing angles his shoe under Marc’s pumping piston and instructs him to deposit his cum load all over his leather wingtip. Cruel David from sales agrees and they both order Marc to give their shoes a coating of his white, creamy shoe polish.

Through it all, Adrian is right in Marc’s ear, jeering at him, letting him know what a joke he is around the office and how he’s never going to live this humiliation down. The video of his naked debasement, his willing masturbation for the howling amusement of three office bullies is going to be shared with everyone, and Marc will hear the whispers of this shameful act following him the rest of his pathetic days.

Marc doesn’t seems to care at this point. He wants to cum to end the show, so they’ll just leave him alone. He can feel the rising feeling of ecstasy and he shoots his load of creamy white spunk on his tormentor’s shoes, as ordered. Finally, as he always expected, he must lower his head and lick his thick, dirty cum from their shoes while they film it on mobile phone. Them order him to say for the camera and the whole world, “My name is Marc, and I lick cum off shoes.” The room fills with howls of laughter as March finishes the last buts of his reproductive matter off the bullies’ shoes, just hoping for them to walk away. Click here to watch this fantastic video of male humiliation and shoe-licking debasement at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Adrian Draws Impressive Cum-blast From New Office Boy Whore


Adrian is really enjoying exercising total control over his new hire James. He’s got the lad stripped naked and sporting a mighty erection. Adrian has made no bones about the lad’s fuckability, and he’s going to have the lad right on his desk in the executive office.

Being successful in business means having leverage, and the first business lesson Adrian teaches James is that you always need to have the upper hand on everyone, because everyone is a potential rival. For that reason, while James lubes Adrian’s cock with his mouth in preparation for his ass-fucking, Adrian is filming him on mobile phone taunting him as he struggles to deep throat the boss’s thick prick.

When James gets on his back, Adrian rams his throbbing erection into his tight hole and pumps him deep and hard. He wants to make sure he gets great angles of his cock penetrating James’ slick cunt for his home video. James is loosening up during the video, letting moans of pleasure slip out while Adrian bangs his ass.

As Adrian’s climaxes, James rushes to his knees to catch the boss’s load in his mouth, sucking every last ounce of semen from the hard prick. His own cock is rigid and his balls are heavy and aching for release. Adrian gives him permission to jack off, and James strokes himself furiously, punctuating his orgasm with a high, arcing jet of cum from his thick cock. Adrian does his best to contain his admiration, and continues the pattern of debasement, ordering James to lick the cum from his hands, hinting that soon, he’ll be passed around among the horny brutes working on the factory floor. Click here to watch James get his tight ass fucked by his cunning perverted boss at

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#CMNM: Big-Shot Marc is Humiliated by His Perverted Colleagues


Marc has been a rising star at his powerhouse brokerage for the past few years. He even won salesperson of the year last year. The high-flying lifestyle, the easy money, the partying has sent his life spiraling out of control. He’s bet big and lost a few times now, and he’s been abusing his expense account and doing all kinds of shady shit with company money to keep the party going. And now it grinds to a halt.

His supervisor, Adrian, and two of his mates have uncovered his theft and abuse, but instead of kick the matter upstairs for management and the lawyers, they decide to get in on the punishment first. Marc is taken to a dank sub-basement where he’s about to mightily debase himself.

Marc is defiant at first, fidgeting and talking back while his cronies talk shit about him to his face. Then Adrian orders him to start stripping and despite his beefing, Marc has no real choice but to comply. He’s down to his underwear and Dave demands he give himself a wedgie. Adrian demands March grind his ass into his crotch, lap-dance style, and Marc’s clumsiness gets a big laugh from the men.

Then Adrian commands Marc to request a genital fondling. Marc refuses, rolls his eyes and finally asks Adrian to play with his dick amid gales of laughter. Next Marc is ordered to the floor on his belly with his ass in the air so each man can have a good close look (and probe) at his asshole. While his backdoor gets violated, Marc must lick the shoes of his triumphant co-workers while they lord over him. As the scene ends, we get a glimpse of the punishment to come. Adrian hands Marc a very feminine looking vibrator and instructs him to start fucking his hole. The straight man can’t believe it, but he has no choice, and as part one closes, the head of the vibrator is burrowing its way into Marc’s tight hole. Click here to watch this executive debasement and humiliation video at

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#CMNM: Adrian Discovers His Well-Hung Lackey’s Amazing Asshole


James’ interview for a job at Mr. Swallows’ factory is entering the second phase. He’s impressed his new boss so far; let’s see if he can keep up his amazing first impression!

James had been instructed to suck Adrian’s cock, and despite his reluctance, he’s managed to swallow the girth prick with relative ease, a feat that earns him a vote of confidence from his new boss. Adrian congratulates him for getting his penis fully erect, and then instructs him to turn around and grind his ass on the erection, like he’s a cheap lap dancer grinding on the pole.

When James spreads his cheeks to rub his asshole against Adrian’s boner, it’s a revelation. His asshole is totally smooth and looking perfect. Adrian is ready to fuck that ass hard, but he wants to tease it out and take full advantage of the lad. He instructs him to get up on the desk on his hands and knees and stick his bum out in the air.

Now Adrian is not only sensuously finger-fucking James’ hole with two fingers , he’s stroking James’ whopping erection and dealing with his own throbbing cock. He needs at least one more set of hands to get the job done!(What would you pay to be Mr. Swallows’ volunteer helper in this situation?) Adrian quizzes the young lad if he’s ever tried sticking objects up his ass for pleasure, and James can’t lie. He’s done it and he likes it. Adrian asks if he’s going to jizz all over the desk and James can’t deny that he might. While everyone’s in the confessing mood, Adrian reveals that he can’t wait to fuck James’ delicious looking hole, but first, he wants to get the splayed out young lad on video for posterity, and to possibly send to James father. That seems about right, Adrian sharing incredibly sexy footage of sweet James and his horse-cock with his old lover, James’ dad. Click here to watch the lusty pole dancing and ass-probing intergenerational scene at

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