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#HelplessBoys: Chunky Valentino Chokes on a Thick Dick


Chunky Latino cutie Valentino Moran has been ditched in the woods by his so-called friends and has no way to get home. Just as it’s about to rain along comes Todd in his white van. He agrees to give the stranded boy a ride, but not for free. With options like suck cock or walk home, Val quickly submits and is soon tied up and gagging on Todd’s big white cock. Todd savagely pounds his tight ass in the van but then decides to keep this new pet captive indefinitely.

After a get-to-know-you assfuck by the side of the road, Todd drags lumpy Valentino back to his rural hideaway for some serious fucking and torment. Val is collared and chained, stripped naked and ordered to pleasure Todd’s throbbing python. Valentino meekly obeys and Todd fucks his face and his asshole. When he’s done sexually humiliating Val he blasts him with a gooey facial cumshot that leaves the poor Latino shamed and dripping cum on the floor. Click here to watch this Florida college boy get ambushed and deeply pounded by a horse-hung redneck at Helpless Boys.

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#HelplessBoys: Angel Ventura Driven to Submission


Cute young Latinx Angel Ventura runs out of gas in the middle of the woods in hostile territory. He’s incredibly nervous about the locals not being friendly to young Hispanic men. After a few hours on this desolate road, he’s so desperate he begs the next passerby, Conner, for help and quickly hops in his van. When Angel reveals that he’s broke, Conner gives the hitching hottie a blunt choice, suck cock or kick rocks.

Angel reluctantly agrees and is quickly tied up and fed Connor’s big white cock. Connor definitley wants this party to continue, but not out in the open where someone might see them (and want to join). Once they’re in Conner’s dungeon the punishment intensifies as poor Angel is bound, flogged, spanked and brutally fucked in the ass. Connor drills the thick-assed boy hard then blasts him with a massive facial cum-shot. Connor’s so pleased with his new friend, he might keep him around for a few more days. Click here to watch Connor’s pickup and hard fuck of this clueless hitch hiker at

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#HelplessBoys – Party Boy Diego get Punished with Connor’s THICK Cock

Hungover hottie Diego Hawkins is lost in the woods and exhausted. He’s been plodding for hours after wandering away from a wild bush party in the middle of the night. Now, in the light of day, he’s praying for help, and trying to convince himself that all of the campfire rumours told last night about wild, sexually threatening rednecks prowling the area are just tall tales. Someone talked about a hidden dungeon deep in the swamp where they take pretty boys and fuck their brains out. Just an urban legend thinks Diego, only half convinced.

When Conner suddenly arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a lift, Diego can barely get the words out to say thanks. Don’t worry, slut! Conner thinks. He’s going to compel Diego the best way to show appreciation. Faced with an impossibly long walk home, Diego submits to Connor and is quickly tied up and dominated in the van. Conner then takes him back to the mythic dungeon for some rope bondage torment and brutal ass-banging action. He savagely fucks poor little Diego then sprays his face with his torrential cumshot. Click here to watch the full video of lost hitch hike Diego getting punished by big-dick beast Connor Maguire at

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#HelplessBoys: Rodrigo Swallows a Big Cock


After having it out with his girlfriend, Latino cutie Rodrigo is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Desperate and upset, he waves down the first vehicle he sees, a white van, and begs for help. Luckily for him, the driver Todd is willing to provide transportation for a small fee. Rodrigo doesn’t have any cash, but he does have a tight brown ass.

Without any other alternatives, Rodrigo reluctantly submits and is soon tied up and gagging on big white cock. Todd fucks Rodrigo’s wet mouth and then drills his tight ass. He hook his fingers into the new slave boy’s mouth to pull him backwards onto the fat cock and Rodrigo’s face is etched with pain and humiliation. Soon Todd is wary of the sheriff or another horny redneck discovering his roadside ambush fuck, so he loads the tied up Latino lad to his hidden fuck shack deep in the woods. In the dark dungeon, Rodrigo is helpless and Todd fucks him hard and beats his ass with a Singapore cane. He fucks him in several degrading positions then showers his head with his repugnant spunk. Click here to watch Rodrigo’s rough ambush fuck and dungeon humiliation at

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#HelplessBoys: Hungover Hottie Roped and Fucked


Sexy young Latin boy Javier Cruz wakes up hungover and stranded in the woods. That was a crazy party, but now he’s stranded and he needs a ride back to civilization. He’s worried because he’s heard these backwater areas are crawling with redneck predators, eager to fuck any young dude who seems like he’s lost. Things seem bleak until he spots and flags down a white van. The driver, cute black stud Joey, agrees to give him a ride to his aunt’s place, but not for free. Javier reveals that he’s broke and quickly gets an ultimatum; sexual submission or walk 30 miles.

Javier barely makes up his mind and reluctantly says yes before Joey has a rope around his wrists and is pulling his head towards his crotch. Seconds later little Javier is gagging on BBC. Joey really wants to work Javier’s bitch ass properly, without the chance of interruption, so he locks his new sexy slave in the back of the van and hauls ass to his secluded dungeon in the woods. Joey brutally hammers his Javier’s tight little hole in his dungeon. He fucks the desperate bitch in several humiliating positions then coats him with a facial cumshot. Click here to watch Javier’s rude entry into male sexual submission at

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