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#theCastingRoom: Nervous Newcomer Obeys Every Command


Andrei’s been building up to this moment for a long time. During his long hours of manual labour in the factory he’s dreamed about being paid to fuck chicks all day. At night he’s tested out his exhibitionist streak by showing off on webcam. But here he’s ordered to strip and pose for the male director’s close scrutiny. Even if he won’t allow his straight arse to be fucked, he’s ordered to spread his cheeks fully so his sphincter is fully on view!

Andrei thinks of himself as an open and easy going guy, but the attitude of adult performers is very different from that of typical straight guys at his factory. Here he needs to be willing to obey the director’s command to show off his body in the best possible angle. It’s very different from just showing off his body on webcam in the privacy of his bedroom.

Andrei gives the bizarre request to keep his socks on during his physical, but naked means naked. It’s not surprising that a dopey horny hetero wouldn’t notice if actors in porn films keep their socks on or not. Andrei may pretend to be totally relaxed while being in the buff but he can’t conceal the fear in his eyes at having a man film his bits so closely.

Why is it that hetero guys fear getting sperm on themselves? Andrei needs to learn that during filming he can’t jump up or move around a lot because he won’t stay in shot. It’s a rookie boy error and nonetheless horny watching this straight guy holding his sperm covered dick in his hand wanting to know if he did alright. Click here to watch this nervous dude’s entire porn audition from interview to ejaculation at the Casting Room.

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#CastingRoom: Innocent Logan Lets Us Peek at His Asshole


Logan looks like an innocent young pup but his desire and ambition is anything but virtuous! Once a horny young guy gets a taste for exhibitionism there’s no going back. Logan tried to give it up but now he wants more money and the sexual experimentation of making porn. It feels exciting to catch this sexy fella at the very beginning of his porn career!

It’s a relief finding someone like Logan who has a little experience but is still naïve. It means he has a thoroughly professional and confident attitude but is still fresh enough to capture a certain innocence. It may be that not enough care was given to prepping his virgin arse before he was fucked for the first time. Perhaps in time and with the proper treatment he will ease up on his limit of getting bummed.

He is only a young buck and not accustomed to having much body hair. It’s a shame for a natural blonde to shave off those gold tufts from around his knob, but luckily because he doesn’t get much anal action he’s still got a fleecy beard around his pink asshole. Can you imagine how lush his clean pristine bumhole smelled? If he won’t take a cock surely he’ll let his sphincter receive some tongue action.

It’s refreshing that not all young men are surgically attached to their phones these days. Logan is proof of how much hornier his imagination can be. He’s spent many nights with nothing more than his dirty thoughts to bring himself off like he does here producing one horny cum shot! Click here to see Logan’s porn audition tape at

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#theCastingRoom: Sexy Scotsman Marc Learns to Pleasure a Man


Marc’s been an unstoppable force since he walked into Dave and Adrian’s office. He’s been an immediate fan fave on BreederFuckers, where his series as an ambushed fitness trainer has just gotten started. And as is the custom, when a lad gets to BreederFuckers, the Casting Room releases their porn audition tapes, where they show they’ve got the stuff to take a hard cock, follow instruction and even suffer some abuse.

It turns out that Marc considers himself bisexual, with more of a taste for the dick rather than the pussy. Seems like his audition was happening at just the right time too. Marc’s been in a bit of a sexual dry spell, going weeks without bedding another guy. Dave is eager to taste and feel his talent, so after some preliminary banter, they are both eager to get nasty.

They start with some very hot kissing, lots of tongue action, lots of groping hands as Dave strips Marc and starts fondling his stiffening cock through his underwear. Marc needs no encouragement here. As soon as Dave has his pants off, the sexy Scotsman is diving in on his cock, sucking it down and doing his best to deepthroat the thick monster. Dave likes Marc’s sucking abilities; he’s leaking precum like crazy, and he’s really ready to give this lad the full length of his cock.

Just to make sure Marc’s ready, Dave gives him a good rimjob, getting his asshole warmed up with his tongue while he strokes his own stiffie. Finally it’s time for them to get down to business. Marc lies back on a wooden table and Dave pushes his entire cock inside of him, banging him slow at first, then building momentum, stroking Marc’s cok while he thrusts. It’s safe to say Marc has probably never had a lover fuck him like Dave before.

Dave’s not quite finished with Marc’s ass though. He wants him from behind, and the camera gets a great shot from underneath of dave plowing his throbbing cock into Marc’s hole from behind while Marc’s own pendulous cock flops back and forth with the rhythmic pumping. Marc feels when Dave is going to shoot, so he gets on his knees and catches the bald bastard’s entire load on his tongue with a smile. now Dave starts slipping into BreederFuckers mode, giving Marc some verbal abuse, ordering him to clean his cock and suck off every last drop of cum. Dave can’t help being a cunt, even when he likes you. Click here to watch this hot gay porn audition video from #theCastingRoom.

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#theCastingRoom: Horny Alan is Proud to Show You His Mad Cock Skills


There’s an extra frisson of excitement auditioning Alan because his chick is waiting on the other side of the door. They have an understanding where he makes porn videos to fund their lifestyle. But it’s sexy getting a private tour of this hetero man’s body where he presents his sizable dick and parts his firm ass cheeks for inspection. And he lets the producers know if they’re willing to pay the right cash they can take his sweet cherry!

Alan is pretty vanilla in real life, so instead of getting him to tell what turns him on it’ll just be a case of trying him out in a few videos to see what gets his dick the hardest. And it will be very interesting to see how he reacts to getting fucked!

Maybe it’s the horny masculine energy Alan gives off or that he just told the director he will be fucked for the right price, but when his inspection of his dick and balls begins, the camera’s drawn to the tight curve of his ass. What anyone wouldn’t give to flip him over and screw him. This boy knows his value and knows how to show off his body to make you want him.

When it comes to the stroke show, Alan likes it wet! Notice how he gobs on his dick to give himself some lubrication. When he works himself up to the climax, he presents a really impressive, explosive cum shot. When he displays his leaking semi-hard dick and tight ass in his orgasmic afterglow, it’s sheer perfection. Click here to watch Alan’s full audition video with a big splattering cumshot finish at the Casting Room.

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#theCastingRoom: Horny Young Bob Lets Adrian Own His Cock and Ass


Second auditions at the Casting Room are always great fun. Adrian is always in a great mood when a nervous young man comes back for a test of his sexual abilities. Young Bob (23) is certainly not afraid of being with men, but has he ever had such a powerful partner as Adrian?

They start off with some intense tongue kissing, and Bob is immediately smitten with his strong, older partner. His cock is hard and throbbing from the moment of Adrian’s touch, and Adrian loves these young lads that con’t master control over their bodies. He strips Bob down so the camera gets a great view of the young man’s erect prick, and Adrian takes his time giving him a proper, knee-buckling blowjob. Bob seems like he might faint or prematurely blow his load in Adrian’s mouth, but he regains his composure, and he’s ready to go the distance with his domineering daddy.

Adrian gets Bob on his back on a table and eases his thick cock into the slender lad’s hole. Bob needs a minute to get warmed up, and Adrian is feeling charitable. He lets Bob have a minute to get used to his girthy prick in his ass before he starts pumping, but he’s not waiting all day. Right away, he ratchets up the intensity and start slamming his wood into Bob’s hole, making the young man moan and gasp in awe of the macho fucker bearing down on him.

Bob also gets his opportunity to get his dick wet as well. Adrian is a generous daddy, and he bends over to see how well this new pup can use that big cock of his. Bob slams Adrian’s ass, fucking him deep from behind and Adrian loves this young cock stretching his hole. He gets to his knees and catches every drop of Bob’s spunk on his tongue; then it’s Bob’s turn to take Adrian. Adrian’s prick is raging. Bob closes his eyes and opens his mouth and Adrian shoots his load across the young pup’s face and eyes. Then he orders Bob to suck out every last drop of sperm and Bob eagerly takes Adrian’s entire shaft down his throat to give his master more pleasure. Click here to watch Adrian breaking in Bob’s tight ass at the Casting Room.

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