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#Classic: Shower Slave Alec Dunked and Forced to Deepthroat 2 Cocks


When was the last time you had fun in the shower with your buddies? Back in 2009, rising rugby star Alec had a crazy shower with Adrian and Stan in the athletic clubhouse. All three are naked and ready to get wet in the whirlpool room, and Adrian and Stan are acting very rowdy, dunking Alec’s head under the water and pretending to drown the flailing sucker.

After getting his head pushed under the water a few times and fighting for air, Alec finally gets a merciful reprieve. Instead of getting his face pushed under water, he can fight for air when his face is pushed into Stan’s ass. Alec is forced to give the nasty Afrikaner a rimjob while Adrian pushes the back of his head to make sure his tongue gets deep into Stan’s nasty asshole.

Nipple and Ball Clamps Make Alec Compliant

Alec gasps for breath and falls to his knees after he’s released from his forced rimjob. His naked tormentors don’t give him a second to rest however, and Stan pinches his nipples with a pair of tight clamps and run a rope leading through a steel handle on the tub; now Stan has leverage to pull Alec’s face down to his cock just by tugging on the nipple ropes. They stretch Alec’s tiny nipples and force him to get face-to-face with Stan’s thick cock.

While Alec is busy swallowing Stan’s hard erection, Adrian sees his opportunity to violate the athletic bugger. He squeezes Alec’s scrotum with another pair of tight clamps and ties them with rope to another steel handle on the tub. Now he can force Alec’s leg’s to buckle by pulling his rope; it’s just the thing to get Alec’s tight bum in position for fucking.

The naked trio make quite a spectacle: Adrian is aggressively fucking Alec’s tight hole while Stan is impaling the young blond jock on his hard cock. Stan is the first to bust his nut and he shoots cum all over Alec’s face. Adrian cums in Alec’s asscrack, leaving him humiliated and completely miserable when Stan and Adrian rip the clamps off for one last agonizing blast of pain. Click here to watch this humiliating naked double team of this defenseless Jock at

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#Classic: Sexy rugger Alec whipped and violated in the shower


Rugby player Alec struggles uselessly as preening bastards Adrian and Stan batter him around the changing room, punching and mauling him on his own familiar turf. Adrian grabs Alec by the neck and gets close enough to smell his fear and hatred, and demand kisses. Alec’s look of disgust and horror tells Adrian that this would be worse than all the previous torments put together, but Stan punches him in the stomach until he finally puckers up, cringing, and lets Adrian stick his tongue down his throat, feeling Alec gag as he’s held firmly in place.

The macho fags throw him to the floor, and Adrian takes out his hard dick and rubs it against Alec’s soft little cock, with the intimate frottage making him wail in misery. To shut the fucker up, they grab a dirty jockstrap from the floor, and shove the whole thing into his mouth, taping it in place.

Bound and gagged, Alec is powerless and terrified as he’s bundled into the showers and slammed up against the wall. Adrian takes out a marker pen and humiliates him still further writing “WHORE” on his chest, and “FUCK SLUT” above his round little ass. Alec sobs into his gag as they kick him to the ground, whip out their cocks, and piss all over him. The sorry lad chokes on the stinking urine as it runs over his face and up his nose.

Then Adrian and Stan tie Alec up to the shower pipes, and with his entire body at their mercy, they go to town on him. Stan takes off his belt and whips the cunt over and over again, brutally lashing his ass as it turns a vivid shade of red. They turn the cold shower on, full blast, and Alec is drenched by the freezing water, unable to escape, shivering and grunting into his gag as Stan continues to belt him.

In an attempt to evade the pain of the belting, Alec spins round to hide his ass, so Adrian clamps his tender nipples and chain them to the wall pipes, keeping the little bastard all exposed for their sadistic intentions. Alec howls with agony as the belt continues to spank him, harder and harder, his own nipples holding him captive up against the wall.

When Alec’s ass is a deep, throbbing red, the perverted pair tie his legs, spread wide and then part his cheeks, examining his sexy, straight hole. Adrian can’t resist making him cry some more, finger-fucking him, first with one digit, and then ramming two deep, making Alec take it hard and fast. When Adrian has reached all the way up into his straight guts, Stan turns on the cold shower again and leave him chained to the pipe to gasp and shiver, his hole and ass in icy agony. Click here to watch this intense gay shower bondage scene at Breeder Fuckers.

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#Classic: Alec is Bound, Punished & Fucked in the Rugby Locker Room


Adrian can’t take his mind off the sadistic fun he has in store for Alec when he look at the athletic yet vulnerable, hard little body as he showers and shaves. His imagination runs away with him…

Adrian imagines strapping his entire body up with thick belts, digging into his muscular limbs. The bald pervert wants to shove a gag into his mouth to silence his protests as Alec’s rugby gear is cut off his body, shred by shred… with more than just his dignity stripped away as he’s left in just his jockstrap, socks and cleats.

As soon as that tight little arse is fully exposed, Adrian takes the cane to it, branding vivid red lines on his smooth white skin, making Alec struggle and cringe in pain. Adrian then yanks his balls and limp dick out behind his firm thighs, attach nasty tight clips to his foreskin and tender nutsack. As Alec moans into his gag, Adrian strings the clips tightly to his dirty boots, stretching Alec’s sensitive genital flesh to the limit.

Glimpsing his virgin straight asshole between his striped cheeks, Adrian rams his fingers deep inside, probing Alec’s guts for the first time in his life, viciously fingerfucking him. With only a bit of spit for lube, Adrian takes his handheld fucking machine and hammer it into his asshole, drilling it in and out faster and faster as the helpless hetero toy writhes and cries. Unable to escape his severe bondage, his cock and balls agonizingly pinched, Alec bawls into the gag as Stan clipped pegs to his nipples too, while the fucking machine pounds his ass mercilessly. Click here to watch hard bodied rugger Alec getting punished and defiled at Breeder Fuckers.

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