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#Classic: Brawny Ben Mason Spitroasted in the Stocks


When you capture a straight man as big and beefy as Ben Mason, you have to make sure he’s properly restrained and locked down. Imagine what this great brute could do to sadistic creeps like Adrian and Master Jake if he got loose.

The Straight Hell medieval stocks keep Ben secure and vulnerable – all he can do is clutch and unclutch his fingers in rage and pain as Adrian and Jake swarm around him, cramming their cocks into both his holes. The ungrateful oaf doesn’t seem to like their dick on a stick being shoved down his throat. Perhaps he doesn’t know that’s the only lube he’s gonna get on it before Jake rams it up his big tight ass.

All this should have got his asshole nicely opened up for Adrian, but when he shoves his rock hard cock up there, it’s tight as hell! Maybe it’s those enormously strong buttock muscles, gripping around his dick, trying to push Adrian out, as Ben cries and gasps for me to stop. For Adrian, it just makes the fuck feel even better.

To shut big blubbering Ben up, Jake facefucks him while Adrian violates his big round dumptruck ass. Ben seems to hate a cock being slapped and wiped on his face almost as much as he does having it thrust down his throat. When Adrian and Jake press pause on the fucking, the bald prick clamps a painful weighted clip to his foreskin…and leave Beefy Ben to suffer. Click here to watch Adrian and Master Jake double team this helpless beast at Breeder Fuckers.

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#Classic — Beefy Bodybuilder Ben Mason Forced into humiliating Pony Play


Certainly starting the week can’t be that bad when you get to spend them combing through the BreederFuckers Archive looking for a forgotten favourite to wank to. Today I went all the way back to a scene from 2007, with a bodybuilding bender named Ben Mason who was making the rounds as a beefy versatile/bottom on sites like UK Naked Men and Blake Mason back in the day. I guess Adrian and Jake caught a peek at him in the gym, rippling his muscles and acting like a vain prima donna. Nothing that they love better than to cut a man down to size, especially a lug the size of Ben. They get him roped in the gym and haul him back to their private dungeon for a real workout. All of Ben’s bulging muscles can’t help him when he’s strapped with belts down to a bench; he’s naked and his big broad ass is pushed way up in the air with a big target on it for Adrian and Jake. They batter him with paddles and floggers. They pull his flaccid little cock and probe his tight ass. Ben is enraged but Adrian keeps pushing his limits. After a brutal flogging, Ben submits and begs them to stop. The pain might be over,
but the shame is never going to end.


When Jake and Adrian free him from the bench, Ben flops on the floor. Adrian gets him back on his knees and Jake puts his ankles in a pair of honest-to-god fetters. Like you would see on a Roman slave in a movie. And that’s a good comparison to make here. Adrian is now the vain, arrogant Roman sitting astride the brutish but tamed beast, Ben. Adrian whips Ben’s ass with a riding crop and orders him to parade around the room, like Adrian is returning from the wars, and Ben is his beast of burden, the slave who has no existence but to do the master’s bidding. Maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, but there’s no doubt that Adrian pictures himself as the sneering emperor. Jake piles on Ben’s broad backside as well, and they force him to carry their weight until he collapses. Ben’s pony training might be over, but his ordeal certainly lasted much longer in the dungeon. Click here to relive bodybuilder Ben’s humiliating and degrading punishment and Pony Training in the Straight Hell archives at!


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