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Hi gang…I just wanted to give everyone here a friendly reminder that a year’s worth of totally awesome content from Straight Hell is available in the archive at the new site. That includes old favourites from back in 2008 like Charlton, a completely delicious scruffy morsel who was thoroughly punished, humiliated and devoured by burly ginger bear Colin. This video trailer shows Charlton’s anal de-flowering, tossed on a dirty mattress in the dungeon by this horny red-haired devil and rammed by his hard nine inch cock. Charlton’s wrists are bound, but he’s not gagged, and he pleads for mercy and shouts with pain. Colin sneers and keeps slapping him around, pumping his hairy asshole until he’s ready to cover the terrified lad with his hot cum. Click here to watch all of the vintage Straight Hell BDSM episodes included at!


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#classic – Scruffy Charlton Sodomized & Whipped b4 Piss Drenching


Time for another Classic Straight Hell moment featuring a lad from 2008 who still is a big fan favourite on the site — Charlton! He is dreamy incarnate: Scruffy chin, handsome face and a lean body with firm muscles and an abundance of hair. His legs are strong and athletic and also very furry, and one should conclude by the evidence, his ass is also deliciously hirsute. He got into trouble with Colin after attempting to buy drugs, and he’s been paying for it in the dungeon for several hours. Charlton starts the scene limp as a ragdoll, and Colin is determined to force some life back in the lad before he’s through with him. As Charlton flops on his back, Colin seizes a broom and plops a dildo on the handle and starts fucking Charlton brutally hard, as if he were some kind of Roman soldier impaling an enemy on a spear.

Charlton kicks and fights and Colin reacts optimistically, shackling the lad’s ankles and roping his wrists to his thighs before hoisting him naked and upside down. From here Charlton is fair game for hard CP and Colin whips his back and buttocks with a leather flogger and instructs Charlton to start doing crunches from the inverted position. The scruffy college boy does his best but he’s wracked with pain. When his body is about to give out, Colin relents and starts screaming to Charlton about the drugs, pulling a baggie from his pocket and wiping the contents all over Charlton’s face and his own dick, cramming it into the hanging slave boy’s mouth and forcing his own cock (with long foreskin) into Charlton’s scruffy gob. Charlton chokes and coughs, but Colin doesn’t care. This is his last go round at Charlton and if he’s not going to drench the boy with his cum, then he’s drenching the lad with a full bladder of piss. Charlton is shocked when his horrible captor just starts spray a golden stream into his face and then leaves him to just hang and continue to suffer. See one of the alltime great sub performances as lean and athletic scruff Charlton takes everything Colin delivers at BreederFuckers!


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Charlton’s Punishment Begins with Cocksucking and Toilet Terror


We’re going back deep into the archive again today, back to 2008 when Charlton was lured into the trap and completely dominated and debased by Master Colin, the Ginger Terror.

Charlton was looking to score some dope for his college buddies and Colin easy got him on the hook. Promised Charlton the good stuff if the scruffy lad would meet him in the warehouse district. Being young, dumb and trusting, Charlton agreed, and followed Colin to the extremely dodgy and dirty space.

Colin acts paranoid, ordering Charlton to submit to groping on the pretense he’s looking for a police wire. He then ropes Charlton’s hands behind him and orders him to his knees. Confused, Charlton tries to back out of the deal, but Colin is getting what he wants now. His cock is hanging out of the front of his pants, and he wants to fuck Charlton’s pretty mouth.

Charlton gags on Colin’s thick hog, but Colin persists, ramming the stiff pole down his new slave’s throat. The images captured here are magnificent: Colin’s swollen cock with bulging veins pushing deep into Charlton’s scruffy mouth, his handsome face contorted and the cock fills his cheek and then hits the back of his throat.

Colin eventually backs off the face-fucking fun. He has more on the agenda for this college sweetheart, and he doesn’t want to peak too early. He backs Charlton against a wall and starts stripping off his expensive designer clothes. When Charlton is totally naked, Colin grabs a handful of his cock and starts massaging his soft flesh. Charlton doesn’t get a hard-on, but he certainly doesn’t shrink in terror either.

The punishment takes a turn for the wet’n’wild at this point. In the corner of the room stands the filthiest, most disgusting toilet you can imagine. Colin throws Charlton to the floor, grabs the scruff of his neck and dunks his face in the toilet. You can hear Charlton’s muffled cries for mercy, and every time Colin brings him up for air, he pleads for the ginger bastard to stop.

Colin finally relents and as Charlton slumps against the wall, Colin advances with his hard cock leading the way like a battering ram. He impales Charlton’s mouth on it, pinning him against the brick wall as he pumps his hips and fucks that handsome face. Charlton is reeling, his pleading falls on deaf ears. Colin is determined to fuck him and punish him until he’s just a dirty scrap of garbage to be discarded. Click here to watch this classic toilet training and face-fucking fetish video at Breeder Fuckers.

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Punishment Archive: Charlton machine-fucked and spanked


It’s time to revisit Charton’s visit to the dungeon from 2008 — He tangled with Colin and definitely ended up on the short end of the stick. This trailer from the third episode in Charlton’s video archive has the scruffy college lad on his hands and knees and at the mercy of the ginger bastard Colin, but Colin is set to deliver maximum punishment to his new sex slave. While Charlton’s wrists and ankles are locked in restraints, Colin positions a piston-mounted dildo behind his virgin ass and positions the machine. Charlton has never been penetrated before and Colin relishes the opportunity to cram the giant dildo up his tight hole and set the machine running, and it pounds the college lad until he’s almost crying and trying to muffle his terrified screams. Colin can’t resist adding to the punishment and he starts slapping Charlton’s dangling balls and then he starts caning his ass. Soon Charlton is bearing the zebra stripes across his ass and he’s making deep guttural moans of pain and misery. Colin is satisfied and is eager to feel Charlton’s tight ass for himself. Click here to watch the complete video of the sadistic corporal punishment and machine fucking.


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Here’s an excellent blast from the Straight Hell archive, featuring Charlton from 2009. This scruffy college lad was new in the city and looking to score some weed for the lads in his dormitory. But being a stranger in town, and a bit of a naive dolt, he was easily duped by aggressive top Colin into the dungeon for some painful, humiliating training. Stripped naked, Charlton is roped tightly around the legs and forced by Colin to hop around the room. Colin’s exasperation with the soft young men of today is apparent as he keeps pushing the physical training on the puffing, agonized Charlton. Charlton completes a circuit and hopes to be release from his excruciating rope bindings, but Colin attaches a heavy weight to his balls and forces him to do another lap. Every time he jumps, Charlton lets out a pained scream like a little girl. Colin then forces the college lad to his knees and prepares him for the dental gag by ramming his own meaty hand into the sexy lad’s mouth until he’s coughing and gagging. Terrific hand gagging I’m sure you will love. Before Charlton can even regain his breath, Colin has whipped out his hard cock and is ramming into Charlton’s gaping mouth. He fucks the college boy’s face until it looks like Charlton might choke and pass out. Colin make sure he’s good and alert and ready for the next phase of the training by giving him a series of hard slaps across his soft, wretched little cock. Click here to browse the archives and see Charlton’s entire agonizing bondage ordeal.


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