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Darren suffers through Excruciating Physical Training


It’s back to the vault for more Straight Hell archival video, and I wanted to revisit Darren’s physical training ordeal from 2009. Terry is really enjoying putting dumb twat Darren through his paces, administering electric shocks with a cattle prod while the naked slave does pushups. The cattle prod is Terry’s best friend in this video, as he uses it to compel Darren to perform situps and bury his nose into Terry’s sweaty asscrack. The brutal physical training continues, and Darren gets his arms bound straight to the sides on a wooden broomstick, and Terry forces him to perform squats. To ensure perfect form, Darren must squat over a dildo and push the phallus all the way into his ass. Darren’s virgin ass is tight and he really has to work hard to push the dildo as deep as Terry requires…if Darren is not in compliance, he gets a nasty shock, once again. This old archival footage is a great showcase of the untempered sadism and cruel creativity that really hooks you into Straight Hell videos. Click here to see Darren’s complete sadistic physical training ordeal in the Straight Hell video archive.


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Darren tastes his own shithole while his ass gets banged


Here’s a great throwback to the glory days of Straight Hell, beck when Stan and Terry were on the job and making life miserable for straight boys like Darren. Darren had already had quite the ordeal at the hands of these monstrous sadists, and this episode is where the experience turns acutely sexual.

Strapped down by his ankles and wrists on all fours, Darren trembles, Stan’s erection looming in his face, and the straight fuckboy realizes there’s no escape – he’s about to taste cock for the first time. Stan’s feeling aggressive and wastes no time in thrusting his rigid dick all the way down Darren’s throat.

Stan brutally pulls Darren’s mouth right down to the hilt immediately, vigorously fucking his face nonstop, not giving a shit if Darren can breathe or not. Made to swallow down the huge cock, Darren’s body is racked with convulsions as a particularly cruel bout of rough deepthroat makes him gag and retch. But Stan shows no mercy, shoving the slimy, dripping shaft right back into Darren’s mouth, choking him down all the way to the back of his throat, in and out, over and over again.

Terry, meanwhile, decides to get this little cunt’s ass stretched open and give him some anal punishment to really subjugate him. As he’s brutally used from both ends, Terry rams the dildo pole all the way up his ass, and with Stan’s cock still crammed into his mouth. Darren is unable to even cry out in pain. Terry’s full weight is pushing behind the dildo pole like a spear. He’s fucking his tight asshole with it, each thrust impaling Darren’s mouth even deeper onto Stan’s cock.

Now massively aroused, Stan’s ready to take Darren’s anal virginity. Terry yanks the dildo out of Darren’s ass and order him to get it in his mouth and taste his own shithole. Darren’s face is a picture of humiliation and he gags in disgust as the filthy rubber cock is shoved down his throat.

Stan fucks Darren’s ass hard and deep, using him like a piece of ragged fuckdoll. His throbbing cock ploughs relentlessly in and out between Darren’s hairy round cheeks, causing agony to the boy with every thrust. Being fucked on his hands and knees, still choking down the phallus, Darren’s dripping drool forms a pool on the floor with his own bile, right under his face. Unable to escape, impaled at both ends, it’s a living nightmare for this young straight. Finally, Stan pulls out his throbbing prick and jerks to a powerful climax as Terry holds Darren in position to receive his reward. With a loud grunt, Stan shoots hot cum onto his anguished face, each fresh jet of spunk making the boy cringe even more. The fun is rudely interrupted by a loud banging at the door. Seems the filthy cops have arrived on the scene. Storming in, the cops don’t know what to make of the naked threesome as they gatecrash the party like a gang of angry parents. This scene sets up the ongoing sagas of Darren, Nick and Matthew, three of the hottest series that Straight Hell ever produced. Check them out, but the full archive is available to members only! Click here to watch master sadist Terry and his horny henchman Stan absolutely ruin straight boy Darren from both ends in this classic scene from Straight Hell.

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Darren in the Dungeon: Deception and Painful Torture


It’s time to get back into the Straight Hell time machine and go back to 2009 and relive the deception and torture of straight lad and classic dumb twat Darren. Featuring classic tops Stan and Terry, Darren is worked outside of a football stadium after a Chelsea game. Stan offers him a chance to attend an afterparty and meet the players on the club. Darren is completely awestruck and oblivious to the totally contrived setup and eagerly scampers off with his golden ticket to the after party. When he arrives to find a dank, bare basement and Stan and Terry waiting for him, he still holds out a glimmer of hope that the party is just off in the next room. It all comes crashing down when Stan slaps the cuffs on him and starts slicing away his shirt with a knife. Darren starts cursing the pair of perverted sadistic tops, but he’s helpless now, and they laugh at his pathetic attempts at freedom while they strip him naked and gob in his face. The tops take up their whips and start flogging Darren and their laughter almost drown out his agonized wails. Stan grabs Darrens cock in a vise-like grip and wrenches it around cruelly, while Terry pinches the slave’s nipples with all his strength. Click here to revisit this classic gay BDSM torture scene inside.


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#Classic: Straight Cop Humiliated to Tears by Gloryhole Homo Sex


In this week’s Straight Hell Classic, we get a great view of Officer Matthew’s full potential, as the straight cop was forced to stick his dick through a gloryhole and his partner Nick was on the other side to get him hard and get him off. Joining Officer Nick in the box is fan fave Darren, the cowering slave who was the torture boy getting abused by Stan and Terry at the start of this entire debacle.

Terry has Nick and Darren naked and cowering inside the glory-hole box, each slave boy fitted with an electroshock collar. One press of the button and they get a jolt of pain searing through their bodies. Matthew’s flaccid penis hangs through the hole, and Terry orders his little pups to start sucking and stroking and get the cock nice and hard or face the punishment.

Straight Cop Humiliated by Male Blowjob

While Terry terrorizes Darren and Nick in the box, Matthew stands miserably on the outside, with his limp dick getting manhandled by unseen hands and mouths. Stan keep him engaged, zapping his ass with a cattleprod whenever he stops pumping his hips. Matthew’s uncut cock gets harder and thicker as Nick and Darren suck him and stroke him. Matthew knows its his best friend and partner Nick getting him aroused on the other side of the gloryhole, and he can’t stop that orgasmic feeling rising through his loins.

Tears start streaming down Matthew’s face as he builds to a climax. Darren’s mouth sucks his knob while Nick’s hand caresses and pumps his shaft. Matthew can’t resist any longer. Release washes over him and he shoots his cum all over Darren and Nick’s faces. Terry orders them to keep sucking and stroking until every last drop of Matthew’s cum is all over their dirty faces. How are Matthew and Nick ever going to be able to look one another in the eye again? Click here to watch these two macho straight cops forced to debase themselves in a horny gloryhole scene from the StraightHell archive.

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#Classic — Reluctant Darren Wanked and Forced to Eat Cum


Darren has always been a favourite among the classic lads on this site — he has that “real boy” look and natural physique. He looks like the guy next to you on the bus or next to you at a urinal. Sweet and unassuming, and utterly fun to treat as a sexual plaything. In this scene, he is at the mercy of Stan and Terry, and he is bound to a chair, exhausted after being forced through a grueling physical workout. The sneering tops grope and fondle his naked body. The seat’s been cut out of the chair, allowing Terry to slip his finger deep into Darren’s warm, hairy sphincter. Meanwhile, Stan is having lots of fun forcing creepy kisses on Darren, snogging his pursed lips and licking his face.

Classic straighthell Darren wanking gif

Darren lashes out and calls Stan and Terry a pair of Dirty Queers, and that’s when they start playing rough. They tell Darren they’re going to make him cum, and Darren says he’ll never cum for them. Terry starts zapping the young slave’s soft cock with a cattle prod, and Stan wanks his flaccid shaft. Defying the impossible, they get his penis semi-erect and then push him over the edge, stroking a thick, white stream of ejaculate, right into Terry’s hand. Darren is mortified and hangs his head in embarrassment. Tears are streaming down Darren’s face as Terry forces him to lick all of the cum off his hairy hand. Darren has no choice but to clean off the cum with his tongue. He’s been thoroughly degraded and broken down! Click here to revisit this classic forced arousal humiliation scene from Darren, plus his entire series where he’s passed around like a dirty party favour at

Classic Straighthell Darren scene 3

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