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#Classic: Helpless Johan is Roped and Reamed by a Fucking Machine


Helpless straight boy Johan is tied, gagged, and in the perfect vulnerable position for some proper abuse. His shock and distress is hilarious. Confused, angry and panicking, he has no idea what’s going on. He slurs a few words of protest through the gag at smirking Master Terry and ominous Master Colin, before giving up and merely emitting pained, angry moans.

But when Johan sees the fucking machine poised at his asshole, it dawns on him what might be about to happen, and he attempts to struggle free. The more he moves, the more his bondage causes every part of his body to hurt – especially his tender balls as he kicks his feet about. Slowly, Terry eases the large dildo into Johan’s hole, enjoying the agonized grimace on his face as it pushes its unrelenting way into into his tight boycunt.

When Johan’s discovered that he can’t move an inch to escape the intrusion, Terry flips the switch on the fuck machine. It pistons in and out, burying itself up to the hilt, wreaking anal misery on the unhappy virgin straight boy. No amount of howling and crying will stop a machine. And with sadists like Terry and Colin, it just makes his predicament worse – because they actively enjoy the sight and sound of a man suffering. Colin clamps his nipples while Terry ties the chain to Johan’s dick and watch his face contort in agony.

But with Johan in such an inviting position, the creepy pair can’t settle for just violating his hole. Those firm round cheeks need to be worked over too. Terry canes Johan’s ass over and over again, as the dildo continues its abuse. Soon the pathetic slave boy is streaked with red stripes both above and below his asshole. The louder he screams, the harder Terry hits – and it’s not stopping any time soon. Click here to watch sadistic Masters defile and punish slave boy Johan at BreederFuckers.

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#Classic: Roped Slave Johan Takes it From Both Ends


Terry and Colin really indulged themselves when they double teamed dumb blond Johan back in 2008. The lithe young mechanic stopped to take a piss and Colin snuck up behind him and injected him with something powerful, knocking him out cold. The classic creeps then licked his feet and nipples while he was out and popped their dicks into his gaping mouth. Now he’s awake and trying to struggle free, but Terry and Colin have him roped and hanging from the ceiling with no possibility of escape and his asshole defenseless from stop thick-dicked top Colin from anally fucking him silly.

While Muscular Ginger Tops Colin rams his prick into Johan’s shredded hole, Terry pulls his face close to his own crotch. Johan screws up his face and tries to pull away, but Terry pries open his mouth and forces his cock between Johan’s lips. Johan still tries to squirm, but the ropes keep him hanging in the air like a pinata, and bot tops thrust their cocks into his holes in the hopes of breaking him open. Click here to watch this classic Straight Hell video of this petrified fuck boy getting drilled form both ends at

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