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Kyle’s first savage flogging


Kyle made his debut on Straight Hell in 2010 and I admit I watched this biracial stud get his first flogging and his first taste of another man’s piss at least 100 times. Kyle has really great caramel coloured skin and a muscular frame. Not excessively cut, not bulky, but thick, strong and effortless. So when Dave and Maurice got their hands on him, and his natural strength was no help to him, it was like watching a helpless, flopping fish. First, they pulled a pair of women’s pantyhose over his head and wrapped duct tape around his eyes. Then a spider gag gets wedged into Kyle’s mouth, and now Maurice taunts him, slapping him in the face with his cock. As Kyle lays on the ground with his wrists bound behind him, the perverted sadists each whip him with a leather flogger until he’s writhing in agony. Then to add a special burn to his pulsing welts, Dave and Maurice shower Kyle with their hot stinking piss. Click here to watch Kyle’s insane gay BDSM initiation.

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#Classic: Beefy Stud Kyle Ambushed and Tag-Teamed


As Kyle methodically cleans the windows of their grimy warehouse hangout, Dave spies on him from a dark corner, enjoying the sight of his buff body in its last few moments of freedom. Dave keeps hoping for a repeat performance of Kyle working shirtless, but when he doesn’t remove his shirt, Dave gets bored and take matters into his own hands. The devious pervert asks Kyle to come inside and do the windows in there. Kyle must sense Dave’s predatory stare, as he appears more and more nervous…but it’s too late. Dave’s mate Mo sneaks up behind the window cleaner and grabs his arms, shoving him to the floor and snapping a pair of handcuffs on his wrists.

Kyle protests and swears at the gloating pair at the top of his voice, but it’s too late for all that – the walls are thick, the windows are boarded up, and no one is coming to help. They maul his body like animals, sniffing at his groin, jerking his shirt up to chew his nipples, and wrenching his lips into place to kiss him. Dave puts the struggling beefcake over his knee and spank his firm, wriggling ass. Kyle tries to be stoic, but as the crass duo begin slicing off his clothes with scissors, it rapidly becomes obvious that they have more than just rough-housing on their minds.

When they rip off his underwear and Kyle’s big, heavy cock tumbles out, Dave and Mo immediately begin grasping and yanking at it. Mo gets a good long wiff of the sweaty worker’s musk, as Kyle shrinks away in disgust, his face a picture of repulsion at being so intimate with another man.

With Kyle sweating in fear, Dave and Mo decide to give him a wash, and throw the whole bucket of filthy, freezing water over him and get to work scrubbing his ass, cock and face with his own window cleaning tools. Kyle howls in misery as the cold water drenches his body but Dave and Mo just laugh and aggressively scrub his sensitive genitals with the rough sponges and cloths.

But they won’t be done until they’ve plundered this virgin’s asshole and truly broken him. Mo spreads Kyle’s legs wide open, and Dave probe at his anus with the handle of the window brush, enjoying the sight of Kyle’s face crumpling in terror as the handle slides into his guts. But they’re not satisfied with just an inch of width for his anal torment. Dave attaches a dildo to the handle and cram it into the clenched, reluctant hole, as Kyle squeals in pain and fear. Mo gets more and more excited at the thought of replacing the dildo with his own hard dick, and he makes sure Kyle knows what’s coming up next. Click here to watch Dave and Mo ambush brawny Kyle and indulge their sick fantasies at Breeder Fuckers.

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#Classic: Dave and Maurice Fuck Kyle Like Jackhammers


Way back in 2010, Maurice and Dave were running wild at Straight Hell, yanking men off the streets and ruthlessly abusing and violating them. They were testosterone-addled psychopaths eager to wreak havoc and wreck assholes in as wide a swath as they could. Caught up in the sadistic storm was Kyle, a very handsome 18 year old hulk, spending his summer washing windows, eager to earn enough money for school and travel in the autumn. But once Maurice and Dave got a look at him, there was a huge target on his back and he never stood a chance.

After a savage flogging and an unbearable oral violation Dave and Maurice are incredibly horny and feeling especially cruel. Kyle is roped into a makeshift metal frame and can’t move and inch. His ass is stuck way up in the air for easy penetration, but first Dave and Maurice force Kyle to choke on a dildo and then they rope a smelly old shoe to his face so he’ll have to inhale the stink of a men’s feet while his big broad ass gets plowed. Dave and Maurice take turns fucking Kyle as hard and as fast as they can. His tight ass is so fun to fuck, they’re ready to pop in no time. Dave and Maurice take turns shooting their thick cum loads all over Kyle’s head before leaving him naked and alone, aching and nasty as a bus station toilet. Click here to see Kyle getting roped, abused and ruthlessly fucked at

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