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Helpless Martin Abused Like a Human Urinal


Martin’s ordeal in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon has been a mindfuck of pain, shame and horror. He’s in Dave’s clutches for this episode, and he’s facing such degradation, this straight lad might have a complete mental breakdown.

Martin starts the episode on his back on the floor with his legs roped above him at the ankles, and his wrists similarly tied off at the floor. No matter how much he might struggle, he’s helpless to escape, and his ass is pointing straight up like a giant, juicy target.

Dave is fully in charge here. He tapes Martin’s mouth shut and pulls Martin’s shorts down to expose his perfectly puckered asshole. Martin tries to growl out a threat or a warning for Dave to Fuck off, but his muffled whimpers fall on deaf ears. Dave brandishes a leather belt and gives the straight man a hard lashing to teach him to be quiet, but the punishment is only momentary diversion. Dave is eager to hear Martin’s pathetic moans once he starts treating him like a wretched bitch.

Using scissors, Dave removes Martin’s skimpy shorts and caresses his penis. Then he showers the slave with baby oil, creating a moment of confusion, panic and anger. What’s happening? Martin was expecting Dave to try inserting something in his ass, but he wasn’t expecting a funnel.

Dave inserts the funnel into Martin’s lubed ass and unzips his fly. Hot piss comes streaming out of his cock and fills the funnel, flowing into Martin’s guts. Martin is horrified and disgusted, and Dave only makes it worse when he inserts a butt plug to hold all that hot juice inside of him.

In the final act of humiliation, Dave removes his jeans and stands astride Martin, his ass bare and his balls swinging free. He cuts the tape off Martin’s mouth, and then lowers his puffy white bum right onto Martin’s lips. The straight slave boy must give Dave an utterly humiliating rimjob, totally licking out every corner and crevice of the perverted master’s buttckrack. Dave is finally satisfied adn he pulls the plug out of Martin’s ass and the pressure shoots the piss all over the floor like a disgusting cannon. Click here to see the humiliation and punishment of Martin being used as a Human Urinal by Dave at

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Martin Barely Survives Daves Brutal Flogging and Orgasm Torture


Martin has been a Breeder Fuckers slave for so long, he’s ready to beg for his freedom. No cursing or threats, just pathetic begging for Dave to untie him and let him go home to his wife. Dave just smirks at the naked man and sets about his business to ruin him forever.

Martin is standing naked with his big cock flopping about, ropes binding his wrists and spreading Martin wide open and vulnerable. Dave dismisses his pleas and gives his body a thorough groping before setting about to the really nasty work. His favourite flogger should do the trick.

Dave’s trademark cruelty rears its ugly head. He lashes Martin’s back with terrifying savagery. Martin’s eyes bug out and he looks like he just might lose his mind from the fear and the pain. Dave keeps it going for a while, relentlessly whipping his back until the torture cell is filled with screams.

When Dave finally stops, he takes a completely different tone. He’s sweet and apologetic, comforting Martin and telling him how strong and handsome he is. He takes Martin’s cock in his hand again. Doesn’t it feel good to have someone play with your dick? Martin can’t control his body and his dick grow hard and long in Dave’s hand.

Dave keeps pumping Martin’s shaft and getting him more aroused. He asks him if he wants to cum and Martin grunts yes. Dave has an unexpected detour before the orgasm. He reaches back for the flogger and whips Martin’s dick. The poor fool is helpless as his erection keeps standing up despite the cutting lashes from the leather. Dave pinches Martin’s nipples with clothespins and runs strings of the painful clamps down his torso to his scrotum. Dave returns to the still-throbbing dick and pumps the head and shaft. Martin is close to cumming despite the day’s agonizing punishment. Can he guess what’s going to happen next? As Martin cums one spurt of semen and another, Dave rips all of the clothespins off at once. Martin is seized with blinding pain, while his hard cock bobs up and down, straining to release the rest of the load. Dave laughs and walks away, leaving Martin in agony. Click here to see Martin’s savage punishment and cruel ruined orgasm at Breeder Fuckers.

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Freaked Out Martin Learns To Suck Cock Like His Freedom Depends on it


Martin’s captivity has nearly driven him to the edges of insanity. He’s roped now to a sawhorse in the dungeon, no pants on and his bare ass is sticking up in the air. Dave circles menacingly. The only way out, Dave informs Martin, is for him to suck cock. Dave pulls down his jeans and presents his legendarily thick boner in Martin’s face.

Martin wants no part in pleasuring Dave, but there’s precious little choice. Either Marting can suck cock willingly or go back to getting beaten. The memory of the pain is too much, and Martin submits to Dave and begins kissing and licking his cock, starting with the head and taking more of the shaft. He tries to steel his nerves, but the pulsing flesh in his mouth repulses him and makes him want to gag. Having a straight man gag on his cock is a huge turn on for Dave, so he keeps insisting Martin go deeper and deeper until his throat is impaled on the shaft.

Martin’s suffering while choking on Dave’s turgid prick has made the tormentor full aroused. Now he’s ready to go round back and fully experience the pleasure of his roped slave’s body. Martin begs him not to fuck his ass, but Dave ignores his please and rams his stiff cock as far into Martin’s ass as he can go.

Dave pumps Martin hard and deep, taking the slave’s breath away. Adrian arrives on the scene before the fun is over to join in on the fun of putting this prostrated straight man through hell. Martin must repeat his ordeal: suck Adrian’s cock until he’s stiff and dripping precum, all the while Dave explosively fucks his hole.

Dave feels his his climax building in his loins. His tempo ind intensity reaches a crescendo as he pulls out and shoots a very juicy load of cum all over Martin’s ass. The sperm runs down the crack and starts to pool in Martin’s still-gaping hole. Adrian is ready for sloppy seconds and he rams his throbbing pole into Martin’s slick and slimy asshole. Adrian drives just as hard as Dave, his cock slick with his best mate’s spunk until he’s ready to cum too. Dave eggs him on while he orders Martin to suck his cock dry. Martin gets a second load on his ass and the perverts laugh at his shame and pain. Dave adds to the humiliation when he lets a torrent of piss spray into helpless MArtin’s face. He’s left with cum leaking from his ass all the way down his leg and the haunting feeling he’ll never be the same again. Click here to watch Martin bent over and taking throbbing cocks from both ends at Breeder Fuckers.

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First Look: Martin Gets Ambushed at Work and Sodomized w/ a Thick Tool


Martin definitely wishes he’d called in sick after what happened today. He’s an apprentice electrician, and he’s run ragged fixing small jobs as he works his way to journeyman. That means getting sent to jobs that no one else wants to take, and in this case, it means getting sent out on a call to BReederFuckers headquarters.

So while Martin is up on his ladder trying to figure out the rat’s nest of cables in the ceiling, Adrian has his mobile out filming the workman’s bum and the glimpses of underwear he’s getting. He compliments Martin on being quite handsome and Martin finally loses his patience. As he climbs down to give Adrian a piece of his mind, Dave sneaks up behind him and it’s lights out.

The scene cuts back to Martin gagged, bent forward at the waist with his arms roped in the air behind him. His legs are pried open with a spreader bar; he’s trapped and helpless and he’s beginning to freak out. His eyes bug out and he’s breathing hard. Adrian starts cutting his clothes off with scissors and groping his thick cock and ass.

Martin tries to fight back but he’s useless. Adrian laughs and slaps him across the face before introducing the frightened hetero to his black leather strap. Adrian gives him a few stiff strokes across the buttocks and Martin shrieks like he’s shot.

After warming up the slave boy’s bum, Adrian is eager to see what Martin brought with him in his tool box. He finds a hammer: that will do nicely. With some persistent prodding, Adrian is able to get the handle of the hammer jammed into Martin’s hole and he starts fucking the sexy workman with his own tool.

Martin is crying and screaming through his gag, but his intense reaction only drives Adrian further into perversion. Don’t like the hammer? How about a broomstick? That doesn’t please you? How about a real live cock? Adrian rams his throbbing boner into Martin’s hole and takes the BDSM virgin for his first ride. Martin is in agony, but Adrian just mocks him and asks him what he’s going to tell the missus when he comes limping home smell of another man’s cum. JK, Martin is not going home tonight, or anytime soon! Watch Martin’s excruciating ass-fucking debut at

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