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Nicholas: Excruciating Pony Training and Whipping


Nicholas certainly had a memorable experience as a Straight Hell slave last year…I would say this chav stud got fucked up really good. This clip features Dave acting without mercy and almost slashing through Nicholas’s flesh with his whip. It was a part of some really humiliating pony training that Dave put Nicholas through: Nick got a horsey-tail dildo shoved up his ass and he had to trot around on all fours carrying Dave’s bulky frame. Then Dave dismounted to whip his naked little pony, and he and fellow top Reuben forced Nick to deep-throat cock. Nicholas had never even so much had licked a cock before, and suddenly he had Reuben’s bulging erection crammed down his throat until he was choking. Finally, seeing that swallowing cock was not Nicholas’s specialty, the tops offered him an alternative: since he had been such a good horsey, slave Nicholas could eat some grass from the lawn instead of cock. Which he gratefully does! Click here to see more excruciating whipping punishment and humiliating pony training at
excruciating pony training and whipping

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Nicholas Face-Fucked and Flogged


Nicholas has been a favourite punching bag for Adrian and Dave for the last year or so. This video trailer comes from his second go-round with the sadistic perverts, and it is deemed that Nicholas is in dire need of humbling. Literal humbling. Adrian forces the slobbering slave to his knees and bends him over while Dave clamps a humbler on Nicholas’ testicles. Now the straight tough guy is reduced to crawling around like a dog, unable to stand without unbearably stretching his nuts. Dave gleefully lashes his back and ass with a leather flogger while Adrian waves his erect prick in the air, stabbing it into Nicholas’ mouth and forcing it down his throat until he gags. The forced face-fucking continues as Dave strips down and wrestles the sex slave straight pig into submission. Click here to watch Nicholas’ full video archive of excruciating gay BDSM punishment.


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#Classic — Young Nicholas Terrorized and Brutalized


It’s time to revisit another classic, and after re-watching Guy’s debut a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to go back in time and watch Nicholas’s first ordeal when he was snatched by Dave and Reuben and utterly destroyed in the woods. Nicholas’s first adventure with Straight Hell was back in 2010, and he was dragged away from his girlfriend at an amusement park and stripped naked in the woods. After getting dildo fucked, mouth fucked, forced into pony play and gangbanged by a half dozen perverts, Nicholas is tied to a tree and subjected to pure terror.

I don’t know what would be worse for a hetero guy: getting kidnapped and sadistically beaten and fucked multiple times -or- getting a big scary bug in my face… But Dave finds a crazy looking millipede and lifts it into Nicholas’s face and he screams like a hysterical little girl. They put it into a glass tube and use it as a bite gag and tape Nicholas’s eyes open so he has to look at the creepy monster right under his nose. Then Dave and Reuben go to work on his torso with floggers and finally rub his junk and asscrack with stinging, burning nettles! Nicholas is screaming, crying and howling throughout the climax of his ordeal in the woods.

Now, it has to be mentioned that Nicholas has undergone a stunning transformation since his debut in 2010. I’m used to seeing him as a macho beefcake underwear model and stripper these days, but it was shocking to see how small he was at the beginning of his porn journey.



Utterly Amazing! After bottoming twice for StraightHell in 2010 and 2011, he was a fixture on BrutalTops, appearing in 36 sessions as a cruel, savage top and you can see his physical blossoming from lean teen to muscular and cut. Nicholas seems to have left Gay Bondage Porn him now, and he’s making quite a name for himself as an underwear model and cabaret performer. Nothing like seeing your favourites as freshfaced noobs to really get your juices flowing though? Click here to watch classic Nicholas getting flogged, humiliated and utterly debased at BreederFuckers!


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#Classic: Ambushed Nicholas is gagged, stripped and violated


Note: Nicholas’s first Straight Hell series does not appear on the BreederFuckers tour, but both his original six part series with Dave and Ruben and his second series featuring Adrian and Dave is available for BF members.

Nicholas is so shocked at being accosted out in public by Dave and Reuben, that they’ve thrown him onto the ground and restrained him before he knows what’s happening. As Reuben swiftly ties him up, Nicholas screams and cries, terrified at this horrifying turn to his idyllic day. 30 seconds ago, he was with his girlfriend – now she’s on the other side of the fence…so close, yet completely out of earshot, in the busy theme park. It’s time for the dirty perverts to get down to business.

Dave throttles and hand gag the squirming lad as Reuben swiftly gets him trussed up, wrist to ankle. Nicholas calls the dastardly duo some very nasty names whenever Dave’s hand comes off his mouth for a few seconds, so Reuben rips off his shoes and stuffs one of Nicholas’s own sweaty socks into his yelling mouth, which Dave duct tapes firmly into place, muffling all his furious protests down to tearful snorts and whimpers.

When Nicholas is completely helpless, Dave and Reuben use scissors to slice off his clothes – starting with his hoodie, then his t-shirt, revealing his delicious, slightly furry chest and pert nipples. Next, they cut off his jeans, fondling his impressive package through his underwear before finally snipping and ripping those off too. Nicholas’s dangling hetero cock is a fine sight to behold, and Dave toys with it for a few moments before moving onto his primary entertainment – putting this gorgeous straight cunt in a fuckload of pain.

Dave clamps Nicholas’s perky little nipples, eliciting a few satisfying screams, then attaches a clamp to his nutsack, which he also connects to Nicholas’s sensitive septum. The chain on his nose keeps his head uncomfortably up, making the wincing lad look like some kind of farmyard animal. Now Nicholas is completely trapped and exposed for their torments, which starts with a hard flogging. Dave and Reuben rain down blows onto his naked ass and chest, using their full strength to really punish the cocky straight twat, who can’t avoid a single lash due to his agonizing bondage.

When Nick’s ass is good and red, Dave can’t resist his virginal pucker a moment longer. He shoves his fingers deep inside Nicholas’s asshole, roughly ploughing it all the way inside, ramming in and out of his guts as he screams and clenches his sphincter around Dave’s meaty digits. But no amount of clenching will give this straight boy back his virginity, and soon Dave’s greedily shoving in two, three, and eventually four of his fat fingers into Nick’s straining hole. Nicholas howls in distress and pain, but it’s about to get worse.

Reuben grabs a long stick while Dave prepares a thick, lifelike cock dildo to mount on the end. Nicholas’s face registers complete panic and dismay when he sees what’s about to be pushed into his ravaged asshole, but his tears only enhance their sadistic enjoyment of his pain and humiliation. Dave parks the dildo at his twitching anus and watch his red face crumple as it’s driven inside, inch by throbbing inch. As Dave fucks Nicholas with the fat phallus, he bawls incoherently into his gag, fists clenched as we pound his miserable ass. Click here to watch Nicholas get ambushed and helplessly defiled just out of sight of the public at BreederFuckers.

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#classic — Nicholas Gets Roped Outside & Fucked by Multiple Cocks


The time seemed right for another #straighthellclassic featuring Nicholas. Back in 2010 when Nicholas was fresh meat and soft and pliable, he was subjected to utter horror for a straight man. He was shadowed for hours by Dave and Reuben, and when he stepped away from his girlfriend for a few minutes, Dave and Reuben grabbed him up and hauled him into the woods. Kicking and screaming, Nicholas tried to escape but his efforts were no match for tougher, stronger thugs like the StraightHell tops. Laughing like jackals, Reuben and Dave strip their prey naked and rope him at the ankles, thighs and wrists and tie him off at trees to completely immobilize him. Standing bent over, Nicholas is completely vulnerable and Dave and Reuben pounce on his defenseless ass and cock.


Nicholas’ cock is roped and stretched with a heavy brick. Dave pinches it with clothespins and Nicholas screams and swears. Reuben attacks the rear, and zaps Nick’s hole with an electro-shock rod. Nicholas jumps and howls every time his ass is jolted with electricity. Dave and Reuben wear down their captive slave until he’s panting and begging them to stop, and now it’s time for the hetero jock to feel his first cock — Reuben shoves his fat dick up Nick’s asshole and fucks him hard and fast, making Nick cry and blubber like a baby. Dave laughs and jeers and shoves his rigid cock into Nick’s slobbery gob. Nick gets fucked at both ends and then gets covered with their perverted jizz. Nicholas is no longer an anal virgin, but his initiation as a bondage slave is just getting started! Click here to relive Nicholas’ first bondage fuck and descent into sexual slavery at!


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