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#Classic: Sexy Irishman restrained and penetrated


Shamus makes an appetizing sight with his bulging muscles restricted by a set of tightly buckled belts from his biceps down to his ankles. The Irishman writhes pathetically on the floor, unable to protect himself from anyone who passes by. Adrian presents him with his throbbing hard cock to suck on like a treat. The bald monster doggedly shoves his dick down Shamus’s throat further and harder until the proud straight man goes red-faced and gagging while slicking up Adrian’s dick with his saliva.

Dave raises Shamus’s legs and suspends them from the ceiling to display the slave’s tight ass. Shamus clenches his cheeks together, doing his best to protect his precious anus, but Dave rams his fingers in, relentlessly pounding the Irishman’s hole. Adrian insists on filling Shamus’s gob with his hard-on, though the bound wretch is crying in pain from having his hole so mercilessly penetrated.

Dave swaps his digits for a mechanical dildo, thus ruining Shamus’s wrung-out asshole and making him buck wildly. His captors swap places and Dave takes over fucking Shamus’s face, making the slave hold his dick in his mouth and suck till he’s fully aroused. At the same time, Adrian ramps up the speed of the fucksaw until his hole is broken wide open.

The deviant pair relentlessly fuck the captive Irishman at both ends. Dave orders Shamus to stick out his tongue and slide it up his filthy butthole while Adrian continues to fucks him hard and deep. Shamus is made to swallow every drop of cum deposited into his mouth. They take their pleasure out of Shamus until he’s nothing more than a cum-filled, slutty bitch. Click here to watch the Breeder Fuckers debase and shame this hard man’s body!

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#Classic: Gleeful Adrian gives Shamus a Savage Caning


I hope you are well rested after the weekend to deal with this morning’s #classic, because it’s not for the feint of heart. I decided to feature a clip with Shamus, who crossed paths with Dave and Adrian in 2013 and endured an incredibly savage torture and punishment between bouts of rough, riotous fucking. Tall, muscular and lean, he’s very much Adrian’s type of guy, and his attitude earned him extra penance in the dungeon.


It all started when Shamus decided to pop in on Dave and Adrian in their office. Shamus worked for the landlord and he decided to spy about to see what Dave and Adrian were up to all day. Not liking lookie-loos, Dave and Adrian resented the intrusion and things escalated quickly. After being stripped and flogged, Shamus found himself in the bowels of their dungeon. In this terrifying scene, Shamus is strapped to the bondage bench and Adrian is ecstatic about delivering a long caning punishment to Shamus’s tender and throbbing buttocks. The lanky Irishman’s cheeks are already bruised, purple and striped. Adrian’s cane deliver’s Shamus to new depths of fury and misery. He tries in vain to break out of his bonds, but he’s locked in at Adrian’s mercy. Adrian finally shows Shamus some mercy when he puts the cane aside, only to give the bound slave’s balls and cock a good manhandling; after rubbing his helpless chattel’s genitals and curiously probing his tightly clenched asshole, Adrian decides he’s rather spend time fucking this gorgeous lad, and he viciously penetrates Shamus’s virgin hole with his stiff pecker. Adrian fucks Shamus hard and deep and Shamus tries to scream and break away, as the tears roll down his face. Click here to watch Shamus’s fantastic Gay BDSM Sex Slavery ordeal at


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#Classic: Handsome Irish Hetero is Anally Punished


I went digging through the Breeder Fuckers vault for more treasure to share with you today, and I found a lad I had completely overlooked. Back in 2013, Shamus was on the menu after poking around Dave and Adrian’s office. He’s from the property management company and he had been sent to investigate numerous noise complaints.

Dave and Adrian took exception to the prying eyes of this corporate drone, and when they had the advantage, they took it. They double teamed Shamus, roping him and hanging a weight from his neck to make him weak and submissive. From there he was easy pickings as the perverts strip him and began exploring his tight hole.

Dave takes the exciting job of inflicting pain with the flogger, while Adrian shows Shamus what it feels like to have a rough man’s hands groping your penis. Shamus is very nervous and tries calling for help, but there is never anyone coming to save you in the Breeder Fuckers domicile.

Dave inserts a steel hook up Shamus’s ass and Adrian starts fixing his nipples, torso and cock with a string or rigged clothespins. They’re all ripped off in one go, leaving Shamus to spasm with pain the likes of which he’s never felt before. Click here to watch Shamus get roped, punished and debased in his first encounter with the Breeder Fuckers.

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#Classic: Dave plays choking games with Sexy Shamus


Shamus hasn’t yet learned how to respect his new owner. A string of filthy verbal abuse pours from his mouth so Dave restricts his breath by knotting a length of rope around Shamus’s neck to his ankles so he has to painfully arch his back or gag himself.

Shamus’s already sore ass is given vicious smacks from his new master’s bare hand. The acute pain is intensified because every time he thrashes his body in response to a spank, he inadvertently chokes himself. His dick and nuts are tied to a heavy weight and his long silky foreskin is clamped open and tied off to his toes.

With his movement so restricted, Dave sees the perfect opportunity to plunge into his sore, hairy ass which he wets with spit. In this humbling position, Shamus has no choice but to obediently beg to suck cock or receive further punishment. This straight lad was under the foolish impression his body is still solely for women. Now he understands every inch of him belongs to this sadistic man. Click here to watch Dave completely dominate this Irish fucker and fuck his mouth with his 10 inch dick.

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