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Elite Athlete roped and tortured


Todd is another really ripped, muscular straight guy forced to bottom at Straight Hell. He made his debut in 2009 and became one of the most talked about subs due to his incredible physique. Sneaky fucker Reuben signs up for a personal training session with Toby one night when they were alone in the gym, and then he drops a tablet into Todd’s bottle and waits for the strongman to drop off to sleep. As soon as Todd passes out, Reuben ropes him to the gym equipment and starts groping his muscles. He gods a mouthful of water into Todd’s face to wake him up, and Todd immediately starts cursing Reuben when he comes to. Reuben simply doesn’t care about the threats or protests and he cuts off Todd’s clothing and gives him a creepy genital grope. Todd tries to shrink away but the ropes trap him, and then Reuben if feel free to inflict sharp, stinging pain with a leather flogger. Todd is seriously up shit creek in this video, and this is just the first episode. Click here to catch up on the rest of Todd’s humiliating BDSM ordeal at


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#Classic: Hard-body Todd Sucks Cock at the Gym


Reuben was another of the old-time favourite tops on Straight Hell, and I get lots of messages asking if he’ll ever be back on the site. He had a swagger and such amused contempt for the straight men he tied up and tormented, it was impossible not to imagine yourself right there with him, humiliating straight cunts like Todd. This series is from 2009, and it underscores the great array of tantalizing power games in the Straight Hell archive.

It starts with Reuben having successfully suckered Todd into a weak position while pretending to hire him as a personal trainer. Now Todd is naked and roped to the bench, where he has spent so much time willingly on his back improving his numbers. If there’s one thing straight guys fear more than sex with a man, it’s someone finding out that they had sex with a man. So when Todd’s phone rings, just as Reuben’s rampant cock is bursting out of his trackies, he seizes the opportunity to have some fun at the expense the furious but helpless lad.

“Hello?” It’s his girlfriend. Todd’s horrified face says it all as he frantically moans into his gag, completely muffled by the sock under the duct tape. Smirking, Reuben tell the gullible girlfriend that those noises are just him lifting weights, and no – Todd can’t talk to her now.

After Reuben hang up, the angry hetero hardman has the look of murder in his eyes. Reuben demurs and plays coy; he informs Todd that he’ll let him go if he takes his dick in his mouth. Once Reuben’s cock is between his lips, the manipulative fiend whips out his mobile phone and snaps a few pictures too. Not part of the agreement, but who gives a shit? Reuben lets Todd know who’s in control here.

Reuben lets the implications of the pictures sink in for Todd. He’ll send the photos to Todd’s girlfriend right away if he doesn’t suck that fat, hard dick properly. Immediately Todd starts begging. Reuben just thrusts his cock down his throat and begins fucking Todd’s miserable face, as the roped jock struggles against his bonds to no avail, his face screwed up in disgust.

After making Todd lick the precum out of the piss slit, and lovingly caress the entire head and shaft with his tongue, Reuben fucks Todd’s face from behind, cramming the whole length of his meat all the way down Todd’s throat. Todd’s eyes bulge and tears stream down his cheeks as he gags on Reuben’s cock, and Reuben smirks and laughs as the head rams off the back of Todd’s throat. These pumped up gym rats have such sisy gag reflexes!

Reuben is thrilled to be using Todd’s angry, embarrassed face like his own personal sex toy. He sits on Todd’s face, ordering him to rim out that hairy asshole, making Todd stick his tongue out while Reuben lowers himself onto it like a warm, pink little dildo. Reuben finishes the ordeal by jerking off into Todd’s face, covering the degraded fitness trainer in a shower of his hot cum. Click here to watch Reuben humiliate this proud cunt in his home territory at Breeder Fuckers.

Watch Todd’s humiliating ordeal as a Gym Rat Sex Slave at Breeder Fuckers

#Classic: Sleazy Reuben gets deep inside Todd


Todd is one of the models I find myself going back to over and over in the BreederFuckers archive. He was on the site in 2009, and in a lot of ways he really demonstrates the classic mold of fit guy, not a wispy baby, not a steroid hulk, who appeared on Straight Hell and was believably straight and could take a tremendous amount of punishment. The gym bondage scenario lends itself to a lot of extra punishment because of all of the extra opportunities for rigorous physical training. And Reuben takes advantage of all the equipment, roping Todd to an incline bench and force the lad to start doing inverted sit-ups. Todd is already physically spent, but he keeps going, like a machine, straining his body and pulling himself upright.

Reuben is impressed with his resilience but wants to keep Todd in proper form. Every time Todd comes up and he’s not in perfect form, Reuben gives him a hard spank, first with a flogger, the a riding crop, and then with the nasty plexiglass paddle. Todd’s buttocks are red and swelling and Reuben finally lets him stop. Exhausted, Todd collapses, but he’s not finished. Reuben strips down and his thick cock is hard. He wants the straight boy to suck him off and Todd is too tired to fight him off for long. Reuben fucks Todd’s face and gets his cock down the lad’s throat, getting his dick slick and ready to get deep inside Todd’s hole. Todd’s never been fucked by a real live cock before, and Reuben relishes pushing his cock deep inside and hearing Todd’s helpless moans. Reuben takes his time and pulls out to wank all over Todd’s face, but the fit straight man won’t look up, so Reuben just dumps his load all over the back of Todd’s head and leaves him fucked, humiliated and helpless. If you like Todd, watch his whole archive at!


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#classic: Fit Lad Todd Loses his Anal Cherry!


This #straighthellclassic is a classic of classics. Going back to 2009, it features fit gymrat Todd getting tortured by the filthy pervert of days gone by, Reuben. Todd has been subdued and roped to one of the fitness machines — the gym is deserted and there’s no one to hear his cries for help. Reuben is sick of Todd’s bleating and whining so he crams a ring gag in Todd’s gob to shut him up. Reuben is a real sadist and he gets to work methodically. His straight slave has never had anyone play with his nipples, so Reuben twists them and pulls them to get them erect, and then applies a pair of nipple clamps that have Todd seeing stars because of the pain. Todd kicks and thrashes, and Reubenadds an extra layer of cruelty. He ties a string around each nipple clamp and connects them to Todd’s big toes. Todd is calmly told that the more he kicks, the more he tears at his own throbbing nipples. Todd looks helpless and Reuben pounces on the vulnerable straight boy toy.


With his feet kicked high in the air, the last thing that Todd anticipated in his bondage torture was tickling, but Reuben can’t resist. Tickling the soles of Todd’s feet, Reuben makes his slave-boy squirm and kick. Those smooth soles are overwhelming temptation for Reuben and he makes sure that Todd is tickled until he’s trembling and panting. His nipples are throbbing and his legs are aching. Reuben finally relents and Todd thinks his oredeal his over, but the assault on his manhood has only truly begun. Reuben starts fingering Todd’s precious asshole; the tight, perfect sphincter toned by thousands of squats in the gym is now being teased open by Reuben’s thick, muscular finger. First Reuben slips one finger in, then two and Todd is in agony. Reuben seems to stop at two and Todd thinks finally the maniac may have had enough when he leaves the room. But Reuben returns with a monstrosity: a thick footlong dildo mounted on a power tool. Todd tries to scream but Reuben is merciless as he jams the thick rubber cock into Todd’s virgin hole and activates the machine. It pulses, ramming itself deeper, literally ramming a huge hole in Todd’s heterosexuality. Tears stream down his face as his ass is shredded and he realizes he won’t ever truly be straight again. Click here to see Todd’s Tickle Torture ordeal and Fucksaw training at BreederFuckers.


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#Classic: Gym Rat Todd Forced to Pump Iron While Gagged and Roped


Straight Hell Top Reuben had a field day with gym rat Todd way back in 2009, putting him through excruciating physical training and humiliating sexual education. In a final act of degradation Reuben is forcing Todd back on the bench to pump iron while getting his cock pinched and slapped, his mipples twisted and more!

Todd is naked on the bench and roped around the thighs, waist chest and neck. Even though his arms and feet are free, he’s trapped on his back like a helpless turtle. He’s got a ballgag in his mouth making it difficult to breathe and the barbell waits above him for the bench press test. Reuben has a leather strap and he’s swatting Todd’s bare flesh, making it sizzle and sting, and make each rep of the bench press a struggle, even though the weight isn’t that much to start.

After giving Todd a taste, Reuben ups the weight considerably, and he increases the pain factor as well. He clips Todd’s fat cock with tight clothespins and gives his nipples the same treatment. While he’s barking orders at Todd to lift over and over, he’s alternating between lashing his chest and thighs and clutching and twisting his big, meaty dick. Sweat and tears are rolling off Todd’s face as each lift becomes more of a struggle, until he finally can’t do any more. He’s been wrung out like a dirty old rag and he’ll be left here to struggle and pant until Reuben decides a proper disposal for him. Watch Todd’s classic Straight Hell gay gym bondage series only at

Watch Todd the Jock’s Full Gym Bondage Victimization at

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