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Weekly Roundup: Will Returns and He’s Got a Mean Streak!

This week in the Roundup, there’s a cornucopia worthy of the Thanksgiving weekend to satisfy every deviant desire! Highlighting the offering are Masters Will and Ross, dressed proudly in their football uniforms and whipping and dominating a worthless slug in the lockerroom; BreederFucker bottom Yuris gets a gentler but creepier exposure to domination and humiliation at CMNM, and newcomer Dale shows off a pair of plums that would be welcome at any holiday dinner I’d like to attend at the Casting Room! Such abundance and deviance!

Brutal Tops — It looks like extended stints as BreederFuckers Bottom boys have turned Ross and Will into bitter bullies. This week at BrutalTops, Will and Ross double team a weak, pathetic sub and give him a dose of cruel and degrading punishment. Lots of hard whipping is in order, as well as a lot of forced rimming. Excellent update if you are missing Will, or if you are a fan of lads in sports kit, as Ross and Will are performing their deviant ritual in cleats and tall football socks. You can practically smell the sweat and grime on these hateful, heartless young intimidators.
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cmnm-update — Yuris is Everywhere! If you can’t get enough of this scruffy, beefy Russian, he’s starting a stint on CMNM with Dave this week. Watch his get stripped, groped and fondled by a pair of leering and jeering office bullies. After what he’s been through at the BreederFuckers Dungeon, it must feel like a pleasant walk on a summer’s day.
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The Casting Room — Dale is the new lad in the Casting Room this week. He’s 28, and despite his slender frame, his muscles are plenty taut thanks to years of martial arts training. He’s got a nice, fat sausage of a cock, but his balls are the sparking feature on this lad! If you like low hangers, Dale’s balls nearly cover his asshole when he’s laid back with his legs in the air! What a specimen!
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CFNM — Ms Gloria has Cocky Class Clown Robert in the office for a medical exam, and he’s mortified when the stern teacher critiques his thick teen cock. It’s been his source of pride for years, but Ms. Gloria’s withering stare deflates Robert’s ego, and even more embarrassingly, causes him to get an erection like a silly little boy!
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CFNMtv — Big dumb David the handyman has fallen into Siobhan’s trap: she’s got the beefy muscleman roped up and while she whips him with a riding crop, her friend takes selfies with the embarrassed and deflated chauvinist.
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of English gymnast Louis Smith showing off his pert ass cheeks and bulge.
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Eric Deman — EricDeman has a hot new home movie of someone filming his buddy naked in the shower. The sexy young guy takes his time washing his cock and under his foreskin. He shows off simulating wanking and laughing.
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Sneaky Peek — At, I was very happy when these amazing looking footballers entered the shower room. They don’t realise that I’m watching and filming them through a hole in the wall and showing me a great view of their asses and dicks.
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