#Classic: Agonizing Endurance Trial for Naked Slaves Pierce and Ed


Heterosexual weddings are abhorrent enough but at least a proud gay man like Adrian doesn’t have to pay for the wretched affairs. That was until he met the fraudsters Ed and Pierce. The pair have embezzled Adrian’s money to pay for Pierce’s ridiculous nuptials but now he and his henchman Stan have caught up with the thieving pair.

If Ed and Pierce think the pain, humiliation and rough sex Adrian and Stan have meted out to them so far have come anywhere close to repaying the debt, they can think again. Here Stan and Adrian have tied the pair of hetero-morons to a cage so their tight little bumholes and cocks & balls are fully exposed to their every whim.

Over the course of this bondage scene, Adrian and Stan systematically assault them. Nipples are punished and their anuses violated. Cunningly the perverted pair use cord to link Ed’s toes to vicious clamps attached his best pal’s scrotum. So Pierce doesn’t feel hard done by they also clip Ed’s tender foreskin tightly shut and attach it to Pierce’s toes. The 2 lads now have control over the other ‘s pain. Mind you, Adrian and Stan make it a little harder for them with a bout of relentless tickling.

Flogging, big vibrators on sticks shoved up their asses, clothes pegs on their ball sacks, it all adds to the fun. Adrian’s fun that is, not theirs. They’re almost pleased when Stan and Adrian stop torturing them for a little while and instead teach them how to deep throat their pulsing cocks. Though you wouldn’t guess from their ungrateful retching.

Aware of how uncomfortable those clamps must be on the poor boys’ genitals, Adrian orders each hapless idiot to yank them off the other. He’s sure he detects a little smile on Ed’s face when he, after some excruciating moments, eventually pulls a nasty clip off Pierce’s tormented scrote. Pierce gets his own back though, almost ripping the skin off Ed’s penis in the process.

Their relief when all the clamps and clips have been removed is short lived however. A fragrant shower of their masters’ urine is all the fiendish duo can offer to cool their pained bodies. The two lads also find out that Stan isn’t just a stallion when he’s fucking dumb straight boys. He can also piss like one! All over the two reluctant naked bottoms. Click here to watch Pierce and Ed’s agonizing endurance trial at Breeder Fuckers.

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