#Classic: Beefy Tony’s big ass is a tantalizing target


Stan and Terry have brawny trucker Tony totally bound, naked and helpless. Tony’s determined not to show his fear, and remains in a sullen silence. He’s in a remote warehouse with two brutal strangers and a frightening array of implements in front of him – the last thing he wants is to make them angry or betray any fear.

Terry kicks off the action, warming Tony’s hairy ass up with a fast flogging. The bulky meathead restrains his reactions to a few grunts of pained surprise at the sudden attack on his rump – the stinging tips of the flogger tails already striping his cheeks with pink.

Now that his ass is turning a nice shade of red, Terry spreads Tony’s cheeks for some close up abuse of his twitching pink hole. When the first whip blow hits his sensitive sphincter, Tony yells in pain and tries to clench his bum closed, but Stan wrenches his cheeks apart to give Terry full access.

Tony struggles and shouts as he’s subjected to a series of very quick hits, then a few hard whacks. One or two of the hits catch him right on the nuts instead – making Tony jolt in shock at the painful ballbusting blows.

But Stan does the real damage with his hard plastic paddle. He rains down blow after blow on Tony’s trembling bottom as he pulls at his ropes, cursing and wailing incoherently. Each of Stans’s solid whacks with the paddle leaves a new, harsh red mark until his ass is dark with fresh bruising.

Tony is screaming in agony, begging the fiendish pair to stop. This prompts Stan to attack his tenderized ass with yet another whip, until he’s obliged to agree to a new humiliating ordeal. Click here to watch Brawny Tony the strongman reduced to tears and begging after a hard ass spanking at BreederFuckers.

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