#Classic: Dave plays choking games with Sexy Shamus


Shamus hasn’t yet learned how to respect his new owner. A string of filthy verbal abuse pours from his mouth so Dave restricts his breath by knotting a length of rope around Shamus’s neck to his ankles so he has to painfully arch his back or gag himself.

Shamus’s already sore ass is given vicious smacks from his new master’s bare hand. The acute pain is intensified because every time he thrashes his body in response to a spank, he inadvertently chokes himself. His dick and nuts are tied to a heavy weight and his long silky foreskin is clamped open and tied off to his toes.

With his movement so restricted, Dave sees the perfect opportunity to plunge into his sore, hairy ass which he wets with spit. In this humbling position, Shamus has no choice but to obediently beg to suck cock or receive further punishment. This straight lad was under the foolish impression his body is still solely for women. Now he understands every inch of him belongs to this sadistic man. Click here to watch Dave completely dominate this Irish fucker and fuck his mouth with his 10 inch dick.

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