#CMNM: Angry Workers get their revenge on the Boss


Joe was recently promoted at his company with instructions to improve efficiency. He responded with zeal and announced the firing off just about every permanent employee at the factory. He figured he could bring back a few as “contractors” with no benefits. Surely these wretches would grovel for crumbs and not complain!

How wrong he was. After the layoff notices went out, Joe found himself alone in the factory locker room for blue collar workers. Dave and Aaron had fresh pink slips in their hands and they couldn’t believe that the man who had just put them out of work was daring to show his face. They stripped him and started thrusting their angry, throbbing erections into his mouth.

Now, Joe’s attempts to protest are too weak and fall on deaf ears. He tries to leave, but he’s bent over and Dave is pushing his hard-on deep into Joe’s tight ass. Aaron is still thrusting his prick into Joe’s hole, and both men are cursing and jeering him for the pathetic wretch he’s become. They dare him to tell them they’re fired while he’s got Dave’s cock ramming him up the ass.

Dave’s rhythm builds aggressively. As he’s about to cum, he’s pounding Joe’s ass so hard the slight man just might crumple. Dave’s semen explodes all over Joe’s skinny ass, and the pitiful executive doesn’t have a moment to recover. Aaron immediately swaps places with Dave and rubs his hard cock in the pool pf sperm dripping from Joe’s ass. Aaron uses the spunk as lube to push his cock into Joe’s hole and continues the dogged slamming of his broken-down ass.

Joe thinks he sees a glimmer of hope as another worker comes into the locker room. Surely these hooligans will have some decency and stop their violation. Dave and Aaron don’t even blink or flinch as Ryan walks past, and Dave even pauses to let Ryan know who they’ve got bent over. When Ryan realizes his mates are brutally ass-pounding is the man who just fired him, the only thing he can do is let out a huge laugh and exclaim, “Oh man, fuck that cunt!” Click here to watch these working-class lechers get revenge on their shitty boss at CMNM.

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