#CMNM: Big-Shot Marc is Humiliated by His Perverted Colleagues


Marc has been a rising star at his powerhouse brokerage for the past few years. He even won salesperson of the year last year. The high-flying lifestyle, the easy money, the partying has sent his life spiraling out of control. He’s bet big and lost a few times now, and he’s been abusing his expense account and doing all kinds of shady shit with company money to keep the party going. And now it grinds to a halt.

His supervisor, Adrian, and two of his mates have uncovered his theft and abuse, but instead of kick the matter upstairs for management and the lawyers, they decide to get in on the punishment first. Marc is taken to a dank sub-basement where he’s about to mightily debase himself.

Marc is defiant at first, fidgeting and talking back while his cronies talk shit about him to his face. Then Adrian orders him to start stripping and despite his beefing, Marc has no real choice but to comply. He’s down to his underwear and Dave demands he give himself a wedgie. Adrian demands March grind his ass into his crotch, lap-dance style, and Marc’s clumsiness gets a big laugh from the men.

Then Adrian commands Marc to request a genital fondling. Marc refuses, rolls his eyes and finally asks Adrian to play with his dick amid gales of laughter. Next Marc is ordered to the floor on his belly with his ass in the air so each man can have a good close look (and probe) at his asshole. While his backdoor gets violated, Marc must lick the shoes of his triumphant co-workers while they lord over him. As the scene ends, we get a glimpse of the punishment to come. Adrian hands Marc a very feminine looking vibrator and instructs him to start fucking his hole. The straight man can’t believe it, but he has no choice, and as part one closes, the head of the vibrator is burrowing its way into Marc’s tight hole. Click here to watch this executive debasement and humiliation video at CMNM.net.

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