#CMNM: Handcuffed Prisoner Gets His Big Balls Sucked


Tough convict Killian thought he had prison life figured out. He had just a few more weeks left on his sentence and he thought he could get off easy by being admitted to the prison infirmary and lay around in bed. The prison doctor is no fool; he’s seen inmates try this con for years, and he and the guards know just what to do with these hard men pretending to be sick or injured.

Killian has been ordered to strip and submit to a thorough examination before being admitted to the prison hospital. When the doctor starts getting to handsy with his cock, Killian starts resisting and slapping at his hands, and that insubordination gets him handcuffed.

Now restrained, all Killian can do is bellow and complain, while the doctor and the guard bend him over and give his asshole a thorough eyeballing. The proud hetero Irishman’s asshole is probed, and then he’s forced to squat over the guard’s face so the warder can lick and suck his pendulous balls.

Killian hates this and regrets ever trying this hospital scam. But he’s in it deep, and it looks like they might actually keep him in the infirmary for the duration of his sentence, just like he wanted, doing God knows what to him every day. Click here to watch the dirty doctor abuse and debase this muscular convict at CMNM.

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