#CMNM: Soccer Stud Gives Up Involuntary Sperm Sample


Second tier Italian footballer Paolo is being thrust upon Mancastle FC management by his billionaire media mogul uncle. If the club wants their share of the European mobile viewing market, they have to take Paolo as part of the media deal. Incensed at the nepotistic bullying, Adrian and Dave agree on the condition that Paolo passes their physical examination.

Paolo’s ordeal continues with him on the examination table on all fours with is bare bum pointed straight out like a target. His wrists are restrained and Dave and Adrian are snapping on latex gloves as a veneer of official dispassion. Their aim is to humiliate this Italian fancy boy, and make him their submissive sexual slave.

After Dave takes an anal swap, Adrian lubes up Paolo’s ass with his spit and starts fingering his tight hole. Another finger goes in, and Adrian trades off with Dave and before long, he’s trying to fit four fingers up Paolo’s athletic bum. Ever the master of detail, Adrian notices Paolo’s dick is getting hard and he starts stroking it to make it fully engorged.

After they’ve got their helpless slave engorged, the wicked coaches bring out the big guns — a giant, floppy dildo on a stick thats only purpose is to impale and overpower the unlucky lad on the receiving end. Paolo cries in pain as the huge dong penetrates his ass, and then he steadies himself to a whimper as Dave piledrives him. Just to make sure Paolo doesn’t run and tattle on them, Adrian starts recording the entire ordeal on his mobile. They might even be able to get more cash from his rich uncle to keep this salacious video off the internet.

Adrian puts down the camera so he can concentrate on Paolo’s cock. It doesn’t take too much attention to push the horny young Italian past the point of no return. He begs them to stop, he doesn’t want to be made to ejaculate under such wicked circumstances, but they jerk him off until he cums, and his sperm is collected in a sample dish, presumably for future blackmail purposes. Finally, Paolo is allowed to get up and dress, and he meekly asks if he’s on the squad. Dave and Adrian still hold it over him, like his future is still in their hands. Watch this classic exploitation and domination sex game at CMNM.

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