#CMNM: Wicked Schoolyard Miscreant Rowan Earns a Painful Caning


Reform school miscreant Rowan has finally tripped himself up. He’s collected blackmail material on a few teachers in his new school, and he figures he’s on easy street for the rest of the term. But, he’s too cocky and he’s caught browsing his perverted kompromat on his mobile in Mr. Granite’s classroom.

Granite isn’t one to be extorted, and his response to Rowan is swift and brutal. The boy is seeing stars as he’s hauled off to the Headmaster’s office for an appropriate punishment. Headmaster Swallows is very keen on getting the imperiling photos out of Rowan’s possession, and to turn the tables on the pissant.

If Rowan likes taking nude photos at school, perhaps it would be fitting if he was the subject of a few himself? Swallows takes down Rowan’s pants and reveals his impressive, uncut member. Instructing the lad to bend over his desk, Swallows helps himself to a handful of that formidable cock. Rowan is pissed, but he’s not going to give Swallows the satisfaction of hearing him complain or feeling him get aroused. Swallows knows he’ll break soon. He’s got his trusty old fashioned cane to punish hard cases like Rowan, and after a few lashes, he’ll be begging for the punishment to stop and eager to make promises to end the punishment. Click here to watch sexy young Rowan meet his match in the Headmaster’s office at CMNM.

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