First Look: Martin Gets Ambushed at Work and Sodomized w/ a Thick Tool


Martin definitely wishes he’d called in sick after what happened today. He’s an apprentice electrician, and he’s run ragged fixing small jobs as he works his way to journeyman. That means getting sent to jobs that no one else wants to take, and in this case, it means getting sent out on a call to BReederFuckers headquarters.

So while Martin is up on his ladder trying to figure out the rat’s nest of cables in the ceiling, Adrian has his mobile out filming the workman’s bum and the glimpses of underwear he’s getting. He compliments Martin on being quite handsome and Martin finally loses his patience. As he climbs down to give Adrian a piece of his mind, Dave sneaks up behind him and it’s lights out.

The scene cuts back to Martin gagged, bent forward at the waist with his arms roped in the air behind him. His legs are pried open with a spreader bar; he’s trapped and helpless and he’s beginning to freak out. His eyes bug out and he’s breathing hard. Adrian starts cutting his clothes off with scissors and groping his thick cock and ass.

Martin tries to fight back but he’s useless. Adrian laughs and slaps him across the face before introducing the frightened hetero to his black leather strap. Adrian gives him a few stiff strokes across the buttocks and Martin shrieks like he’s shot.

After warming up the slave boy’s bum, Adrian is eager to see what Martin brought with him in his tool box. He finds a hammer: that will do nicely. With some persistent prodding, Adrian is able to get the handle of the hammer jammed into Martin’s hole and he starts fucking the sexy workman with his own tool.

Martin is crying and screaming through his gag, but his intense reaction only drives Adrian further into perversion. Don’t like the hammer? How about a broomstick? That doesn’t please you? How about a real live cock? Adrian rams his throbbing boner into Martin’s hole and takes the BDSM virgin for his first ride. Martin is in agony, but Adrian just mocks him and asks him what he’s going to tell the missus when he comes limping home smell of another man’s cum. JK, Martin is not going home tonight, or anytime soon! Watch Martin’s excruciating ass-fucking debut at

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