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Blue Cole thought he would be clever and take a shortcut down a back road to beat the notorious Florida Interstate traffic. But a shortcut won’t do any good if you run outta gas dummy! After hiking down the road for hours in the swampy southern heat, Blue finally gets a break: a van appears in the distance and the driver picks him up. Blue hops in without giving the menacing redneck behind the wheel a second thought. After a while, Dustin, the creepy driver asks Blue how he’s going to pay for his gas and his time. Blue has no cash and he’s desperate not to get dropped in the middle of nowhere.

Dustin offers a devil’s bargain: Hit the road or suck a dick. Blue is reluctant but the fear creeps in. Dustin is intense and dangerous. Suck his cock and never look back. Blue submits and Dustin is all over him, forcing his raging cock down the black boy’s throat until he chokes, then bending him over to fuck his tight, virgin hole. Blue is terrified but trapped. Dustin looms over him with his throbbing cock in his hand, ready to shoot a hot sticky load right in the straight boy’s face.

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