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Lorenzo has gotten himself in a bad situation in the middle of nowhere in rural Florida. He was trying to get to his friend’s house and he got kicker out of his Uber. Now he has no idea what direction he needs to go, and his phone isn’t getting a signal either. When hulking black dude Kenny rolls up in his van, Lorenzo is desperate for help. Kenny offers him a ride, but when he hears the lost wimp’s tale of woe, he hits the brakes. If this weak little motherfucker can’t even pay for gas, he’s going to have to GTFO.

There’s one other option for pathetic Lorenzo: instead of walking back to Ft. Lauderdale, he can suck a dick. Kenny’s cock is hard and throbbing when he pulls Lorenzo over and impales his throat. Lorenzo is choking and overwhelmed, but Kenny is eager to split this bitch-boy in half. He throws Lorenzo in the back of the van, orders him to deepthroat his ten-inch cock, then bends him over and fucks his ass until Lorenzo is going to break in half. When Kenny hits his climax, he covers the worthless sex toy boy with his hot white spunk.

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