#HelplessBoys: Stranded and Pounded

Using a dirt road shortcut to get to a friend’s house in order to beat the traffic isn’t a good idea when you’re low on gas. Slim city boy Blue Cole has just learned this the hard way and is now stranded in the woods. His phone battery died too, and now he’s gotta hope for a ride from a friendly face. Trouble is, not too many friendly folk live out in this neck of the woods.

Country boy Dustin arrives in his white van and agrees to give Blue a ride, for a fee. Cole was so desperate to get off the rode before dark that he never even stopped to hear Dustin’s offer before he climbed into the passenger seat. Desperate and broke, Cole reluctantly submits sexually to the bearded brute. Dustin ties him up, slaps him around, and chokes Blue with his throbbing cock. He rips off the dumb hitch hiker’s pants and shreds his underwear. Dustin slams his pulsing meat into Blue’s tight hole, brutally pounding his tight ass then pulls out so he can hose him with a big facial cumshot. Click here to watch aggressive redneck Dustin sexually dominate and punish this college bro at HelplessBoys.com

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