Weekly Roundup 4/17: Master Aaron Dominates in Dirty Dungeon Fantasy

Here’s another supersized serving serving of filthy gay porn and fetish activity to get you through your long weekend. More new arrivals to the roundup to satisfy your dark cravings. Rising English fetish dom Aaron is back for another go at punishing hot French lad Pierre into submission at My Dirtiest Fantasy, and if you are craving really taboo style of CMNM, check out the latest from Yes Father, where Father Gallo punishes his young lover for speaking of their illicit hookups in confession. And it you are really turned on by religious taboo subjects, check out Missionary Boys, where this hot older male treats his subordinate like a true submissive, undoing his free will and using him as a dirty vessel for his throbbing rob. We’ll make it through the long days together my friends. Stay strong and stay hard!

My Dirtiest Fantasy — With Pierre now tied down, and gagged, and his nipples clamped, the fun part is only getting started! Master Aaron starts flogging the boy all over his body, making him moan in pleasure and discomfort, but this is all too amusing for Master Aaron, who asks the boy to beg him to stop! Which he does, only to add pegs to the boy’s body, which will later be whipped off. Master Aaron is aware of the discomfort the boy is feeling, and decides to give the boy a break, but this time around, the boy gets his nipples tormented with the pinwheel![click here to see more…]

Yes Father — Father Gallo is not happy that young Dakota Lovell has divulged the secrets of their latest physical rendez-vous in Confession. To punish the boy, he penetrates him with several large dildos while the young man strokes himself for the priest to watch.
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Missionary Boys — Elder Star has heard talk of how submissive Bishop Jesse can be in private. He wants to see if the rumors are true, so he manhandles the boy with his muscular arms and slides his boner deep in the kid’s pulsing asshole for an intense anal pummeling!
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titan men-update
Titan Men — Handsome David Anthony, ripped and stern in a rubber harness and chaps, teases the thick-muscled, hairy-chested Shay Michaels, down on his knees in a rubber jock and gas mask. David slaps his gargantuan cock against Shay’s mask, before unzipping it to let Shay feast on his amazing piece of meat. Shay’s obedient, eager mouth sends David over the edge, and he covers Shay’s hard chest and abs with a thick coating of cum, as Shay blows his load all over the floor. Then David bends Shay over a sling and plays with his round hairy ass, before sliding his massive meat up Shay’s muscle hole. After a good hard fuck, David pulls out and sprays jets of piss all over Shay’s broad back and ass, wetting him down completely. Shay pisses all over his bondage boots before David straps him into the sling, tying his cuffed arms up to the chains. “You ready to get fucked again?” David says.
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Dream Boy Bondage — Connor Halsted, our muscular, young porn star, is shocked so often his strong, lean body shuts down and he just shakes involuntarily, silent. Some time later, he comes out of his daze to discover he is strapped to a cross – with Jared hovering over him, naked, his erect penis just inches from his mouth. “The client wants to see you suck cock,” Jared announces with a smile, then shoves his dick in Connor’s mouth. Connor sucks hard as Jared fucks his face, then busts a huge load of cum all over his chest. “My client is very pleased with your cock-sucking skills; so pleased in fact, he says we won’t crucify you if you show us more cum,” Jared says, cutting off the boy’s briefs. Connor nods enthusiastically, hoping against hope that he can please these men and end his torments. He works his cock hard, flexing and showing off, then covers his abs with cum, only to discover how cruel these men really are.

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Helpless Boys — After having it out with his girlfriend Latino cutie Rodrigo is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Desperate and upset, he waves down the first vehicle he sees, a white van, and begs for help. Luckily for him, the driver Todd is willing to provide transportation for a small fee. Rodrigo doesn’t have any cash, but he does have a tight brown ass. Without any other alternatives, Rodrigo submits and is soon tied up and gagging on big white cock. Todd drills his tight ass in the van and back at the dungeon. He fucks him in several degrading positions then covers him with a huge facial cumshot
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Brutal Tops — Master Aaron and his mate Master Martin are getting ready for a wild night out. They are revved to live it up and get fucking wasted! But first they make themselves minty fresh and this pathetic little CUNT will make the perfect spittoon. They make it open its gob wide to receive all their grimy spit and phlegm. It PISSES THEM OFF seeing it dribbling all that waste down its face and body. What a disgusting fuck! Aaron hold its jaw shut and make it swallow every sudsy drop and then order it to bend over like a bitch to lick up everything its spilled from the filthy toilet floor. It’s soooo fuckin slow they smack its sorry arse making sure it laps it up. Haha! What a sad faggot.
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Bad Lads — More teen rough trade seeking cash without wanting to work. He may not have to work like a man, but he’s got to suffer to earn that cash. Hard spanking over the knee, then fucked up the ass and a load of sperm across his red backside. Easy money? Not by half!
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jack is in a sorry state! No job and living with his girlfriend. She is paying for everything. Jack borrows his girlfriends car to go and play computer games at his mates house. They have a great time and enjoy some beers!. Jack has one to many and rather than doing the sensible thing and sleeping at his friends house, Jack stupidly decides to drive home. His girlfriend is furious! This has happened one time to many! She offers Jack an ultimatum. Either you go and visit the local spanker Mr X or she calls the police. Reluctantly Jack goes to Mr X, fearful but unsure as to what awaits him. Jack knows he has messed up and offers no excuses. When it comes to drunken drivers Mr X offers no leniancy. Jack is told he is going to face an over the knee spanking! Mr X clearly has no time for irresponsible drivers and really lays into Jack. Jack is stripped of his jeans and underwear and has his bare bottom soundly spanked. This sorry straight lad thinks it can’t get any worse. He is wrong! Mr X orders Jack to remove the thick leather belt from his jeans and pass it up. Jack can barley take it as Mr X proceeds to whip his bare butt with his own belt!
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CFNMtv — For both Martin and Robert it’s deeply troubling to have their penises stroked by the commanding woman. Inexperienced Robert doesn’t know what’s happening to his young body as his penis thickens in her grip. He tries desperately to control himself but it’s all so overwhelming for him he doesn’t know if he has the strength.
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CFNM –- Paul has always believed that the only way to be a man is to be confident and in complete control. But his training under these women has made him entirely surrender this sense of himself. They’ve systematically stripped him of his sense of control as well as his clothes. Now there are no restrictions to what he’s prepared to do or what degenerate things he’ll submit to under their supreme authority.
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Sneaky Peek — These two horny students stumble back to their dorm room late one evening and are so worn out they can’t be bothered with modesty. It’s also a hot summer’s night so they strip down totally naked for bed and by morning they have no inhibitions about getting ready for class in front of each other.
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