CMNM Bonus: Coach Bullock Roughly Wanked and Forced to Eat his Cum


Mr. West is thoroughly enjoying getting one over on Coach Bullock in a savage act of petty revenge. After getting humiliated in his physical exam and then being forced to do a bunch of menial tasks around the locker room, Mr. West flipped his shit on Coach Bullock, stripped the little twerp naked and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. With sneering thug Daniel Johnson by his side, Mr. West is determined to humiliate Coach Bullock and reduce him to piece of trash by the time he’s through.

Humiliating Forced Ejaculation

The video opens with Daniel savagely fucking Bullock’s asshole with his fingers. Mr. West strong-arms the tattooed coach against the bathroom sink while Daniel rams his digits into the coach’s twitchy, hairy anus. West then flips Bullock over onto his bum next to the sink and starts roughly jerking off his cock, just like Bullock wanked him off against his will a few weeks ago.

While Mr. West pumps his big fist around Bullock’s fleshy cock, Daniel stands at the ready to make sure the coach stay still and takes his punishment. He holds his fingers under Bullock’s nose and orders him to take a whiff of his own asshole, and then he spits in Coach’s face for another good measure of humiliation.

Despite the revolting harassment, the rough stroking of his cock is beginning to have an effect. Coach Bullock’s cock is getting hard, and jeering Mr. West continues to jack him relentlessly until he sprays cum all over. Taking a glob of jizz on his finger, Mr. West smears it all over Coach Bullock’s lips and orders him to lick it up. Mr. West and Daniel hoot like maniacs as they toss the naked coach into the toilet stall to hide until school’s out and it’s safe to slink away when no one can see him. Click here to watch Coach Bullock’s humiliating wanking and forced ejaculation video at

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#MyDirtiestFantasy: Twink’s Asshole Fisted Furiously


Here’s a bit of a different flavor for your enjoyment, in an effort to keep the smut on this site fresh. Many people contact me looking for feats of anal prowess, and I found this fisting video that I thought would be appreciated my many of the perverts that read this blog.

Davey is a total slut and size queen, but that doesn’t mean that getting stuffed up the ass isn’t a struggle. His partner Denis has been put in charge of punishing this slut, and he’s not sure how you properly punish suck a backdoor boy whore. Davey’s balls are roped and yanked to the side, but his cock head is also tightly knotted and pulled in the opposite direction. In spite of the pain, Davey’s cock is growing thick in anticipation of the coming punishment. You can’t just tease a gaping-hole whore-boy.

Denis greases up his gloves and just starts pushing his fist into Davey’s hole. Davey groans and grunts, but Denis’s well-lubed fist pumps in and out. Davey’s cock stays hard as the fist reaches deep inside him. Denis strokes Davey’s cock and his ass clamps tight on the dom lad’s wrist. As Davey cums, Denis withdraws and Davey’s hole is transformed into a raging red rosebud that snakes back inside him. Davey’s a talented player and if you want to punish him, you have to be prepared to work very hard! Click here to watch this fisting spectacle on My Dirtiest Fantasy.

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Weekly Roundup 5/8: Sex in the Confessional

Hello again, my lascivious friends, so glad you found your way to another roundup post full of gay raunch and nasty male-on-male kink. I’ve been loving the new site Yes Father, and I thought that this week’s confessional fuck scene was very hot. Master Aaron’s prowess as a dominant top is clearly growing as his confidence builds, and you can see another great video of his sexual prowess at My Dirtiest Fantasy. and if you’re wanting for aggression and demeaning behaviour, check out Brutal Tops, where Dave and Aaron treat their barracks slave like a piece of garbage. Keep it hard and stay strong my horny friends!

Yes Father — As young Jace Confesses his sins, the priest takes out his own hard cock, stroking it slowly as the boy fills him in on the details of his crime. The more the boy tells him, the more turned on the priest becomes, feeling himself grow stiffer and stiffer in his own hand. He can’t wait to take the next step, to show the boy his manhood and ravish him. But first, he must discover the extent of his Sin. It’s not until he can’t hold back any longer that he shoves his cock through the curtain dividing their booths and asks young Jace to touch it. He licks the boy’s tight hole, getting him excited and ready for deep penetration. Then, he joins the boy in his booth and runs his hands over his sculpted body. He stuffs his dick inside Jace’s puckering asshole and thrusts hard, making him moan in heat as he works. The boy can hardly believe the actions of the brazen priest. But he won’t question what feels good.
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My Dirtiest Fantasy — Master Aaron ropes slave boy James to the St. Andrew’s cross and torments his tender flesh with hot candle wax and tight clothespins. As James gasps in pain, Aaron bears down on him with the flogger, whipping his back and his growing cock. Finally Aaron rope James to the edge of a catwalk with his legs dangling in the air so he can freely tickle the lad’s tender soles until James can no longer stand it!
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Missionary Boys — The presentation of a beautiful body for the men of the Order starts from within. A glow emanates from the missionary who is sound in mind and body, and is easily identifiable by one of the seasoned men of the Order. In Bishop Jesse’s case, he can see it right away as Elder Dean joins him for his Anointing. Dean has been a priest favorite for a while. He doesn’t say much, he learns the rules and follows them. With his huge bulge and his confident attitude, the man always manages to conjure a boner from the boy. And soon he plugs the boy’s asshole with his thick shaft, stretching his rim until he is ready to blow his top. Elder Dean can’t wait to serve again.
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Brutal Tops — Dave and Aaron know this sorry loser gets a stiffy from just a whiff of their stinky pits and crotches! For a laugh they want to see what effect they can have on this desperate bastard’s sad dick. It’s such a fuckin RUSH shoving it down on its knees and mashing its face against their big dicks. Sniff Master Aaron’s dirty arse crack you pathetic worm! Even a fart directly in its face gets it hard. Hahaha! As soon as its disgusting prick is throbbing they fucking whack it with their leather belts. Take that ya faggot! Ha!
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titan men-update
Titan Men — Fantasy and reality converge in the visual feast Incubus, the stunning Creative Director debut of Francois Sagat. Joined in front of the camera by fellow TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille, Trenton Ducati and Hunter Marx, Sagat presents an artistic, hypnotic journey bursting with color, unforgettable imagery and pulsing cocks. Is it a dream or a night-terror? Take in the sensory overload of sight, sound and sex—and decide for yourself.
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Bad Lads — Watch this hot jock getting felt up in the shower, then getting his ass shaved before he gets down over the knee and taking a hard bare-hand spanking as punishment for hisstreet-tough attitude.
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Helpless Boys — Chunky Latino cutie Valentino Moran has been ditched in the woods by his so-called friends and has no way to get home. Just as it’s about to rain along commes Todd in his white van. He agrees to give the stranded boy a ride, but not for free. With options like suck cock or walk home, Val quickly submits and is soon tied up and gagging on Todd’s big white cock. Todd savagely pounds his tight ass in the van and back a dungeon. When he’s done sexually humiliating Val he blasts him with a gooey facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jay has entrusted Chris to help him with some labouring work. Jay knows that Chris has been unreliable in the past, but as a mate has decided to give him one last chance. This is a very important job looking after the local sports team locker room. Jay only leaves Chris alone for a few minutes and comes back to find him rolling up some suspicious looking smoke. Jay can’t believe his eyes. Chris starts coming out with excuses, but Jay is not interested, He is so angry that he decides the only way to get through to his friend is to put him over his knee and give him a dam, good spanking! Chris is a grown man and he was not expecting this. To be spanked? By his friend? As a straight guy, getting spanked like this provides not pleasure. Just humiliation!
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CFNMtv — Everyone is worried about the disparity between production and consumerism in this country. In an attempt to bridge an understanding for the future generation, St Dunstan’s is sending its students out to a local farm so that they learn about the importance of local produce. Of course, the students don’t care and are more concerned about socializing and flirting with each other on the coach.
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CFNM –- Konrad has never considered the possibility that he could be penetrated! But as Alyssa wickedly sits atop him and parts his arse he can’t do anything to prevent her sliding the vibrator in. He feels his sphincter stretched open and a bizarre sensation quaking within as the instrument hums inside him. All the while Tarana is demanding he worship her shoes!
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Sneaky Peek — This blonde lad who towels off in the corner while chatting with his buddy has such a long silky foreskin. Any curious man be doing his best to steal a look at it in the showers but with this sneaky camera footage we can zoom in on it in all its glory! Fucking horny especially when comparing it to his bulge after he’s suited up!
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Agonizing Cock Torture For Jack Before He’s Forced to Drain His Balls


Jack Taylor’s third session in the BreederFuckers dungeon has proven to be agonizing and humiliating. Jack is worked up into a rage at being tied in a naked spread eagle in the filthy pit, defenceless against the creepy caresses of Aaron and Dave. Aaron vows that he’s going to have Jack cumming by the end of the session, and Jack just curses and threatens his smirking captor with a stabbing when he’s finally free.

Aaron is such a smug bastard when he’s the one holding the power. He starts sucking off Jack and his impressive blowjob skills show — Despite Jack’s protests, his boyish cock starts getting thick and hard in Aaron’s mouth. That’s when Dave arrives, to put some muscle and menace behind the threats. Now that Jack has an erection, Dave wraps a rope around it and hangs the 15lb bowling ball from his junk, putting Jack in extraordinary pain and causing his knees to buckle.

Aaron goes to work on Jack’s ass while it feels like his cock is getting ripped from his body. The young dom jams his finger up Jack’s hole and gives him a stiff fingering that makes Jack squirm and twist. His cock aches as the heavy ball swings back and forth and Aaron drills deeper. Dave adds another layer of agony; he lines up Jack and delivers a hard punch to the solar plexus that sends him falling backwards, kept only on his feet by the ropes.

Dave is really starting to have some fun taunting this wanker now. Jack’s aching cock is still standing erect because the rope is yanked so tight around the base; Aaron’s fingers are penetrating deep in his hole, and now Dave is tweaking the slave-bitch’s nipples, twisting them and clamping them with clothespins. Jack keeps on screaming curses at them, so Dave decides to really give him something to scream about, and he gives Jack a few sharp blows with the flogger on the chest to rip those clothespins right off!

Jack is overwhelmed with pain, but his torment isn’t over yet. He’s still fighting, meaning he’s still got some shred of pride left. Aaron removes his finger from Jack’s asshole and replaces it with a much thicker, longer dildo. Jack keeps swearing curses, even though Dave finally releases the weight from Jack’s throbbing dick. From there, Dave and Aaron double team Jack, Aaron thrusting the dildo up his tight hole and Dave sucking Jack’s cock to get him good and hard and ready for release.

Aaron takes over the cock stimulation duties, wanking Jack and sucking his cock, laughing and jeering as Jack’s boyish boner gets thicker, longer and harder in a man’s hands. Aaron wants his load bad and he settles under Jack’s rod with his mouth open, ready to catch his creamy semen. Finally, Jack loses the battle and releases his hot cum in powerful spurts across Aaron’s chin and tongue. Gleefully Aaron gets to his feet and towers over helpless Jack, forcing his mouth open and spitting his own jizz into his mouth and forcing him to swallow. Exhausted, enraged and full of shame, Jack slumps into the ropes and prays these bastards are finally finished with him. Click here to watch Master Aaron humiliate bondage slave boy Jack Taylor with a mouthful of his own cum at

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#Classic: Nick’s agonizing dick torture


He’s been mercilessly fucked with dildos, made to suck dick, and degraded in public… but now it’s time for some pain. Pain and fear. And nothing frightens a straight man more than having his naked balls in the hands of a pair of sadists.

Terry and Stan don’t tell Officer Nick what they’re doing to him. All he knows is his that his vulnerable testicles are being roughly manhandled, pinched and yanked… and he can’t do a thing about it. Terry lashes a leather string around his balls, jerking it tight. The ball bondage pushes them out into a taut bulge, and Stan squeezes and slaps it a few times, making tears spring to Nick’s eyes as he gasps and whimpers through his duct tape gag.

Perhaps the terrified cop thinks his crying will satisfy his sadistic captors, and persuade them go easy on him. Fuck that. Tormenting the sniveling policeman, in this terrified state of agony, is irresistible. As Terry continues his cruel cock bondage, Stan unzips his own hard dick and strokes his meat. Nick’s pain intensifies with each move of Terry’s fingers.

As Terry ties the lace up the thick length of Nick’s shaft, making sure each knot pinches his delicate cock skin, Stan freely gropes and mauls his exposed body. Nick’s eyes are wide with fear and horror as Terry attach pegs to his nutsack. The evil pinching is made doubly painful on his tender, tightly bound balls, which Stan viciously slaps a few times.

After separating Nick’s balls, Terry ties off a rope to the cop’s tormented genitals, threading it through a winch and knotting on a heavy bucket. Stan yanks the bucket rope hard a few times, showing Nick exactly how much agony the weight of it is capable of causing his throbbing cock and plums. This elicits raw howls of pain from Nick, which pushes Stan over the edge – a few more jerks of his dick and he shoots hot cum all over the policeman’s bound up genitals.

Now Stan’s had his fun with this fucker, the perverted have a convenient way to add the finishing touch to his ordeal. Nick begins to scream into his gag, hyperventilating in panic and pain as they empty both their bladders into the bucket. This cop is totally at their mercy… and they’re going to leave him here in this hellish state for a good long time. Click here to watch master sadists toy with this thick dick cop and and torture his tender bits in this Straight Hell classic video.

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When Mo was a Slave, he drank piss like a fish


I’ve been meaning to put up this update for a few weeks after a commenter reminded me of Mo’s early days as a grovelling slave on Straight Hell. What was so memorable about this scene however, is that it marked the appearance of two johns in Guy Fawkes masks who were treated to the pleasures of Mo’s soft, warm mouth. Who are the anonymous pervs who rented Mo’s mouth for a couple of hours and did their best to drown him in piss? Constable Reuben decides to pimp out his pathetic little sex slave Mo at a neighbourhood dive and a couple of eager but publicity-conscious customers line up to humiliate the naked young jock who’s crawling around on a leash. Mo grovels at their feet and begs to pleasure their cocks. He sucks off the three of them before being ordered to sit up and beg like a dog, and he’s rewarded for his good behaviour with a massive deluge of piss. Quick bonus: check out the uncut cock of one of the masked men…when was the last time you saw a foreskin that long? Mo thanks his masters by greedily licking out their assholes and taking three massive shots of cum in the face. This exceptional dog training fetish video from Straight Hell is still available for viewing at the new Click here to watch this piss-soaked Straight Hell classic video!


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#Classic: Wedding Rampage Features Hung Slave Ed Forced to Fuck Bridegroom Pierce


I’ve been getting lots of messages lately asking me to do more Classic updates on Pierce and Ed’s comeuppance as a pair of scheming con-men who borrowed money from Adrian and Stan and couldn’t pay it back. The cheeky young men told Adrian they were starting a business, but they used the cash to pay for Pierce’s fancy wedding! Adrian and Stan stormed in and put a halt to the nuptials until he got some satisfaction!

This scene breaks in deep — bridegroom Pierce is naked and locked in stocks dreading his fate, while shifty partner Ed is forced to undergo humiliating puppy training. His joints bound to force him to crawl on his knees and elbows, Ed must fetch and beg like a dog, suffering the embarrassing swats of Adrian’s rolled up newspaper when he fucks up. We are also treated to a great closeup up Ed’s impressively large, uncut cock as he lifts his legs and sprays hot piss into his doggy bowl. And of course, the sick bastards Stan and Adrian force Ed to gulp down the entire dish of rancid pee.

Now we move into the final act. Ed is led to Pierce in the stocks and ordered to give his mate’s ass a god cleaning with his tongue. Ed is disgusted and tries to keep his lips pressed shut, but Adrian knows every way of breaking a slave boy, and soon the pathetic slug is licking out his best friend’s hairy asshole. For what it’s worth, Pierce is hating the feeling of a wet tongue wriggling inside of his tight sphincter, so he’s really going to hate what’s coming next. Ed is ordered to cram his thick cock into his friend’s hole and fuck him until he cums. Pierce hates this — he want’s the cock out of him but he can’t stop his best friend from pounding his ass, and youthful hormones can’t be stopped. Ed had been daydreaming about fucking a bridesmaid or two tonight, so his cock was primed for action, and so he inevitably finds himself genuinely aroused and fucking his best friend hard and deep until he’s ready to climax. He pulls out his thick member and shoots his boyish cum all over Pierce’s back. What a way to start a wedding reception. Is Ed going to cut the cake or just ram his cock into it? Click here to watch the full series of Ed and Pierce getting punished, humiliated and fucked over at the misbegotten wedding at

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