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#Classic: Carl Learns the Lessons of a Dungeon Slave


He may be no longer a virgin, but young Carl still seems to be dumb as fuck. He refuses to reply to Adrian’s comments on his body, and shies away from his master’s friendly advances towards his dick – so Adrian has no choice but to roughly drag the novice into place by his genitals.

Even then, Carl continues to swear at Adrian, earning him a few hard lashes on the ass. But when the little straight shit actually dares to spit in Adrian’s face, it’s the last straw. Punishment time.

In goes a hefty bit gag – and now there’s no more Shit-talking from what is soon to be a very sorry young man. As Adrian starts smacking and whipping his ass to a nice even shade of red, Carl is obviously trying to be as stoic as he can and not make any noise – but he can’t continue this doomed bravery under this kind of torment.

When the second whip comes out, he’s whimpering through the gag, on his toes, frantically trying to avoid the blows – but his legs are tied apart and there’s nowhere to go. Carl’s screams get more and more desperate until the tears start flowing, each strike leaves a new red mark as it hits home.

Just when Carl thinks it can’t get any worse, Adrian produces a handful of clothespegs to give him something else to worry about in the tit and dick departments. With his cock and balls all pinched to agony and his nipples on fire, Adrian continues beating the drooling, trembling 19 year old with his heaviest strap until he’s sobbing with pain. He’ll certainly think twice before he answers back to his betters from now on. Click here to watch Carl’s full dungeon training and punishment scene at BreederFuckers.com.

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Drew Dixon Forced to Ejaculate Under the Cruelest Conditions


Drew is in a terrible predicament as his time in the BreederFuckers dungeon reaches its nadir. He’s naked and helpless, roped with his arms and legs spread out so he’s like a helpless little puppy at the mercy of cruel shitheels Adrian and Dave. They are going to humiliate him in the cruelest way they can and rob him of his hetero swagger and confidence all at once!

They start with some cruel nipple play, twisting Drew’s tender little nips and biting them until he’s shouting with pain. Next comes the start of Drew’s humiliation. Dave gets on his knees and starts sucking the slave boy’s floppy uncut cock, gradually getting him firmer and firmer until he’s moaning with pleasure. Once his cock is stiff, Adrian steps in and ropes it around the base, strangling his shaft and balls with a tight rope and then swinging a barbell weight off of it.

Drew’s knees buckle and he’s shocked by the pain of the weight pulling on his cock, but Adrian is right back there, stimulating Drew’s cock, giving him and expert blowjob that only a grizzled old fag can provide. His hardon raging, Drew is getting overcome by pain and arousal, confusion and humiliation. Dave stays busy, finger fucking Drew’s hole with hard, fast jabs before switching to the flogger to administer stinging, agonizing lashes across Drew’s back and buttocks.

Finally, the coup de grace arrives. Drew is gagged up with tape, and Adrian clamps a string of clothespins up each side of his torso. Dave seizes the helpless lad’s dick and strokes him gently and sweetly as a high school girl. Drew’s erection is throbbing and he finally releases his sperm, and at the height of his ejaculation, Adrian rips all the clothespins off in one shot, leaving Drew screaming in pain. Click here to watch Drew forcibly aroused and then cruelly punished at the height of his ecstasy at BreederFuckers.com.

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#Classic: Agonizing Endurance Trial for Naked Slaves Pierce and Ed


Heterosexual weddings are abhorrent enough but at least a proud gay man like Adrian doesn’t have to pay for the wretched affairs. That was until he met the fraudsters Ed and Pierce. The pair have embezzled Adrian’s money to pay for Pierce’s ridiculous nuptials but now he and his henchman Stan have caught up with the thieving pair.

If Ed and Pierce think the pain, humiliation and rough sex Adrian and Stan have meted out to them so far have come anywhere close to repaying the debt, they can think again. Here Stan and Adrian have tied the pair of hetero-morons to a cage so their tight little bumholes and cocks & balls are fully exposed to their every whim.

Over the course of this bondage scene, Adrian and Stan systematically assault them. Nipples are punished and their anuses violated. Cunningly the perverted pair use cord to link Ed’s toes to vicious clamps attached his best pal’s scrotum. So Pierce doesn’t feel hard done by they also clip Ed’s tender foreskin tightly shut and attach it to Pierce’s toes. The 2 lads now have control over the other ‘s pain. Mind you, Adrian and Stan make it a little harder for them with a bout of relentless tickling.

Flogging, big vibrators on sticks shoved up their asses, clothes pegs on their ball sacks, it all adds to the fun. Adrian’s fun that is, not theirs. They’re almost pleased when Stan and Adrian stop torturing them for a little while and instead teach them how to deep throat their pulsing cocks. Though you wouldn’t guess from their ungrateful retching.

Aware of how uncomfortable those clamps must be on the poor boys’ genitals, Adrian orders each hapless idiot to yank them off the other. He’s sure he detects a little smile on Ed’s face when he, after some excruciating moments, eventually pulls a nasty clip off Pierce’s tormented scrote. Pierce gets his own back though, almost ripping the skin off Ed’s penis in the process.

Their relief when all the clamps and clips have been removed is short lived however. A fragrant shower of their masters’ urine is all the fiendish duo can offer to cool their pained bodies. The two lads also find out that Stan isn’t just a stallion when he’s fucking dumb straight boys. He can also piss like one! All over the two reluctant naked bottoms. Click here to watch Pierce and Ed’s agonizing endurance trial at Breeder Fuckers.

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#Classic: Roped fighter John humbled by cruel punishment


You’ve got to be careful when you capture straight hardmen like John – a trained fighter like him could do a lot of damage if he got loose. But his muscles are no match for bondage – Dave and Adrian have the furious kickboxer bound hand and foot, unable to move more than a step in any direction.

With John’s sexy naked body tied spread eagle, he’s completely at their so-called mercy. And the tough straight lad is absolutely livid about it. When Dave approaches him, John yells and swears at him until Dave shoves a ballgag into his mouth, at which point he strains against the ropes trying to somehow attack Dave with his impotent, bound up limbs. The bald prick just laughs, and picks up his flogger to punish him.

The first few thrashes Dave gives to John elicits howls of anger and disbelief – there is absolutely nothing he can do about this situation… he’s naked, tied up and about to be whipped to within an inch of his life. But when the real pain sets in, as Dave throws his entire weight behind each vicious blow, John’s back turns red and raw, and he screams in pain and fury at the agony and humiliation of his predicament.

After a long, hard series of nonstop blows on his ass, John flies into a blind rage, thrashing around in his ropes, lurching at Dave with burning rage in his eyes. But it’s useless, and Dave just laughs and keep hitting the stuck slave.

John’s screams get even more guttural as the flogger burns his back and Dave continues to beat his most sensitive bits over and over again. He dances in his ropes, trying to find a second of relief by twisting and turning, practically pulling his own arms out of their sockets. But the whip always finds him, no matter how much he screams and jumps.

Adrian joins Dave, cane in hand. “Let’s play a game.” John pleads with his eyes, only to be met by cold, sadistic sniggers. Adrian tells him that he’ll be caned on his sole ten times, and it’s up to him to choose the order of the severity. John tries to work up to the harder ones, but the pain is unbearable for him, and he bellows in agony, leaping on one foot, whenever the cane hits his sensitive sole.

Meanwhile, Dave’s amusing himself with a burning candle, hovering threateningly behind John and splashing the boiling hot wax all over his tender back, laughing as the droplets burn and sizzle on his beaten, reddened flesh. John screams his lungs out, but there’s plenty of wax to pour all over the whipmarks and trickle over his crimson ass.

Dave places the candle directly under John’s cock, and it soon begins to burn his genitals unbearably. The sadistic tops invite him to piss on it to put it out, but of course he can’t. Dave stops John from shifting away from the hated candle by shoving fingers up his ass, and after enjoying his cries for a bit, replacing his meaty digits with a large dildo. John sobs in miserable agony as his balls begin to roast, distracting him from the burning pain in his rectum. Eventually the humiliated man manages to release his bladder and put out the candle – the pain is gone for now… but the shame of this will stay forever. Click here to watch this proud fighter brutally humbled in this Straight Hell classic.

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#Classic: Beefy Sportsman Daniel moans and cries during anal plundering


Sporty Daniel makes a tempting sight stripped down with his muscular tattooed body on display and his big cock bulging out from his jock strap. The pouch is pulled aside to reveal his silky uncut dick which is aggressively wanked till he’s rocking a big stiffy.

But this isn’t about his pleasure. As part of this straight boy’s submissive training he’s presented with two erect penises to service. His head is pushed down so he has to deep throat. Daniel’s barely given time to take a breath before another dick is rammed in his mouth, but his oral services just aren’t good enough. He’s spread naked on a bench so Dave can jerk off directly onto his shamed face, covering it in big thick gobs of sperm. Daniel’s big, broad ass is spread open and his hole prepared for a deep hard fucking with the cock he so recently sucked.

But before the fucking commences, Daniel is in need of a firmer lesson. He’s expertly tied up, giving full access to his big meaty ass and achingly full balls. Some good lashings to the bum and sharp caning on the sensitive soles of his feet put this bastard in his place. Desperate for anything other than this agonizing treatment it’s a relief to have his cock and asshole manipulated with a vibrator.

He quickly changes his mind when he’s given a good hard fucking by Adrian. His pitiful cries through his gag fall on deaf ears as he struggles fruitlessly against his restraints. This hetero has been turned into one big athletic fuck toy. Adrian pounds his hole while his balls ache from being squeezed in a wooden humbler. As soon as Adrian’s finished with him, Daniel’s abandoned, left to fruitlessly struggle against his ropes, gripped in the terror of knowing he won’t struggle free before his tormentors return with hard dicks bobbing a full balls itching for release. Click here to watch this young muscle pup get punished, fucked and covered with cum at BreederFuckers.

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