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Adrian Terrorizes Ryan With Aggressive Deepthroat Training


Ryan’s period of service in the dungeon is coming to a close, but his slavery to Adrian will last as long as he draws breath. Adrian is getting ready to turn the ruined straight boy out into the world, to lurk in the dark corners of bus station toilets and unlit corners of dangerous car parks, ready to suck cock for anyone with a £5 note.

Ryan’s service training begins with him being cowed by Adrian, and the lad almost too terrified to move. Adrian demands that Ryan get him a beer, and the lad is so terrified he can barely get the cap off. Adrian grows impatient and slaps Ryan in the face a few times. The fear in the lad grows as does Adrian’s contempt.

Adrian points out to Ryan that the shine on his boots is marred, and he better get down on his knees and shine them back up. Not with a rag of course, but with his tongue. Ryan kisses and licks the leather boot, but Adrian’s frustration grows when he sees that Ryan is just coating them with drool.

He grabs Ryan by the hair and spits a mouthful of beer in his face. Ryan has a petrified look on his face. Adrian tires of his feeble boot cleaning attempts and tells him to turn around. Giving up his ass is all he’s good for. Adrian spits another mouthful of beer on Ryan’s upturned ass and uses it to lube his fingers.

Ryan’s ass has been loosened up by a good deal of buggering the last few weeks in the dungeon, and his ass still bears the frightening bruises from his last beating. Adrian plunges his fingers deep inside before switching to a large and dirty dildo. Ryan groans and whimpers as the dildo fucks him deep, and Adrian tells him to get used to it, his customers are going to expect full service.

Finally, Adrian gets to the main lesson in the training session. Not only is Ryan going to have to suck cock, and take it deep, he’s going to have to be able to truly deepthroat every cock that wags in his face. That means he’s got to learn to open his throat. Adrian hates when his cock bashes into a slave boy’s tonsils. But Ryan won’t learn. He’s useless on his knees. Adrian’s got to get him on his back with his head flopping down, so Adrian can fuck his mouth like he’s fucking an asshole. Ryan’s face is scarlet, his eyes fill with tears as he chokes on Adrian’s thrusting cock. This is extreme, this is hardcore, this is what real punishment and slave training looks like. Click here to watch Ryan get debased, abused and choked by a hard cock at Breeder Fuckers.

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#CMNM: Buff Rugger Tries to Please Sleazy Rich Bastards


I’ve not often dabbled in classic CMNM posts, but this series from May 2011 just couldn’t be ignored any longer. It still gets so many comments in the members area that I just had to cut a quick trailer and share it with everyone so you could have a taste of you’re missing out on.

First off, this scene features our all-time crush Nicholas (aka Marshal Arkley if you are looking for him on twitter). He’s got quite the fresh face in this episode, but his younger years don’t hide his true nature as a raging horndog and budding pervert.

He’s lounging with Adrian when their colleague brings in Ben, a tall and lanky rugby player looking for rich sponsors to help him turn professional. Adrian and Nicholas are all smiles when the see the handsome young stud, and the atmosphere goes from collegial to something out of a locker room hazing ritual very quickly.

Adrian and co are quick to get Ben’s coat off and they’re not shy about groping his thighs are rubbing his dick through his trousers. Ben is being a very good sport about the hijinx as he knows these men quite literally have his future in their hands. His suit is peeled off, and every step of the way the flirting, groping men are getting more intoxicated by his manly scent and his rippling muscles.

When they get him naked, the raunchy trio are awed by his thick cock and have a good laugh when they see how responsive it is to stimuli. More on that later to be sure. Nicholas reminds them that Ben’s ass is nothing to sneeze at either, so they have him bend over for a closer look and they like what they see. Adrian has fun crashing his face into Ben’s plush bum cheeks and Nicholas takes his time getting a heady whiff of his hole close up. This is one of CMNM’s all time most popular videos, and I couldn’t resist sharing just a tiny taste. Click here to watch the full series of Ben getting stripped, groped, wanked and hazed into submission at CMNM.

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Pathetic Danny Whines Like a Wretch During Rough Dungeon Fucking


Danny’s continuing adventure in the BreederFuckers dungeon is turning into a descent into a black pit. The fit fucker is naked in the dungeon, roped at the wrists with his arms pulled high behind his back. He can’s even take a step because his cock has been tied off to his big toes, meaning any movement makes his cock feel like it’s going to be pulled right off.

So trapped is an understatement. He’s filled with dread at what’s coming. Dave stops by to tease him, rub his ass and pinch his sexy little nipples. It’s a slow build up to horny devil Adrian’s arrival.

Adrian and his raging hard-on are eager to get balls deep inside the new slave’s tight asshole. he slides his erection under Danny’s nose, instructing him to cover the stiff pole with drool…a man needs lube if he’s going to fuck a tight ass. Danny is terrified. How much drool can he give in order to keep that fat prick from shredding him to pieces?

The answer is not enough. Adrian stabs his cock into Danny’s tight hole and pumps him deep and hard right from the jump. There’s no gentle breaking in, Adrian just rams him hard. Danny sounds like a dying bugler, honking and moaning and whinging through the ball gag, but Adrian just builds up a head of steam, getting harder, angrier and more aggressive.

As soon as he starts to feel his balls tighten on the way to climax, Adrian pulls out and lets Dave take over ass-fucking duties with his much longer cock. Adrian wants to face-fuck his slave and see the fear in his eyes as he chokes on his dick. The Breeder Fucker tops are aggressive and banging from both ends hard; Danny is gagging on cock and being split in two from behind. Finally Adrian pulls out his slobbery cock and shoots a flood of cum into Danny’s face and beard. Dave quickly follows with splooge shot all over Danny’s asshole. They leave him there to contemplate the terror of what’s to come. Click here to watch Adrian and Dave getting super aggressive while they fuck wretched Danny at BreederFuckers.com

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Marc Returns to Breeder Fuckers Ready to Submit to Anal Finger Probing


Marc the sexy Scot was a big highlight on Breeder Fuckers last year; his sexy brogue, meaty buttocks and bulbous cock head were irresistible to Adrian and so after twelve months apart, he just had to invite the former slave back into the dungeon for another session. How do former slaves react when their old masters come calling? When they are properly trained, like Marc, they can never resist the summons, they have learned that disobedience means pain and suffering.

So Marc returns, looking like he just came from the office straight to the dungeon. Adrian sits him down for a chat, just to catch up, almost like a job interview. Marc hasn’t been with another man since his last experience in the dungeon (highly dubious), and he’s cooperative when Adrian starts taking off his shirt and tie. Adrian gets him into handcuffs and Marc is ready to get a refresher in his obedience training.

Adrian gets preoccupied with Marc’s teensy nipples, wanting to pinch them, twist them and put a clamp on them. Marc winces and his old resistance rears its head. His foul mouth returns and it’s like springtime in a fresh meadow to hear him call Adrian a cunt in that amazing Scottish accent of his.

Adrian is thrilled to hear Marc cursing him again, and he keeps amping up the pain to his nips. When Marc finally starts calming down, Adrian rewards him with some cock stroking. You may have forgotten, but Marc’s got quite a long shaft on his cock, and one of the more bulbous heads we’ve seen in some time on the site. Adrian doesn’t get an outright erection out of him, but the longer he strokes, the thicker and fatter Marc’s cock grows.

Adrian is really after Marc’s hole anyway, because this is about Adrian’s satisfaction, not Marc’s. He spreads Marc’s legs and twists a finger between his two bouncy bum cheeks. All of that running on the football pitch has mad Marc’s ass quite round and plush, so Adrian really have to wriggle that finger to get it in the hole. Marc struggles but Adrian gets him restrained so tight there’s not way he’s going to crawl out of the dungeon until Adrian has wrung every drop of pleasure and satisfaction out of his dear old slave. Watch Marc’s submission to anal fingering at Breeder Fuckers.

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#CMNM: Adrian Outs Secret Perv and Makes Him Cum in front of Boss


Adrian has been relentlessly hounding beefy young Patrick ever since the maintenance man set foot in his hotel room. While he was trying to get the wi-fi back online for Adrian, the smitten lecher started snooping around Patrick’s social profiles and found a few nude selfies.

Adrian quickly enlisted the help of Patrick’s boss and demanded confirmation whether or not Patrick’s cock matched the cock in the photos that Adrian found online. After a deep anal probing, Adrian and the hotel manager are astonished to find that Patrick is semi hard, and they decide to settle everything once and for all.

They sit Patrick on the sofa and Adrian wraps his fist around the hapless tech’s meat. Adrian jacks the shaft and before long, Patrick is showing off his fully engorged and erect penis. Adrian chides him for being such a closet perv, skulking around people’s hotel rooms and then secretly uploading dirty photos of himself. Patrick doesn’t seem to care about the ramifications anymore, he’s so close to cumming. Adrian allows him to climax and then clucks his tongue at the mess that’s been made. “I expect more when I stay at this hotel,” he says, no doubt angling for a free upgrade to a much nicer suite. Click here to watch this beefy stud’s forced arousal and involuntary ejaculation at the hands of two suited perverts at CMNM.

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