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#CMNM: Wicked Schoolyard Miscreant Rowan Earns a Painful Caning


Reform school miscreant Rowan has finally tripped himself up. He’s collected blackmail material on a few teachers in his new school, and he figures he’s on easy street for the rest of the term. But, he’s too cocky and he’s caught browsing his perverted kompromat on his mobile in Mr. Granite’s classroom.

Granite isn’t one to be extorted, and his response to Rowan is swift and brutal. The boy is seeing stars as he’s hauled off to the Headmaster’s office for an appropriate punishment. Headmaster Swallows is very keen on getting the imperiling photos out of Rowan’s possession, and to turn the tables on the pissant.

If Rowan likes taking nude photos at school, perhaps it would be fitting if he was the subject of a few himself? Swallows takes down Rowan’s pants and reveals his impressive, uncut member. Instructing the lad to bend over his desk, Swallows helps himself to a handful of that formidable cock. Rowan is pissed, but he’s not going to give Swallows the satisfaction of hearing him complain or feeling him get aroused. Swallows knows he’ll break soon. He’s got his trusty old fashioned cane to punish hard cases like Rowan, and after a few lashes, he’ll be begging for the punishment to stop and eager to make promises to end the punishment. Click here to watch sexy young Rowan meet his match in the Headmaster’s office at CMNM.

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Sebastian barely survives intense ass torture


Sebastian is getting a much different workout than he normally gets at the gym. Dave and Adrian forced the burly bear slave to get into his rugby uniform so they could tease him and spoil the symbolism of the team colours for Sebastian, and now Dave has the bear cub roped on his back with his legs in the air, his big, beefy ass is totally exposed and helpless. His actual asshole is like a giant painted target and it’s begging to be used and utterly abused. Dave is a quick worker and he finds his rattan cane and lashes Sebastian across the buttocks and upper thighs, giving Sebastian the exciting zebra stripe look. Bust Dave can’t keep his mind off Sebastian’s asshole, and he finds an old candle and drips burning hot wax all over the bear cub’s agonizingly painful ass, paying special attention to hit the bulls-eye in the middle. Sebastian wriggles and strains for freedom, it’s not going to come. Dave starts milking his cock, getting reluctant Sebastian good and hard and coaxing an orgasm out of him. Then Dave cools him off with a long stream of piss that completely soaks him and sinks him to a new level of misery. Click here to watch Sebastian’s complete. gay BDSM torture ordeal.


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Boot Licker Grovels For His Masters’ Approval


Dan is getting settled at his new job at Dave and Adrian’s pub, although he seems to have a bit of a problem with the uniform. Dan is expected to serve while only wearing underwear and a cute little bowtie, and he’s ordered to show his boss proper deference and loyalty. Dave is going to enforce this subservience because Dan still has a few cockamamie notions of retaining some free will. Dave throws Dan tot the floor and orders the sniveling worn to not just lick his boot, but to kiss it tenderly and show it some love. Dan kisses one boot and then another, then he kisses Adrian’s boots, and then licks the soles, while his ass is groped and then caned. After Dan has bee thoroughly debased and humiliated, Dave and Adrian take turns fucking his face hole with their rigid cocks until they each spew a gooey load all over Dan’s chin. He’s left naked and covered with cum and with the bitter taste of a workingman’s leather boot in his mouth. Click here to watch Dan’s degradation and submission to Alpha Dogs Dave and Adrian at BreederFuckers.


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