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Chris Screams During Agonizing CBT and Hot Wax Torture


Blond cutie Chris is backon the torture rack featuring a new, unspeakable horror in the BreederFuckers dungeon. Naked and lying on a wooden pallet with his ankles and wrists roped, Chris dreads what Dave and Adrian have in store for him. The perverted duo have been mesmerized by Chris’s bulging dick and his very ample balls and now they’ve got a new torture in store for those very ripe plums.

Dave and Adrian start by cinching each testicle tightly with twine and then tying it off to a dumbbell weight. The hanging weight are enough to get Chris groaning and yelping, but Adrian makes the pain worse by squeezing and wanking Chris’s soft, uncut cock. Every little movement makes the weight on his balls worse, and getting his dick tugged makes his balls feel like they’re going to be torn off!

Dave has another idea of how to make Chris miserable: he opens up the slave boy’s mouth with a ratchet gag and then drops his sweaty, stinky asshole right on top of it. Dave looks like he’s in heaven with a gorgeous teen boy’s tongue wiggling in his ass, and Adrian remains cranking Chris’s cock and working him into an erect state despite his pain and revulsion.

After Chris survives his forced rimjob service, Adrian decides to make the mood a bit more romantic and he lights a few candles. Hot wax splashing down on his super-sensitive genitals does not improve Chris’s mood however, and his cries get louder and more pathetic. Soon Chris’s cock looks like a candle itself, coated in wax, with Adrian being very careful about getting hot wax in his foreskin on his very sensitive cock head. Then comes the final, humiliating infliction of pain.

They insert a birthday candle into Chris’s peehole and light it up. The thin candle burns his urethra and makes Chris squirm, and the candle dribbles scalding wax onto his balls and adds more misery to the pile. Dave tops everything off with a rough and deep finger fuck and Chris screams and can’t fight any longer. So what do you do when your slave boy runs out of juice? You fill him back p, and Adrian and Dave take a quick break to piss in Chris’s pried open mouth while he’s helpless and then scurry off to plan their next gay BDSM barbarity. Click here to watch Chris suffer through agonizing CBT and hot wax torture and a mouthful of piss at BreederFuckers.com.

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Sexy & Hung Chris Gets Choked, Probed and Wanked to Climax


How sad, it appears we’re at the end of Chris Cobalt’s second series at BreederFuckers and it’s almost like Dave and Adrian are getting a bit sentimental and letting the hung college boy off a little easy. True, he’s punched up a bit and choked, but in the end he’s dumping a load of hot cum and surviving in one piece, which in BreederFuckers terms is like winning the lottery!

Chris starts the video stripped naked and standing with is wrists tied above him to a ceiling beam. His ankles are pried apart with a spreader bar, giving easy access to his back door whenever it’s needed. Dave and Adrian start groping Chris’s tight body and fondling his massive penis and despite his restraints, Chris makes an effort to fight back but after playfully tolerating a bit of cheeky rebellion, the sadistic tops clamp down hard and tape his mouth shut and start getting to their perverted business.

They wank Chris and the young man reflexively becomes aroused at the caress of his penis, even in the hands of those who have been torturing him for so long. While one hand wanks, another probes. Adrian tries to get a finger up Chris’s tight hole, but college boys are so tight these days! Dave fares a little better, ramming Chris’s ass with two fingers while Adrian takes over stroking duties.

While Adrian is fascinated with Chris’s bulging cock, Dave grabs a length of rope and starts choking the blond angel from behind. Chris is gasping, tears are falling and his eyes are bugging out. This is a shocking twist he was not expecting. Cruel dave keep s out the choking for a few minutes, giving Chris a few merciful gulps then back to the taut rope. When he finally relents, they’re back at work on Chris’s cock and his ass, wanking and finger fucking him like cruel hoodlums. Finally Adrian pulls out his electric shocker and zaps Chris’s cock head a few times before Dave finally, mercifully finishes him off and wanks him to climax. I was hoping they would go further, but all in all Chris is a very tantalizing specimen and I’m very aroused by he second series at BreederFuckers. Click here to watch Chris endure agonizing cock electroshock and humiliating forced arousal at BreederFuckers.com.

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#CMNM: Tough Thug Daniel Johnson Forced to Suck Two Cocks


Tough guy Daniel Johnson is more at home dealing out punishment and weilding his cock like a club, but these days, the bully has become the victim, and he’s on the receiving and of a stiff dick fucking courtesy of his youthful co-conspirator Simon (@ChrisCobaltxxx). The pair have been trying to entrap the staff at St Dunstan’s Academy to reveal their perverted sexual proclivities, but the tables have been turned and the pair have gotten in way over their heads!

Headmaster Swallows has instructed Simon to start fucking his school chum Daniel up his tight asshole. As much as Daniel hates the feeling of a thick penis pumping inside his ass, he’s outnumbered and he’s got to be a good soldier and take it. When Mr. Walker arrives looking for his delinquent pupils, he sees them caught in their embarrassing sexual tryst and he asks Master Swallows for permission to join in.

So Daniel has to suck Mr. Walker’s girthy cock while taking Simon’s engorged pecker up his ass. He’s struggling, breathing hard and drooling while Walker pumps his cock between Daniel’s lips. Finally, Swallows instructs Simon to withdraw and Daniel thinks he’s getting at least partial relief. But it’s not to be, as Soon as Simon’s cock is out of Daniel’s ass, it’s in his mouth, as Simon and Walker have something of a swordfight going on in Daniels strugging gob.

Swallows, brazen as ever, haas decided that Daniel’s ass is too good to let the students trifle with. It’s time for a real man to lay down the law and teach a miscreant like Daniel how to behave in school. With his cock protruding from his suit pants, Headmaster Swallows inserts himself inside Daniel’s asshole and fucks him with hard thrusting pumps that make the tough thug grunt and bellow with pain and humiliation. Click here to watch Swallows and Walker dominate these naked young men in the high school locker room at CMNM.net.

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#CMNM: Huge Cock Beta Forced To Wank For His Boss


Ed, Chris and Kieran are having a grand time in their afternoon meeting with perpetual office fuck-up Joe. He’s been tormented all afternoon by the threesome and humiliated, toyed with and probed, but now the bosses in suits want him to debase himself one last time for their amusement before they send him back to his cubicle with his tail between his legs.

Joe is naked and serving drinks to his bosses. When he spills scotch on Ed’s lapels, Ed get violent and slaps Joe across the face, hard. Chris orders Joe to get on his knees and start wanking his thick cock. Warning him he’s got a meeting starting in a few minutes, Joe has to hustle and get hard to satisfy his bosses’ curiosity and still get out of there before he loses another sale. When he gets hard, his cock is a behemoth — thick and long, the kind of cock that an alpha would use to punish your hole, but Joe is no alpha and his big throbbing dick is just another thing for richer and more confident men to play with as they see fit and then discard when it no longer leases them.

Kieran ends up wanking Joe’s cock while Chris massages his balls and Ed squeezes his nipples. Joe can’t hold out forever, and he finally gives the men what they want, a huge gushing shot of cum that will forever confirm their notions of Joe’s latent homosexuality. Another thing to hold over him forever. They force him to mop up his cum off the carpet with his own underpants and then send him scurrying out the door to chase his client and beg for another chance to make the sale — hopefully they can’t see the spot of cum soaking through his suit pants! Click here to watch this delicious huge cock humiliation video at CMNM.net!

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#CMNM: Hot Forced Gay Sex at the Office


This is one office where you better hit your targets and make your deadlines otherwise the penalties might be too much for your ass to bear! Edward is the big boss around here and he uses a particularly cruel and humiliating form of domination to keep his underling performing productively. When someone is slacking off of failing to close the deal, he uses sexual humiliation to keep them motivated.

Joey is the latest victim. His numbers are down this quarter and he’s tried to fudge them to bring them in line with his targets. Ed knows this trick and he’s having none of it. Joey is forced to strip and bend over the desk. Ed’s genius is that the punishment is rarely ever performed just by him. It’s a team effort. Everyone else in the department is going to get their hands dirty punishing Joey. No one’s going to squeal, everyone’s going to be complicit because they know everyone’s going to be too ashamed to admit what they did. As Margret Atwood would say, it’s time for particicution!

While Ed reclines with his feet up on Joey’s back, Chris and Kieran are tasked with punishing his ass. They have a thick vibrator chosen for the task and they start the difficult task of cramming it up Joey’s tight asshole. This is Kieran’s first time participating in this office domination ritual and he’s uneasy, but Chris shows him how it’s done and soon Kieran is enjoying himself pumping the vibrating shaft up Joey’s ass.

Ed is a master manipulator and when he sees Kieran enjoying the punishment, he would have to be put in his place as another submissive plaything for him. He beckons Kieran over to his desk and starts groping the French boy’s bulge. Fucking Joey’s ass with the dildo got him aroused and Ed can feel his half-stiff cock under his trousers. Ed orders Kieran to strip and get on his lap. Now the French lad and the boss are in a deep embrace; open mouth kissing, tongues flicking together while Ed strokes Kieran’s stiffening dick. Chris sees how much Kieran is enjoying becoming the new favourite of the boss and asks him if he’s like his own turn with the dildo up his hole. Kieran is ready to be the new prized pet of the boss and he eagerly begs for it! Click here to watch this crazy homoerotic office sex games and submission video at CMNM.

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