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#YesFather: A Priest Fills a Student with Impure Lust


Young Carter can’t seem to avoid trouble since enrolling at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Every turn he makes, there is some hungry set of eyes scanning his body from head to toe, waiting for the chance to sample his skin and his sexuality. Carter has never had this kind of attention before, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Should he take every opportunity and make up for his lack of experience, or should he be more discerning? He isn’t even sure what picking his spots would look like. Carter’s head is spinning, and nothing can calm him down except an orgasm. So, when Father Romeo summons the lad to his chambers for a talk, Carter is sure that there is a disciplinary measure in store for him.

Romeo informs the young student that his roommate has revealed Carter’s nocturnal masturbating while the other lad was trying to sleep. Carter admits his guilt and looks down at the floor, embarrassed to bare his sins in front of the holy man. But Romeo wants to help the boy maintain his sense of self, and the only way to do it is to help him repent for his transgressions through corporal punishment.

He pulls on the boy’s cock, wrapping his fingers around gently until it’s rock hard. Then, he lays Carter across his lap and looks over his bare ass. He brings his hand down on the boy’s cheeks, spanking him mercilessly. Then, he fills the Carter’s hole with a long toy, stretching his sphincter until the lad is ready for the priest to fill him with his light and grace. Romeo penetrates Carter, making his eyes roll back in his head as he punishes his tight hole. Penance is the sweetest release, and as Carter jerks himself to an incredible climax, he feels salvation wash over him. Watch this dirty priest fuck this Catholic altarboy with his enormous cock at YesFather.com.

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#YesFather: Domineering Priest Uses Penetration to Punish


Father Gallo is not happy that young Dakota Lovell has divulged the secrets of their latest physical rendezvous in Confession. After his confession, young Dakota is filled with self doubt. He’s unsure of his standing at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. At one moment, he thinks he is a priest favorite, a good student who does his duty and cares about his righteousness and chastity. In the next, he is a no-good, rotten liar, a sinner who is bringing down the boys and men around him.

So, when he is asked into Father Gallo’s office for a private meeting, he is unsure of what the man wants. Will he praise him or will he reprimand him? Either way, Dakota is filled with a constant fear that he will be expelled and sent home to his family once and for all.

As Father Gallo looks the boy over, he can sense his uncertainty. He uses it to his advantage, drawing out the proceedings as much as he can as the boy trembles inside. He wants Dakota to suffer for revealing the secrets of their intimate affairs. Even if it was in the Confession booth, where honesty is not only expected but required, Dakota is not supposed to open his mouth about what goes on between them. However, Gallo is not interested in a verbal warning. He wants to punish the boy physically.

Dakota climbs on the man’s desk and spreads his cheeks to accept what he deserves. The priest pulls out several large dildos and shoves them inside the lad’s asshole, stretching his sphincter until Dakota moans in pain and pleasure. He plunges them deep inside as Dakota strokes himself for the priest’s own sexual arousal. As he brings himself to an orgasmic climax, Father Gallo is sure that the boy will never open his mouth about them again. The system at St. Patrick’s Catholic School never fails. Click here to watch the priest extracting punishment and pleasure from his secret boy-toy at Yes Father.

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#CMNM: Nudity and Perversion in the Workplace


Mr. Swallows plans to increase productivity at his factory are going along swimmingly. The men on the floor are required to work in the nude, except for their workboots, in an effort to curb clandestine cellphone use during work hours. There are also no breaks allowed; no one is allowed to duck out to hte bathroom in order to cut down on guys sneaking off for a cigarette or a wank.

Tristam, the smug little prick who has been sucking up to Mr. Swallows, is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the new rules. With his clipboard in hand, he stops by Luke’s workstation, where the donkey-dick young stud works away with his drill while his body is sheened with sweat from the stifling conditions in the workshop. Tristam just grins at Luke and leers at his thick cock long enough to make Luke very uncomfortable, then he moves on.

Gary (Leo Bunny) is busy at his post, trying to adapt to working without any protective clothing when he feels the need to have a pee. As he’s trying to slip to the toilet, he’s stopped by Tristam who reminds him that there are no more bathroom breaks allowed. Tristam gets a huge shit-eating grin on his face as he drops an old paint can at Gary’s feet so the sweaty worker can take a piss at his machine. Gary looks embarrassed, but nonetheless lets a hot stream of piss flow into the bucket. He stares daggers at the arrogant Tristam who seems to be in heaven watching all of the fit young men humiliated in this hell-hole of a job site.

The final straw comes in the locker room. As Luke goes to shower at the end of the shift, Tristam is there with a stopwatch, reminding him that even the showers after work are being timed now to conserve water. Even this slap in the face doesn’t elicit more that resignation from Tristam. But when Tristam tries once again to grope his cock, Luke starts fighting back. Alone in the locker room. no one is there to save Tristam, and Luke ties up his wrists with a zip tie. We can guess where this is going. Tristam is going to get a dose of his own medicine. Will Gary get there in time to get in on the fun? Click here to watch this perverted and raunchy workplace CMNM video.

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#CMNM: Lewd Russian Allows Himself to be Wanked and Probed


Dirty Russian import Mikhail has been caught wanking in the office after hours by Dave and Adrian. After filming him getting raunchy with his cock and ready to shoot all over his keyboard, the sadistic perverts are turning the screws on their colleague and teasing his still erect cock. They are going to wank him, but not before pulling his ass open and having themselves a deep probe until Mikhail’s hole is wet and sloppy.

Mikhail feigns protest, but he’s a true bender; the truth is he loves this shit and has probably fantasized about every night. Adrian pulls his hairy ass apart and gives the Russian’s hole a good whiff then kisses him gently between the cheeks. Mikhail should lay down, Adrian suggests, so they can start filling his hole. Mikhail lays on his back and Dave takes over the fingerfucking duties. Getting in multiple digits is hard at first, but soon Mikhail’s cunt is sloppy and Dave fingers him with impunity. Adrian keeps stroking his rigid cock and Mikhail must be anticipating cumming any moment, but this freak is going to have to wait a bit. Click here to watch Adrian and Dave toying with this horny Russian at CMNM.net.

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#CMNM: Joe’s Humiliation Spirals Downward


Joe’s endless humiliation just keeps spiraling downward, deeper into the darkest pits of his soul. He couldn’t imagine such an ordeal would happen to him, but he fears he may not survive.

Since he’s come down to the employee locker room, he’s been stripped, finger-fucked, mouth-banged and bent over and bummed. He’s taken Dave’s enormous cock up his ass, and now he’s got energetic young Aaron fucking his rear so vigorously, he’s crying. All the while, Dave and Aaron are laughing at him and keeping him trapped in this hellish sexual subservience.

It seems like this ordeal has lasted forever, and the big boss of the factory, Mr. Swallows, has wandered in wondering what the hell happened to ol’ Joe. At first, Mr. Swallows is puzzled and a bit concerned by the vigorous fuck-fest in his midst, thinking this is another good-natured hazing of a new employee. But Dave informs him that indeed, Joe is on the receiving end of that pumping penis piston.

Mr. Swallows immediately catches on and gives Aaron his blessing to finish the job. Aaron doesn’t need much encouraging. He pulls out his long, thick meat and delivers a gushing squirt of cum all over Joe’s narrow ass. But the money shot isn’t the end here.

The pack of wolves circle Joe. After he’s taken two big cum loads, they all want to see if he can come close to matching it. Mr. Swallows takes Joe’s cock in his hand and starts massaging it. He’s always been put off at what a prude Joe is. He won’t let Mr. Swallows catch even a peek of his bum in the executive washroom. But here he is now, stark naked and helpless. Swallows wants to get his subordinate aroused enough to give a sample of his own, and he’s got helpers aplenty who want to watch Joe continue to squirm on the hook. Click here to watch humiliated Joe take cock deep then get his own cock creeped on by a circle of lewd perverts at CMNM.

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