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#CMNM: Beefy Hunk Embarrassed at his Job Interview


Richard is looking for a new line of employment that plays to his strengths…that is to say, his strength, his brawn and his powerful physique. The caveman-brain lunk wants a job pushing people around for cash, and a tip from one of his workout buddies led him to Dave’s debt collection agency.

Dave sees strapping morons like Richard regularly, and he constantly has to disabuse them of the notion that collections is more than shaking a borrower upside-down by the ankles while money falls from their pockets. Actually getting them to understand that the job is not like a cartoon is difficult.

But Richard stirs something in Dave. He wants the job and he says he take all the difficult cases. “Whatever it takes” is the mantra he keeps repeating. Dave puts the this to the test. What if being a hard man doesn’t work? What if it means letting a sissy grope your dick to collect a debt? Would Richard do that?

“Whatever it takes.”

Dave knows he’s got this lummox on a string now. He orders him to strip to see if the uniform fits. Of course it’s a ruse to grope Richard’s bulging pectorals and thick thighs. The bearded brute grunts and is obviously uncomfortable with Dave’s hands running all over him, touching his cock even, but he must really want this job! Dave’s just getting started with this hot, scruffy stud. Click here to watch the full video at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Soccer Stud Gives Up Involuntary Sperm Sample


Second tier Italian footballer Paolo is being thrust upon Mancastle FC management by his billionaire media mogul uncle. If the club wants their share of the European mobile viewing market, they have to take Paolo as part of the media deal. Incensed at the nepotistic bullying, Adrian and Dave agree on the condition that Paolo passes their physical examination.

Paolo’s ordeal continues with him on the examination table on all fours with is bare bum pointed straight out like a target. His wrists are restrained and Dave and Adrian are snapping on latex gloves as a veneer of official dispassion. Their aim is to humiliate this Italian fancy boy, and make him their submissive sexual slave.

After Dave takes an anal swap, Adrian lubes up Paolo’s ass with his spit and starts fingering his tight hole. Another finger goes in, and Adrian trades off with Dave and before long, he’s trying to fit four fingers up Paolo’s athletic bum. Ever the master of detail, Adrian notices Paolo’s dick is getting hard and he starts stroking it to make it fully engorged.

After they’ve got their helpless slave engorged, the wicked coaches bring out the big guns — a giant, floppy dildo on a stick thats only purpose is to impale and overpower the unlucky lad on the receiving end. Paolo cries in pain as the huge dong penetrates his ass, and then he steadies himself to a whimper as Dave piledrives him. Just to make sure Paolo doesn’t run and tattle on them, Adrian starts recording the entire ordeal on his mobile. They might even be able to get more cash from his rich uncle to keep this salacious video off the internet.

Adrian puts down the camera so he can concentrate on Paolo’s cock. It doesn’t take too much attention to push the horny young Italian past the point of no return. He begs them to stop, he doesn’t want to be made to ejaculate under such wicked circumstances, but they jerk him off until he cums, and his sperm is collected in a sample dish, presumably for future blackmail purposes. Finally, Paolo is allowed to get up and dress, and he meekly asks if he’s on the squad. Dave and Adrian still hold it over him, like his future is still in their hands. Watch this classic exploitation and domination sex game at CMNM.

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#CMNM: James Initiated with a Deep Ass-Fucking and Cum Facial


James is learning the way the pecking order works among blue collar men in a factory setting. Long before he set his fancy-lad foot on the floor of the factory, the working men knew there was another rich man’s son coming to make an appearance before getting whisked away to start a management career.

Young lads like James infuriate these lifelong workers because they are tourists. They think they can come in, punch a few levers, tell a few dirty jokes and they’ll be considered one of the crew. Dave the foreman isn’t having any of that shit. He knows James is just there for a few weeks until something opens up in the office, and he’s going to take advantage of this “gentleman C student.”

He started earnestly enough, pretending to lend a hand when James needed help in the locker room, but it’s devolved into a pure power play now. The truth is out that James sucked cock and gave up his ass to the boss to get the job, and now shop foreman Dave expects the same performance from college boy to ensure he stays in good standing on the production line.

James professes his reluctance as he bends over, but his tingling hard-on is evidence of how much he is loving the sexual dominance he’s been taking at his new job. Dave gives it to him hard and fast and deep. He pulls out and orders James to swallow the cum. Panting and drained, Dave isn’t satisfied yet. He’s captivated by that thick rod between James’ legs and wants to takes it for a test drive.

James ends up sitting in Dave’s lap like he’s a wee one sitting with a deviant Santa Claus. Dave works James’ shaft like a joystick, jacking him with relentless vigour, until the horny boy has crossed the point of no return and shoots his load across the locker room floor. Dave triumphantly scoops up as much cum as he can and makes the lad lick it up. Certainly James will not be suffering protein deficiency at his new job, however long he lasts! Click here to watch this display of on-the-job-sexual dominance at CMNM.net.

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#CMNM: Football Transfer Humbled By Invasive Physical


Management at Mancastle United FC is in tough negotiations with a a super-wealthy Italian media mogul. He wants to broadcast Mancastle matches on his new mobile app, but is only offering a small promotional fee in exchange. And to turn the screws on the deal, Mancastle must accept his nephew on the roster as a starting player.

Dave and Adrian are chafed at these bargaining tactics, but they agree in principal if they can conduct a physical examination of the Italian stud, Paolo, before they settle the broadcast deal. The mogul exits and tells his nephew to go along with it and not do anything that would upset the deal.

Adrian and Dave can swallow their pride on the lopsided revenue deal if it means unfettered access to this lean, smooth Italian lad. They are going to show this rich little punk who’s in charge in the Mancastle clubhouse, and they exert dominance by instructing these brash lads to strip naked and submit to invasive and embarrassing fondling and probing.

After a cursory exam of his chest and lungs, Paolo does some squats to show the fitness of his knee joints. Then he’s allowed to stand up, only to have Dave make a grab for his underwear and pull it of to the side, exposing his thick, veiny uncut cock. Paolo protests, but he’s got no power. He’s ordered to piss in a glass for examination, but the attention and expectation seems to have given him a case of stage fright. His thick cock just dangles, unable to produce a drop. Making Dave and Adrian wait on your cock without giving them results is not a good way to start a long term relationship. Click here to watch the first episode in Paolo’s humiliating physical exam at CMNM.net.

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CMNM Bonus: Naked Matteo Humiliated by Dave, Adrian and Daniel


Who wants a bonus trailer for this week’s CMNM update? I’ve been incredibly fascinated by the games that Adrian, Dave and Daniel have been playing with first Nick, and now Matteo in No Safe Word. Since Nick has been disposed of, the depraved trio has turned their attention to Matteo, who has come to Adrian’s studio in a harried state. Daniel and Dave set upon Matteo, stripping him naked while Adrian films. Dave wrestles with Matteo, twisting him like a rag doll in a full-nelson, while Daniel demands that Matteo sit on his face. Daniel cups Matteo’s balls in his mouth to the disgust of the struggling straight man. Then Adrian wants his turn tasting the Italian’s low-hanging plums. Matteo continues to struggle when he’s bent over and his ass cheeks are pried open and Adrian gives him a wet rimjob while twisting and pulling on his cock. The humiliation and abuse continues until Matteo gets roped and bent over so thuggish pervert Daniel can have a deep finger-fucking expedition in Matteo’s tight ass. Click here to watch the full nude male molestation series at CMNM.net!

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