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#Classic: Whipped Wayne’s ruined orgasm


Wayne’s foray into the Breeder Fucker dungeon wouldn’t be complete without a round of sexual humiliation and a show of utter dominance. The fit, young hetero is roped in a standing spread eagle; his arms and legs stretched out wide, and no matter how hard he strains his bulging muscles, the ropes won’t give him and inch.

Adrian enters and proceeds to smother the boy with his perverted attention: groping his chest and arms, caressing his floppy cock and generally whispering all the right things to make Wayne’s skin crawl.

Since Wayne can’t appreciate being manhandled, a string of clothespegs are clipped to his nipples and the taut flesh of his torso. He can guess that if they are ripped from his body it will be absolute agony. The knowledge that this will happen at any second makes this macho hetero wary and submissive to Adrian and Dave’s absolute authorityh over him. His body is oiled up to show it off to the best effect.

Dave lashes his back and ass until Wayne is shaking helplessly and begging for mercy. He’s so mentally and physically broken that he relents when Adrian plants kisses on his mouth, even accepting his creepy tongue to give himself some reprieve. Adrian manipulates Wayne’s cock until it’s stiff and the fucker is desperate to cum.

Right at the apex of Wayne’s orgasm, Dave tears the pegs from his body, giving the wretched fucker the most intense feeling of pain mixed with pleasure he’s ever experienced. Was this orgasm ruined? Ask Wayne if any since have matched that intensity. Click here to watch Wayne suffer in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon.

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Toby Forced into Disgusting Debasement in Straight Hell Classic


One of the great perks of being a member of Breeder Fuckers is access to the incredible archive of classic BDSM and bondage scenes from the original site, Straight Hell. The original site became Breeder Fuckers in 2012 after a legal brouhaha, but the content they were producing pre 2012 is utterly amazing. Dark, grungy, dangerous…everything you want in premium gay fetish porn site.

So I haven’t rewatched Toby’s original ordeal in years. Funny, really since the just brought Toby back a few months ago, and frankly, he looked like the world had been beating him up for the past few years. But, back in 2011 when he was young and fresh, Toby was utterly adorable and so precious, like someone you just want to bite down on.

This scene was the second of the original series. The premise: Dave and Adrian are scouting new real estate in a run down part of the neighbourhood, and they are set upon by a couple of masked chav hoodlums, waving around tiny blades in the hope of scoring some money for beer or weed. The grown-ass men easily overpower the young bucks, and drag them deep into the bowels of an abandoned building to have some fun with them.

Toby and Luke are stripped naked and their nipples are clamped together. Dave and Adrian start flogging them viciously, and when one struggles and twists in pain, the other feels the twisting jolt of pain through the clamp as well. The flogging is hard and thorough and finally ends when Luke obeys orders to wield the flogger against his best friend.

For his compliance, Luke is forced to his knees, and Toby joins him. They are lined up bum-to-bum and Adrian inserts a massive double headed dildo up both their assholes and orders them to fuck each other. Each lad struggles; the girth of the dildo is overwhelming and their asses are too tight. When Adrian finally has mercy, he pulls it out of them and the monstrous toy is covered with their filth.

Dirty asses require cleaning up, and Toby’s face is planted square into his best friend’s asshole. Adrian orders him to get his tongue deep in the hole and Toby reluctantly complies but is clearly revulsed. Tears stream down his cheeks as Dave sets to work roping the pair together. Luke’s balls are bound to Toby’s neck. A hook is inserted into Toby’s asshole and tied off to Luke’s headgear.

The chav pair are tightly roped together so Toby can’t even pull his lips one inch from his best mate’s asshole. Finally, as Adrian laughs uproariously at the two-man human centipede they’ve created (it was 2011), Dave unzips his pants and starts pissing right in Toby’s face. An unholy, filthy spectacle only available in the Breeder Fuckers members area. Click here to watch Toby’s entire ordeal of punishment and dehumanizing submission at Breeder Fuckers.

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Brawny Brad is Tickled and Tortured


Brawny bodybuilder Brad is in a heap of trouble at BreederFuckers. Adrian and Dave love playing with this thick meathead so much because he can absorb so much punishment and still keep fighting. He’s an unbreakable brick you can keep hitting and never crack or dent him! Adrian and Dave start the scene with Brad on his back, arms tied wide like he’s getting crucified. His thighs are roped frog-tie style and his big toes are tied off to his shrimpy cock, making it impossible to kick or straighten his legs at all. Imagine how much that stress is burning up Brad’s abs and muscles and joints! Adrian and Dave are super playful in this video, mocking Brad, forcing kisses on him and licking and sucking his enormous saucer nipples. Brad tries to fight back, but his ropes only let him thrash harmlessly.

Next Adrian forces Brad to lick a big, scary looking dildo to lube it up because it’s going straight up the beefy boy’s big ass. Brad moans and groans but Adrian is heartless and relentless penetrating his tight ass with the dildo. While Adrian is fucking him deep, Dave grabs Brad’s feet and starts tickling him, forcing Brad to kick reflexively, tearing at his cock restraint. Brad is panting hard but Dave and Adrian couldn’t care less. Dave ties a thin, cutting length of rough twine around Brad’s cock-head and strings it tightly to the ceiling. The pain is unbearable for Brad, but his muffled screams only elicit laughter and more sadism from Adrian and Dave. They whip his buttocks with a cane and get ready for the next monstrous scene for Brad. Click here to watch Brad’s unbearable tickle torture and painful rope bondage ordeal at BreederFuckers.com.

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#Classic: Sexy rugger Alec whipped and violated in the shower


Rugby player Alec struggles uselessly as preening bastards Adrian and Stan batter him around the changing room, punching and mauling him on his own familiar turf. Adrian grabs Alec by the neck and gets close enough to smell his fear and hatred, and demand kisses. Alec’s look of disgust and horror tells Adrian that this would be worse than all the previous torments put together, but Stan punches him in the stomach until he finally puckers up, cringing, and lets Adrian stick his tongue down his throat, feeling Alec gag as he’s held firmly in place.

The macho fags throw him to the floor, and Adrian takes out his hard dick and rubs it against Alec’s soft little cock, with the intimate frottage making him wail in misery. To shut the fucker up, they grab a dirty jockstrap from the floor, and shove the whole thing into his mouth, taping it in place.

Bound and gagged, Alec is powerless and terrified as he’s bundled into the showers and slammed up against the wall. Adrian takes out a marker pen and humiliates him still further writing “WHORE” on his chest, and “FUCK SLUT” above his round little ass. Alec sobs into his gag as they kick him to the ground, whip out their cocks, and piss all over him. The sorry lad chokes on the stinking urine as it runs over his face and up his nose.

Then Adrian and Stan tie Alec up to the shower pipes, and with his entire body at their mercy, they go to town on him. Stan takes off his belt and whips the cunt over and over again, brutally lashing his ass as it turns a vivid shade of red. They turn the cold shower on, full blast, and Alec is drenched by the freezing water, unable to escape, shivering and grunting into his gag as Stan continues to belt him.

In an attempt to evade the pain of the belting, Alec spins round to hide his ass, so Adrian clamps his tender nipples and chain them to the wall pipes, keeping the little bastard all exposed for their sadistic intentions. Alec howls with agony as the belt continues to spank him, harder and harder, his own nipples holding him captive up against the wall.

When Alec’s ass is a deep, throbbing red, the perverted pair tie his legs, spread wide and then part his cheeks, examining his sexy, straight hole. Adrian can’t resist making him cry some more, finger-fucking him, first with one digit, and then ramming two deep, making Alec take it hard and fast. When Adrian has reached all the way up into his straight guts, Stan turns on the cold shower again and leave him chained to the pipe to gasp and shiver, his hole and ass in icy agony. Click here to watch this intense gay shower bondage scene at Breeder Fuckers.

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Paolo Submits to Hard Kissing, Dildo Training and the Wicked Cane


Paolo seems resigned to his fate as a long term slave for Adrian. In the Breeder Fuckers dungeon, he’s presented in his track bottoms, showing off his lean physique and young, handsome face. Perhaps he’s thinking of the ways he could impress Master Adrian and earn some favour.

Adrian is eager to get intimate with the lad, however he’s not interested in the slave’s sycophantic banter; he shoves a gym sock into Paolo’s mouth and tapes it shut so he doesn’t have to hear the dumb lad’s mutterings. Free of conversational obligation, Adrian sets to work, roping Paolo’s hands behind his back and then roping one thigh to the neck rig so his slave much hop and dance on one foot.

Paolo shuffles and tries to keep his balance. All fun, but Adrian eventually tires of this and lets him lean against a bench. There, with his leg in the air, Adrian gropes his crotch and kisses his gagged slave boy hard on the mouth. Adrian is getting aroused by his helpless slave, and Paolo senses that he should embrace the moment and become the cherished prize.

Adrian snuffs those hopes quickly. He lays Paolo on the floor and reties his ropes into a classic hogtie. His pants come down, but his underwear get pulled way up into a painful wedgie. Adrian laughs and shows Paolo the thick vibrator crudely taped to a broomstick. That’s what’s going in your ass laughs Adrian and with little warning or precaution, he pushes the phallus into Paolo’s hole.

The slave boy grunts and tries to bear the pain of the dildo stabbing his hole. Adrian then ties the broomstick to Paolo’s ankles and orders the slave to keep fucking himself/ WTF Paolo thinks? How does that work? The answer comes with a sharp blow of the cane on his buttock. Keep working the legs to drive the dildo deep into your own ass or feel the burning hot lash of the cane. Adrian keeps lashing Paolo as he struggles to drive the dildo deep enough to satisfy his master. Adrian moves from whipping the buttocks to caning the feet. Paolo is wracked with pain, but he dares not stop and risk angering Master Adrian. Click here to watch Paolo’s painful punishment and humiliating dildo training.

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