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#CMNM: Factory Boss at the Mercy of His Horny Workers


Joe has been a miserly prick ever since he took over management at the factory. His years of cost cutting and wage cuts have left the employees miserable and on the verge of revolt.

So what happens when Joe needs some paperwork from the factory floor? He’s cut all of the office staff hours back to the bone and he’s got nobody to fetch what he needs. He’s all put out about having to go down to the factory floor and interact with the plebes, and he eventually gets lost and winds up in the locker room, trying to find his way to the foreman’s office.

He’s confronted by Dave and Aaron, two of the handful of workers who have just received layoff notices last week and they can’t believe the shit boss they’ve hated for years has shown his face down here. There’s no security down here (laid off ages ago) so they figure why not have some fun with the boss since they’re done here soon.

They strip the boss naked and mock his skinny pecker. They wrestle with him, bend him over and start fingering his asshole. Joe’s protests are weak, but he doesn’t stop bucking and flailing like a pathetic rag.

After Dave and Aaron have each had a chance to poke his ass, they push Joe to the floor. Dave shucks his coveralls and reveals his thick cock, menacing as a snake, on e the verge of becoming fully erect. Joe is right at eye-level with this working man’s tool and he’s terrified of Dave’s intentions. Dave grabs Joe by the hair and pulls him close enough so that his lips are touching the smooth flesh of that dick. Dave has all kinds of jobs planned for his boss. Click here to watch the full worker revenge fantasy video at CMNM.

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